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Tuesday 30 December 2014

Hun Many wins court case, donates damages [It would have been better if he donates all his father's stolen millions to poor people!]

Prime Minister Hun Sen’s youngest son won a months-long case last week against a man who used his name to fast-track customs clearance at the Sihanoukville port, and donated the $10,000 compensation to a local NGO.
In August, Hun Many filed a complaint to the Phnom Penh Municipal Court against Reach Sothun, chairman of RSL Global Logistics, after learning that his name had been used to import ambulances into the Kingdom.
In a text message to a customs official on August 5, Sothun said: “Let two vehicles go out of the port, these are Hun Many’s.”
Many, who is also a ruling party lawmaker, said that the use of his name had threatened his reputation.
Many’s lawyer, Ly Chantola, told the Post yesterday that the trial concluded on Friday, with $10,000 awarded to Many.
“We received the money on the same day; Mr Sothun was willing to pay,” he said.
According to Chantola, Many donated the compensation to Taramana, an NGO assisting underprivileged children in Phnom Penh, “because he wanted to provide training classes and to facilitate accommodation”.

Chantola added that money from Many’s “ice bucket challenge and other activities” was also donated to the NGO.
Speaking on the phone yesterday, Many confirmed that he had made the donation but declined to comment about the case.


Kmenhwatt said...

The right thing to Muny!
I am happy to see you did the right thing for children's sake.You should sue the guy who used your name to get advantage for his business,sue him as criminal unauthorized used your name in criminal's court so he can serves jail time.You should teach those greedy's pigs not to forge anyone name,if they do they will be consequential.

Anonymous said...

$10,000 represent .0001% of his annual income. It is not fair where I make 4.5% of my annual income to charities.

Anonymous said...

Corruption crocodile sun win the court because court is a part of crocodile one eye man.