The protocol chief of the ruling party president, Chea Sim, has been charged with fraud and forgery and is currently in provisional detention at Prey Sar prison, officials said Thursday.

Pheng Kunthea Borey, 56, was arrested at the Cham Yeam international border checkpoint in Koh Kong province on Wednesday, as she was trying to cross into Thailand, according to police officials and her lawyer, Kouy Thunna.

Heng Reaksmey, VOA Khmer
Military Police officers escort Mr. Chhoeun Vanthan, former bodyguard chief of Mr. Chea Sim, senate president, to Phnom Penh's municipal court on Monday, August 15, to be questioned about illegal weapons.

Hers was the fourth arrest since Friday of officials linked to Chea Sim, a powerful member of the Cambodian People’s Party who is also the Senate president, the Cambodia Daily reported.

The Phnom Penh Municipal Court charged Pheng Kunthea Borey with forgery and fraud on Thursday. Kouy Thunna said he was not clear of the exact crimes she is alleged to have committed until he closely examines the case, and police officials declined to elaborate.

Kheng Tito, a spokesman for the military police, said the arrest came after Phnom Penh court issued a warrant.

Kouy Thunna said he would ask for bail.