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Friday, 29 November 2013

Tax deputy director in court over tax corruption [They only catch small fish. However, this would scare the big fish]

Give our kids a better deal 
SIHANOUKVILLE (The Cambodia Herald) -- Deputy Director of the Sihanoukville Tax Department was sent to court Friday for tax corruption. 

Phy Rith was arrested Wednesday in Phnom Penh after Anti-Corruption Unit summoned him for questioning. 

Om Yintieng, head of the Anti-Corruption Unit, said that the unit had accused him of corruption because he was charging too high for land taxes.

"Before his arrest, the unit had summoned him on several occasions to clarity his position concerning the charge," Yintieng said. 
A source from residents in Sihanoukville said, Phy Rith was not the only one involved in corruption, other officials were also involved, asking the Anti-Corruption Unit to open an investigation.

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