"According to the Cambodian prosecution office, a hearing on extradition of Sergei Polonsky has been suspended as in the course of checking grounds for the businessman’s extradition the prosecution didn’t find reasons for it in the Moscow criminal case," the lawyer stated.

Karabanov added that "Polonsky will be transferred to another prison and a hearing on his extradition will be suspended until the verdict on the Cambodian case is not returned".

It was reported on November 11 that Polonsky had been detained in Cambodia. The Russian Prosecutor General's Office sent a request for the businessman's extradition to the Cambodian law enforcement agencies. The trial of the case involving Polonsky's extradition has been postponed many times.

Polonsky was in prison in Cambodia in the period between December 31, 2012 and April 3, 2013 on suspicion of subjecting local sailors to violence and unlawful imprisonment. He faced three years in prison. However, his lawyers managed to reach agreements with the victims.

The sailors withdrew their claims and received compensation. The businessman gave his written undertaking not to leave the country and was released. However, the criminal case against him was not closed.

The Russian Interior Ministry's investigative department presented an indictment against Polonsky in absentia on June 14 in a case dealing with fraud during the construction of a residential complex in Moscow. Polonsky is suspected of embezzling over 5.7 billion rubles from investors of the Kutuzov Mile residential complex. Over 80 individuals have been recognized as victims of the fraud scheme.