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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Laos, Cambodia aim to address illegal border issues

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Vientiane, 30th April 2013 (Vientiaine Times/ ANN) - Illegal border movements, illegal logging, drug trafficking, illegal fishing and unofficial cross border trade are among the issues being confronted by Laos and Cambodia along their shared border at the moment.

The report was made during a meeting held between Champassak provincial authorities from Laos and Strung Treng provincial authorities of Cambodia, in order to discuss various cross border issues which are affecting public order and security in the region.

Champassak Provincial Governor Dr Sonexay Siphandone led the Lao delegation to attend the meeting which took place in Strung Treng last week. The meeting was also attended by representatives from district jurisdictions that share the border between Laos and Cambodia.

The disorder and illegal trade along the shared border between Laos and Cambodia was attributed to the fact that local residents of both countries have not received enough training and information on these issues and this is contributing to their failure to follow the law.

To address the above shortcomings, the two sides have agreed to enhance cooperation in maintaining security and order, working together to crack down on drug trafficking and address illegal border movement.

The two sides also agreed to promote cooperation in socio-economic development, particularly in the areas of agriculture and forestry, fishing, environment, meteorology, industry and energy, transport, trade, tourism, culture, sport, and education and health.

In addition, the two provinces agreed to support and facilitate the implementation of the cooperation projects stipulated under Cambodia-Laos-Vietnam (CLV) Development Triangle Area.

During last week's meeting, officials from both provinces reviewed the progress made in implementing cooperation projects agreed to at a previous meeting held in Champassak province back in 2010.

The two sides reported that they were satisfied with the outcome of their cooperation over the past years but agreed that much more needs to be done in order to address the shortcomings and challenges that are hindering the progress of cooperation projects.

Laos and Cambodia are good neighbors and the two countries have a long tradition of friendship, mutual trust and cooperative relations. People from Laos and Cambodia regularly trade and exchange visits with one another in order to continue improving their livelihoods.

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