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Wednesday 28 October 2015

Hun Sen unleashes a wave of violence against innocent CNRP's MPs

[Violent protesters in front Kem Sokha's residence, RFA]
 By Khmer Wathanakam
www.khmerwathanak.blogspot.com or www.cambo-asean.blogspot.com

A  violent set up protest against Mr. Kem Sokha, a vice president of the National Assembly and vice president of CNRP took every one by surprise since this violent protest was quietly organized by the CPP's network, and they intended to harm the CNRP's MPs physically and emotionally.  This violent mob usually incited and organized by Hun Sen who used to play such a shameful and violent game against his opponents numerous times in the past.  This is not a new story, as Dr. Kem Ley said, " when I read this story, I already know who is an author."  Exactly, all the sagas of such violent protests always organized and stoked by the powerful person who is siting above the law.  A clear evidence that confirmed Hun Sen had stayed behind this violent demonstration is a Hun Sen's statement from Paris, warning the opposition party, " if you get mad, don't play and if you play, don't get mad. And playing at this time you can lose the vice president post of the National Assembly too." Magically, less than 24 hours after Hun Sen's statement, a large group of violent-prone mob dominated by men, and some of them wore black caps to hide their clear identity stormed in front of the National Assembly and the other big group besieged Kem Sokha's residence, demanding him to step down from his position.  And some of them pretended to be CNRP's supporters accusing Kem Sokha of making empty promise during his 2013 election campaign.  The other evidence that indicated this violent protest was set up by Hun Sen and his CPP's supporters is the situation around the National Assembly Building is so unusual because there were big group of loud protesters, but there were no police and security forces presence to protect the National Assembly as well as to stop or disrupt the protesters as they used to do in the past according to a CNRP's spokesman, Mr. Yem Sovann, Human rights observers, and the Journalists' accounts.  All these proofs have clearly pointed out that This violent mob that caused severe injury two CNRP's MPs was orchestrated and set up by Hun Sen and his security agents.  Hun Sen is more likely to order this violent protest to counter peaceful protest by Khmer overseas in France during his three day state visit in Paris.  Because Hun Sen baseless accused the opposition stayed behind those protesters against him in Paris when the CNRP has strongly denied its involvement.

[CNRP's MPs Mr. Gnoy Chamroeun and Mr. Kong Sophea being treated in Hospital, RFA]

Evidently, Hun Sen dares to commit all dirty tricks and crimes shamelessly since he has ruled the country over three decades. In 1992 when the Khmer Rouge delegation led by Khieu Samphan and Son Sen arrived in Phnom Penh to attend the first meeting of the Cambodian National Council (CNC) chaired by King Father Sihanouk, Hun Sen organized and orchestrated violent mobs, beating up Kheiu Samphan and Son Sen though they came in the name of the members of the CNC as part of the Paris Peace Accord.  Then Hun Sen pretended to be a helper, calling his supporters to restrain from violence and ordered his police to escort them back to air port and flew back to Bangkok.  In 1994-95, Hun Sen bought out Eing Mouly and ordered him to break up the BLDP under Son Sann leadership by the election in 1998 the BLDP was wiped out from political stage.  In 1995, Hun Sen bought out Tuorn Chai and ordered him to call for a special congress to remove Ranaridh from Forcinpec president, then the congress failed to remove Ranaridh.  On March 1997, Hun Sen ordered his bodyguards, throwing grenades on a peaceful protesters of Khmer Nation Party intended to assassinate President Sam Rainsy, but he survived that attack, instead 16 protesters dead and hundred more injured.  After the FBI investigation, a result pointed out to Hun Sen's bodyguards. On July 7, 1997, after failure to break up Forncinpec, Hun Sen took a matter on his own hand, launching the most bloody coup in Khmer history to topple Ranaridh from first Pime Minister Post, killing hundreds of Forcinpec officials and supporters, and he installed Uong Hourt to replace Ranaridh.  Facing pressure from international community, Hun Sen agreed to call for new election. Gradually, Hun Sen inserted his power dominating over all national institutions-- Royal palace, court system, National Election Committee, military, police...in order to maintain his power until today.

