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Friday, 28 February 2014

Sam Rainsy compares Cambodia with Ukraine’s revolution

Published: 27-Feb-14 02:28PM
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PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Herald) -- In one of the most attacking statements against the government led by Prime Minster Hun Sen, the opposition leader Sam Rainsy compared Cambodia with the Ukraine’s revolution, which swept away Ukraine’s President Yanukovych

"I guarantee that the next protest will not be joined by 200,000, but 2 millions," Sam Rainsy said, asking his supporters to be ready to make it 2 million.

“If we could gather two million protesters as many as   Ukraine’s, the armed forces will not shoot at the protesters, but they [armed forces] will unite with the protesters,” Sam Rainsy told his hundreds of cheering supporters in Kandal province.

"Let the Cambodian People's Party sink, but we save all of Cambodian People,” said Sam Rainsy.

He added the Cambodian People's Party can not avoid this because it was time to its end.

Rainsy also attacked Prime Minister Hun Sen after he made a recent statement that there would be possibility that the CPP supporters will also hold protest.

Prime Minister Hun Sen warned that the CPP would also hold protest if the CNRP supporters remain staging the protest against the government.

The statements by Sam Rainsy and Hun Sen reflected the fact that the two winning parties, CPP and CNRP, may find it difficult to break the political deadlock in the near future even though they agreed to discuss the election reforms through a recently joint election reform committee.

Cambodia was plunged into a political deadlock after the last July election’s result showed that CPP of Prime Minister Hun Sen won 68 seats and the CNRP won 55 seats in the 123-seat National Assembly.

CNRP denied the election result, arguing that there were too many election irregularities in the election.

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