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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Vietnam ‘not my king’: PM

Prime Minister Hun Sen speaks at the capital’s Peace Palace in 2014 during a visit by a Vietnamese delegation that included the Vietnamese prime minister.
Prime Minister Hun Sen speaks at the capital’s Peace Palace in 2014 during a visit by a Vietnamese delegation that included the Vietnamese prime minister. Heng Chivoan

Vietnam ‘not my king’: PM
Tue, 2 August 2016 ppp
Lay Samean

Using unusually strong language about his ties to Vietnam, Prime Minister Hun Sen yesterday personally slapped down a Facebook user who accused him of “betraying” Cambodia’s eastern neighbour, asserting “Vietnam is not my boss”.

Replying to the comment by an account named “Pham Duc Hien”, the premier emphasised his loyalty to the Kingdom, while also telling the user to relay the message to Vietnam’s leaders who “always respect Cambodia’s sovereignty and are totally different from you, who is unimportant”.

“You need to know that I am loyal with my Cambodian people, my King, and my beloved wife. Vietnam is not my boss who I have to be loyal with,” Hun Sen stated. “If you are a Vietnamese living in Cambodia, you must respect Cambodia’s law; if you are living in Cambodia illegally, you must leave Cambodia; and if you live in Vietnam, please love Vietnam’s leader”.

Opponents of the premier have long attacked the ruling Cambodian People’s Party links to Vietnam, saying the country, which backed the military invasion that toppled the Khmer Rouge and brought the CPP’s core members to power, still wields too much influence in the country.

However, more recently, Cambodia has made a shift towards China, the Kingdom’s largest foreign investor, which analysts say has allowed the prime minister to more openly distance himself from Hanoi.

Last year, Cambodia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs publicly released a series of terse diplomatic notes sent to Vietnam protesting construction within disputed border areas, a sensitive subject for many Cambodians.

Speaking yesterday, political observer Ou Virak said the recent comments appeared both a bid for popularity among voters critical of Vietnam and an attempt to neutralise one of the opposition’s main weapons of attack.

“But the question is: will they believe him?” Virak added, saying there was a difference between social media statements and significant shifts in foreign policy.

Southeast Asia analyst Carl Thayer, meanwhile, said that while Vietnam was unlikely to be happy with Cambodia given its recent comments in support of China’s position in the South China Sea, to which Vietnam has a rival claim, Hanoi had a “sophisticated” foreign policy of attempting to balance competing interests and wouldn’t be surprised by Hun Sen’s growing ties with China.

“It’s not new. Vietnam isn’t currently waking up and finding Cambodia adopting a policy which is unexpected . . . they know they can’t change it,” Thayer said.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Another ploy by CPP & Youn drama to lie to Khmer that the CPP leaders are not Youn's puppet. I don't believe any words of our Prime Minister Hun Sen is saying. His and CPP actions contradicted to what he claimed that he loyal to Cambodia. Such as border treaties with Youn and Youn, immigration flooded in Cambodia without check, his words to Khmer patriotics he " IF ANY OF YOU KHMER ARE HAVING IDEAS OF RECLAIMING KAMPUCHEA KROM BACK I WILL SAY GO AHEAD BUT I WILL PROVIDED COFFINS WAITING FOR YOU"

CPP government allowed Youn military rubber & others companies leased owned Cambodia territories at border areas for 99 years. Lol. His cronies destroyed vast of our forest and shipped across border to Vietnam. Many large gas & oil company are Youn owned. Youn owned most share of Khmer airlines, Youn controlled our communication services, dangerous during time of war.

CPP may be involved many of high profiles of murdered of Cambodian activists and military service men loyal to FUNCINPEC armed wing. Latest Dr. Kem Ley many believed suspect CPP involed. So I'm sorry Mr. Prime minister for not believed any kind and loyal words you said. Please Prime minister not too late to be loyal to your country and peoples, because you had done also many good things for the country too despite many Cambodian are not trust you.