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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

CNRP uses 'dictatorial' power to sack me: Lak Sopheap

Give our kids a better deal 

PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Herald) -- Lak Sopheap, one of CNRP's vice president's personal assistant, said Tuesday that the CNRP used dictatorial power to sack her, claiming that she would not leave until there is decision from the party leaders. 

Sopheap was removed Sunday from the CNRP after she recently accused leadership of the party of being involved with corruption associated with USD 40 million. 

The ouster of Sopheap from the party was officially announced by Ou Chanrith, chairman of CNRP's disciplinary committee. 

"The ouster is unjust because everything is decided by chairman of Disciplinary Committee," she said.
"Someone can not be ousted until there is a meeting convened by party leader and members of board of directors to vote in accordance with democracy."
"Everything is from them [Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha] who play a ball and they eventually kick the ball to me," she told the reporters. 

"I am so regretful over this decision by CNRP, and what I have done for the party for 20 years is for the nation, but leadership of CNRP never pay attention."

Sopheap also said that she would file complaints with some institutions to ask them to help solve and find justice for her. Watch a video of her street press conference here.


Anonymous said...

Ye true I agreed with your article. And kem is the most stupid people I ever known for.

Anonymous said...

CNRP just only kicked her butt out, If she was CPP member, she would be disappeared forever somewhere near a hill of mountain, eating grasses.

Anonymous said...

She is may be a devil one eye too.