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Thursday 28 February 2013

RACE Partners with Local Leaders to Create Aerospace Company in Cambodia [Is this for real, or is it a joke?]

The RACE organization is partnered with local business leaders in Cambodia to build Cambodian Aerospace Industries, Inc., the country’s first true aerospace company. This is the first of several technology/knowledge transfer programs RACE and its base of over 90 partners from the USA have planned for Cambodia.

Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia (PRWEB) February 28, 2013 -  The RACE nonprofit organization has partnered to build the Kingdom of Cambodia’s first true aerospace company. Unlike previous airlines, aircraft maintenance or manufacturing organizations created in the past, Cambodian Aerospace Industries, Inc., will be the first Cambodian company to be fully staffed by employees that are fully licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). In order to achieve this, Cambodian Aerospace Industries, Inc. has partnered with RACE to donate millions in training programs, aircraft, simulators and other items needed to produce a world-class, professional accredited/certified aerospace training facility in Cambodia. As noted in several recent news articles and in press releases by Cambodia's Prime Minister, Hun Sen, the expansion of Cambodia’s aerospace sector is greatly needed to ensure the long-term stability and growth of tourism.
RACE and several local government leaders have been studying the infrastructural needs of Cambodia for the past eight months. Mr. Mao, a former Khmer Rouge refugee was one of the many RACE employees that returned to Cambodia for this deployment. “I wanted to be part of something where I could use the skills I learned in the USA to help make a difference back home [in Cambodia]," said Mr. Mao. Mr. Mao has spent over eight months traveling across Cambodia collecting data for RACE’s support planning. “The RACE team developed the plans for Cambodian Aerospace Industries, Inc. and several other companies months ago, while secretly tucked away in the Dara Airport Hotel in Phnom Penh”, said Mr. Fioto, CEO of RACE.

During a recent industry conference, Mr. Nicholas, RACE’s COO and keynote speaker of the conference, made reference that “Cambodian Aerospace Industries, Inc. was the first of over thirty companies to be created as part of BOT (Build Operate Transfer) programs scheduled for Cambodia during the next five years…This is part of a multi-billion dollar technology/knowledge transfer program from RACE.” RACE’s CEO, Mr. Fioto commented that “the goal of this project is to create a company with eleven new revenue streams for Cambodia…as the all-Cambodian staff develops into strong leaders, we will transfer the company to the people of Cambodia.” He further added that: “Cambodians are a resourceful and creative people. The best way to help Cambodia grow is to provide their people with the knowledge, resources and opportunities to enable that creativity.” In a bold move, Cambodian Aerospace Industries, Inc. has made it part of their business plan that all employees that stay with company, regardless of position, will be eligible for a full US-accredited college education, as well as access to RACE’s portfolio of over 28,000 courses.
RACE is not your typical nonprofit organization. Backed by over 90 US companies, RACE manages billions in technology and processes. “We are leveraging our portfolio of technology and processes to help Cambodia grow”, said Mr. Fioto. RACE and its partnering companies plan to grow many new clean industries in Cambodia – all of which are to be owned by Cambodians. RACE will only get involved in the development of clean industries which (1) promote the education and use of the Cambodian people, (2) are aligned with the strategic and infrastructural needs of Cambodia and (3) have a significant percentage of the profits going to the Cambodian government for use in the development/betterment of Cambodia. Onkha LY Soeurn said “this is a great opportunity to create better jobs for Cambodians…jobs where they can use their minds instead of just being laborers.”
The Cambodian Aerospace Industries, Inc. team is currently working with RACE and their local partners to design and build the first of its five training facilities across Cambodia. Their educational programs (including basic and technical English – as required by FAA regulations) are scheduled to begin in April. This includes the granting of several scholarship programs for Cambodians. When asked about the possibility of opening better airlines and much needed aircraft maintenance programs in Cambodia, RACE commented that their paperwork was submitted to the SSCA, Cambodia’s aviation regulatory authority, long ago and that RACE would proceed only if done in partnership with the Cambodian government.
This new alliance proves to be a strong team to bring better education and jobs to Cambodia. More information to follow with the full release of programs in April.
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RACE (Revolutionary Accelerated Collaboration Environment) is a collaborative nonprofit partnership of performance improvement and innovation leaders from industry and government - strategically integrated into a single, cohesive, high-performance team offering a depth and breadth of experience, knowledge and capability unmatched by any single organization. RACE harnesses the power of its immense knowledge and resource base to any challenge given to us. Collaborace.org
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Anonymous said...

How Cambodians cannot have better airlines and much needed aircraft maintenance? Some Khmers? believe that this is only a joke! They believe that Cambodians are inferior to others or what? Come on K!

Anonymous said...

There are plenty of procrastination and pessimism in Cambodian society. We need to get this destructive mindset out of our heads. We need to start believing in ourselves that if anyone or any nation can achieve certain technological greatness, so can we. We are as human as they are. As long as we believe in it. And if we can act opon it, we can achieve it. If our ancestors had the same mindset as we do today, Angkor Watt wouldn't have been built. After that being said, I praise Cambodian Aerospace Industries, Inc. This institution will produce many talented Cambodian in the field of aerospace and aviation. I'm glad there is such instution in Cambodia for people what have such interest. I hope someday Cambodia will achieve certain milestone in its history in aerospace and aviation industry.