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Friday 29 March 2013

Activist abroad: Tep Vanny wins human rights award

Tep Vanny raised hands in defiance after she was released from prison on 27 June 2012.
Last Updated on 29 March 2013 
Phnom Penh Post 
By Khouth Sophak Chakrya and Shane Worrell
Activist abroad

Beoung Kak lake resident Tep Vanny beat out 10 international activists to win a human rights award as part of the Movies that Matter Film Festival in The Hague on Wednesday night.

Vanny, 32, who has been imprisoned, beaten and threatened during years of protesting against land evictions, was a protagonist in the documentary Even a Bird Needs a Nest, which led to her winning the Amnesty International-sponsored 5,000-euro Golden Butterfly: A Matter of ACT Human Rights Award.

“I wish to thank the jury for its choice, but I cannot be happy when I know that my community continues to struggle for justice,” she said, according to the blog of opposition lawmaker Mu Sochua, who attended the ceremony.

“The prize I receive tonight gives me more strength to fight for the release of Yorm Bopha.”

Fellow Boeung Kak activist Heng Mom said she was pleasantly surprised that Vanny had won the award. “She has explained to international communities there about our peaceful advocacy,” she said.


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Anonymous said...

What an uneducated person are you? If you’re living abroad you should know very well how to express your point of view to a poor and brave-heart lady like this, unless you keep your jealousy in your brainless head.