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Monday 30 December 2013

Vietnam regards Russia as most important partner

Uong Chu Luu
English.news.cn   2013-12-23

HANOI, Dec. 23 (Xinhua) -- Vietnam has attached importance to the comprehensive partnership with Russia and regarded Russia as the most important partner in Vietnam's foreign policy.

The remarks were made by Uong Chu Luu, Vice Chairman of Vietnam ' s National Assembly here on Monday while meeting with Ivan Melnikov, Vice President of the State Duma of the Russian Federation during his working visit to Vietnam.

Melnikov said that besides close cooperation between the two countries, two legislatures have enjoyed practical and effective relations, which have made great contribution to strengthening Russia-Vietnam comprehensive partnership.

The two sides affirmed that they will continue cooperation in sectors including oil and gas, nuclear energy, trade and investment, national security and defense, implementation of science-technology projects, diversification of expertise training to Vietnamese students in Russia, culture, tourism, labor, according to the official website of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV).

Editor: Fu Peng


Anonymous said...

Uong Chu Luu is a fucking Yuon/Vietnamese dog eating trouble maker. Look at his face, how troublesome and evil he is. Now, this Yuon/Vietnamese bastard dares to claim that Russian is a partner with evil Yuon/Vietcong nation. Vietnamese/Yuon bastards like this bastards have gone too far when facing troubles because Vietcong/Yuon crooks like this bastard will go crazy, asking USA to be partners when facing China threats or China will hit evil Yuon/Vietcong where it hurts. Vietnamese

Anonymous said...

What!!!!I thought America is Vietnam's biggest friend which were once enemy. Imagine that. Ooh..man, sorry America, Vietnam just sold you out, kicking you to the curbe. Anyhow, we should see why Vietname kissing and giving Russia a blowjob. It's not a matter of if but WHEN China will invade Vietnam. Vietnam will need that humongous back up. Who can do that? Russia of course. Hey...it work so damn well during Vietnam War against America. It might just work again against China. Here the down side of Vietnam kissing Russia ass though.. China and Russia are friends. The 2 biggest giants ever walk that side of the earth, militarily. Do we all think that Russia and China is willing to break their friendship over this insignificant little piece of shit Vietnam? I doubt it. The stake is too high.

Anonymous said...

The Khmer people survived the "killing field" ordered by China, thanked to Vietnam. Keeping kissing Chinese ass and Cambodia will return to 1975 again. Smart people learn, stupid people don't!

Anonymous said...

1 January 2014 2:13 am,

You are lack of understanding and need to do your homework and do research.

Khmer Yeurng