A Change of Guard

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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Kem Sokha on the alleged divisions of CNRP members in America, France and Australia

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Anonymous said...

Mr.Sam Rainsy and Mr. Kem Sokha,

Thank You to both of you for your excellent speeches.

Some Khmer people should change their temperament and accept the fact that any struggles would always have problems. And we must use our reasons to solve those problems logically.

For instance, Khmer people had voted overwhelmingly for the CNRP, but the Yuon slave party CPP, who have guns, refused to accept its defeat by unilaterally declaring it got 68 seats and the CNRP got 55 seats.

Instead of blaming the thief CPP, SOME Khmer people blamed totally on the CNRP for failing to get the power from the CPP.

Some of them have opted to go the wrong way by openly attacking the CNRP and thinking about creating more new parties, which will benefit only the Yuon slave party CPP and Vietnam.

Please look at the recent past history and learn from it.

Lon Nol and Sirikmatak had the right idea to save Cambodia. When Lon Nol faced some problems such as corruption, some people harshly condemned Lon Nol and decided to take side with the Khmer Rouge and Sihanouk, resulting about 3 million Khmer deaths.

But if we compare the corruption between Lon Nol’s era and Hun Sen’s era, we can clearly see that Khmer people had lost almost everything (land, island, natural source, and millions of Vietnamese filled up Cambodia, etc…) during this traitor Hun Sen’s era, while during the Lon Nol’s era we lost only to the “ghost workers” – workers who only had names but no physical presence.

Now, after the CNRP joined the Assembly, SOME Khmer people condemned Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha and wanting to create a new democratic party, which will be resulting of Khmer people have NO COUNTRY in the future.

Please think this way:

The CNRP has accomplished so much already. We need to stay with the CNRP to defeat the CPP again in this next election. After that, we must ELEVATE our fight to make sure that the loser CPP transfers the power. And that would be the right time and the right cause to fight for.

Bun Thoeun