What Hun Sen has done recently is no different from the past; he the one who brazenly does anything with no shame and mercy to anyone.  This recent violent mob against the CNRP's MPs is shameless, merciless, and full of grudge.  Hun Sen got mad when he encountered with protesters from Cambodian Community in the US when he visited the UN last month.  Now when he visited France, he faced the same protest from Cambodian community there.  He might get frustrate and humiliated by those actions.  But he can't do any thing in those democratic countries.  However, most Cambodians living abroad are CNRP's supporters, and to revenge on them is to order and hire his supporters in Cambodia to counter protest against the CNRP's leadership focusing on Kem Sokha.  As he warned that if he respects the rights of protesters in Paris or New York, he also respects the rights of protesters in Phnom Penh.  Wasting no time, a well organized and violent-prone mob dragged down two CNRP's MPs, Mr. Chamroeun and Mr. Sophea from their cars beating them up to the ground in front of the National Assembly in a broad day light without any reason and without police and security forces intervention.  This violent mob is clearly organized and ordered by Hun Sen and his CPP because the CPP's MP came out to meet the protesters and receive petitions from them without incident, but when the protesters saw the CNRP's MPs, they smelled blood then attacked them without mercy and in barbaric way. Because those two MPs are innocent and had nothing to do with them; they just came out from the Assembly session.

This brutal attack on the CNRP's MPs by the CPP's mobs orchestrated by Hun Sen has sent a shocking wave to all Cambodian people inside and outside the country.  Most people on the social media have express their sympathy and grievance for the two victims, and strongly condemned such a barbaric act as coward and inhuman.  They expressed their anger to the authority and Hun Sen who always has sowed violence and hatred on their own people.  Dr. kem Ley gave recommendation to Hun Sen that he should look at his action; the ICC may still not have enough evidences for his case yet.  Such violent and brutal acts may help to speed up the ICC's case against himself.  What Hun Sen has committed for this last violent incident can't deter most people from criticizing him, but he just stirs up more people's angers against him and his party even stronger.  As Dr. kem Ley added that nothing is permanent, Hun Sen and his CPP sooner or later will have their final day but before they reach their final day, they have to be tingled and trembled first. 


Anonymous said...

Ah animal brain! these gangsters are paid to protest not come from their hearts. Shame on you!!!

Anonymous said...

Only Hun Sen can order to do this to scare and quiet cnrp talking about YUON and he want to destroy cnrp for good. now the question what's cnrp can do? and I think the will close the eye again.

Anonymous said...

And where are the other parties voices on this incident???? Are they too afraid???

Khmer Inquirer.

Anonymous said...

Where is the rest of democracy parties in Cambodia? How come no one is speaking up against this act? Are they too afraid or part of the CPP party themselves?

Kim Ea said...

Watch all these protesters wrapped KRAMA around their waist , their head and neck show us a real symbol and well organize new Khmer Kramorm or the old remnant hiding in this less civilize Khmer authority . Their rhetoric is still maintain the same7 fascist style of harming any one dare to expose their boss bad reputation . The brutality act is not different than the ferocious past event when they enter Phnom Penh in 1975 . The savage ,inhuman fashion is still the same unchanged since then . They are not just normal protesters demand for something they don't agree with it . They set up to destroy you or any one oppose their communist idea . Please take a note These Khmer Krahorm communist combination with Yuon agents and spies disguise as Khmer, came back to hound us again under this regime hand. The culprit who raise them feed them, train them ,politically brainwash them secretly furnish them with ton of crooked money and lead them to destroy Khmer fabric again. Khmer inside this country be vigilante and prepare to protect your families or lives, the unprecedented future to come is more grim in this tiny land .

Anonymous said...

Look Khmerixation only few with walky talky on the scene not 5 thousands demonstrators. Right

and Kong sophear vehicle it unlock. Right. ( Those cars will automatically door lock. Right ).

There was no resistance. It's no resistance everyone knew how to act performing and go with the flow. Right.

The driver doesn't help and he trolling running around and creating a chance for camera and more beaten to Mp. Right.

And it happen one and half hours after demonstrators devolved. Right.

Now have you clearly see a perfect and stupid scenario made by cnrp to svay the public attention. Now haven't seeing it sir.