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Saturday, 13 August 2016

Family of murdered victim of Vietnamese mob attack receiving donations


Anonymous said...

Some of Khmer folks need to be quiet when the CNRP representative was speaking. Don't make so much noise.

Anonymous said...

Illegal Yuon/Vietnamese immigrants are very stupid and animals.

Anonymous said...

Donations won't solve the problems.
Prosecute those assholes murderers Yuon for their crimes.

Kim Ea said...

Did all these Yuan terrorists thugs came to live in this country land peacefully or not ? Where are the CPP and beast regime ,no any one dared to come out and condemn a word on this thuggish Yuan violent action . Remembered when Khmer Killed one Yuan guy in P.Penh, all CPP seem very mad and mock their own citizen right away with very forceful term . But now ,where are they ? They are quiet put the tail between leg and scare to spell out any condemnation . This is purely a beast administration, strong only with Khmer poor but cowardice in front of thuggish terrorist Yuan . Shame on your beast .

Anonymous said...

The beast CPP becomes the bull shit CPP when facing Ah Yuon Kantob.

Anonymous said...

For over 30 years as the PM of Cambodia, the only time that Hun Sen had an unfriendly talk about the Vietnamese was to thrash an ordinary Vietnamese citizen on his FB.
So Khmer, don’t expect this traitor HS to do more than that to save the country from yuon.