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Wednesday 25 September 2019

Who is Khom? and Who is Khmer?

By Rocky
From California, USA

Is anybody know who is “Khom”? Who are they? and Where do they live? Can anybody tell me? Sometimes ago I felt really embarrassed that I did not know that who is “KHOM” and what they are. But don’t you wanna know why I felt like that? and what it has to do with me personally? Before I answer to that question above, here below are what is in Thailand history refer to as Khomhttps://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEhMsJlQFueKPCWXV028L8Zfql8pb14T7sj8CXS4xl7wXnNDghSTNWmLnVicoYQCU8dgSKo_2n9uT2cdCBFFN8rQLaqesHaQSjvB7g614Fe7XC7bXeaCxlgcoAZziH2dkaBgsg385LK0HLI/s320/khorm.jpghttps://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEj30UAOB7RW7dDuxtWjGQ50B_qZF99xIciNY70MSaA2bqyQ5j-zX0HqTa-fB6mB6DYvSrhqbPIbSUAplkh8AmxnSMza_c6QlRqasrJ2gl2o1nNFdnW1BGdf5EFlbDeHtSa4FdCxqjw3Aw4/s320/consonantsandvowels.jpghttps://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEiH6JOsXMl9nY_DHj_J5QXNe65LjuXj2CRUZdBv8YuoxrX7ZL8H_4IxSnXBERI2FZAT5rrB9DADmfUBO23jXHijLd6j6zVKcXc5VcqY7xxAJVld3cEYxXlwrXA1O0TGjGfA0PggXYDpJhY/s320/khorm2.jpgThese couple pieces of papers are quoted from Thai history books, even though I have not yet found the first hand source, which show what “KHORM” alphabets are, which the Siamese refer to. The point is in Thai history. They believe that their scripts were derived from the Khom nation, and the worst is that the Thais do not believe that a “KHOM” is a Khmer.
Let's go back to my question above. The reason I personally felt embarrassed because I am a Cambodian or a Khmer, and I do not know that there is such as word “Khom” in Khmer history, especially a Khom is a word which the Thais refer to the Khmer people in the ancient time.

There is nothing wrong with the ideas above, since in this 21st century most of the country promote human rights and freedom of expression is just one of those rights. However, given false information is what most of us think as completely unacceptable. Thai government has all the right to think and to say as well as the Thai citizens but as long as it is not affecting the other nation or people. The ideas that Thai citizens believe that Khom is not Khmer, the ancient Khmer, is what we Cambodians can not tolerate since it affects the Cambodian history, nationality, origin, and reputation.

A Thai law professor named Sompong Sucharitkul who spoke with ABC Radio Australia on Monday, August 04, 2008 has claimed that a Khom is not a Khmer. He said: "The current generation of Kampucheans are not the same as the Khom, the old Khmer, that may have been successor in title but it’s long far removed from their ancestry.” It seems like Thailand has long been rewriting Cambodian history for their Thai generations, and this kind of belief seemed to be deep rooted in the minds of every single Thai citizen and children who have been taught the wrong history about their neighbors history as what the Thai law professor above has himself been taught.

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