A Change of Guard

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Wednesday 31 December 2014

A great spectacle, but also very dangerous!

ស្ពានឫស្សី ឆ្លងទៅកោះប៉ែន នៅកំពង់ចាម ដែលមានទាំងមនុស្ស និងទាំងឡានម៉ូតូយ៉ាងច្រើន គួរអោយព្រឺ. The people, motorcycles and cars are waiting on a bamboo bridge to cross to Koh Pen (Pen Island) in Kampong Cham province. It looks like the bamboo bridge is going to collapse any time, but the people seem undeterred.


Anonymous said...

This is another Koh Pich tragedy in the waiting. Of course, the victims, not the authorities, will be to blame!

Anonymous said...

It is unbelievable so it must a fake. Whoever did the Photoshop did it too good to be believable.

Kmenhwatt said...

The ants are smarter than these foolish men/women;-) because the ants knows where the danger is,and its avoid all dangerous way of moving its colony,these foolish's foes didn't seems to cares about their lives!....Well,fishes and crabs,perhaps alligators that lives on this water needs foods so let them be-crossing @ their own risk!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bamboo is stronger then steel, no fear, no crocs to eat them if structure fail.


Anonymous said...

The bridge is real but this picture is fake, photoshoped badly!

Anonymous said...

Donated whom?