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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Wasted youth: PM chides children of privilege [Did he chide his nephews too?]

Last Updated on 27 February 2013
Phnom Penh Post

By Meas Sokchea

Wasted youth
Prime Minister Hun Sen yesterday offered praise for poor students and condemnation for wealthy scions, who too often waste the ample opportunities handed to them.
“A few days ago, I heard that they chased to shoot each other. They have cars and they race, while the poor youths do not have even bicycle to ride,” Hun Sen said during a graduation speech at the National Institute of Education, referring to a story that appeared in local media about two rival gangs that chased one another in Range Rovers through the streets of Phnom Penh, opening fire as they did so.
“We are regretful for people who have opportunity and do not use their opportunity,” he added.
While Hun Sen’s children have avoided scandal, other relatives have not been as circumspect. At least two of his nephews have been arrested after allegedly firing shots at nightclubs – only to be quickly released.
Another nephew served 10 months on manslaughter charges for allegedly shooting two people to death after a drag race in the capital. The conviction was later overturned.


Anonymous said...

According to Khmer Culture , parents are held responsible
for their children bad behavior . If a child in a family is
deviated from social norm , the parents are to be blamed for
( min Ches pro dao kown ) . In this case , Hun Sen himself
is to be blamed for letting Cambodia reek with corruption ,
imbalanced justice & impunity . The problem of scoundrels
has been spred ( like a cancer ) to the countryside - jobless men & children join gansters and sometime kill one another for just a minor problem such as one person missteps on anther person's foot while dancing etc..

Anonymous said...

4:31 am, agree with you. Also Hun Sen must look at the problems within his family (his nephews) first before he blamed other people's children.