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Sunday 29 April 2012

Two Cambodia Daily reporters did not see who killed Chut Wutty

 Top: Phorn Bopha, one of two journalists with Chut Wutty (below) when he was killed.

Two reporters with slain activist did not see who fired shots 

PHNOM PENH 28th April, 2012 (Cambodia Herald) - The two Cambodia Daily reporters with environmental activist Chut Wutty when he and military policeman In Rattana were shot dead Thursday say they did not see who fired the shots.

In a first-hand account of the incident, the Cambodia Daily reported Saturday that two gunshots ripped through the activist's car as the three were preparing to leave a small settlement in Mondol Seima district in Koh Kong province.

Chut Wutty was in the driver's seat while Cambodian journalist Phorn Bopha was seated in the back on the telephone with the newspaper's editor-in-chief Kevin Doyle.

Canadian journalist Olesia Plokhii was getting into the front passenger seat when the shots were fired and "did not see where they had come from," the newspaper said. "Ms Bopha also did not see the shooter."

After diving out of the car and running across a dirt road into a forest, the two women reemerged less than a minute later to find a military police officer lying wounded on the ground in front of the car. "Chut Wutty was in the driver’s seat, his body slumped to one side," the report said.

A second military policeman and a soldier who had walked inside a nearby dwelling "did not provide any aid to the two stricken men, both of whom still seemed to be alive."

When Ms Bopha asked one of the soldiers to help save the military policeman, "he did not respond," the report said.

Ms Plokhii meanwhile tried to administer treatment to Chut Wutty. "But it was too late. Chut Wutty was now motionless. He had a bullet hole in his left knee and blood was seeping from a wound in his abdomen. In Rattana, the military police officer, had also stopped moving and appeared to have died."

Not feeling safe, the two women took shelter with some villagers in a nearby dwelling. More soldiers then appeared from two nearby huts, with one saying in a voice loud enough for them to hear: "Just kill them both." He then told the other men that they should pull the car into the forest.

About 90 minutes after the incident, police and more military police turned up, offering the journalists food and water, and told them they were not being detained.

"Later, with a court prosecutor present, they removed Chut Wutty’s body from the car. He was laid on white clear plastic and his belongings were placed with him. One of those items was a handgun," the report said.

The newspaper said the two military policeman and soldier who had arrived on the scene before the shootings all carried AK-47 assault rifles and that the soldier "smelled strongly of alcohol." During a subsequent altercation with Chut Wutty, one of the three reportedly told the activist: "We are both slaves, we are both the same. Don’t be so arrogant."


Anonymous said...

This is a conspiracy, the third person who murder Chut Vutty and In Ratana, according to the two journalists who were there too and did not see who shot Chut Vutty, the third person was a sniper.

First, the third person killed Chut Vutty then Killed In Ratana then set up the story that “In Ratana killed Chut Vutty then killed himself”

This killing was carefully plan, the second military policeman knew the plan very well and he did not bother to save his mate In Ratan and activist Chut Vutty.

The authority should arrest the second policeman and the other soldiers who station at near by area of accident. Those soldiers want to terminate the two journalists.

Anonymous said...

Definitely it was a planned conspiracy to murder Chut Wutty. Someone killed both of them and laid the blame on the dead policeman, so there won't be no investigation because the killer was also dead. However, there are too many unanswered questions, like first they claimed both killed each other, then now the policeman committed suicide? They lied to the bone, even a child doesn't believe this story.

Anonymous said...

Lie like this when they finally murder a foreign activist, then they will definitely want to extradite there ass. Anyone who hears what come out of these traitors ass knows its false.


There can be no better liars then the PEOPLE IN CPP, thats why I no longer fukin supporting them.

Anonymous said...

The two journalists were post-mark threaten to their family's life and death already if they dare to open their mouth...

Anonymous said...

i hope these journalist remember these assholes because when the time comes every single one of them will die. khom jhat bhoch thach thep jheng be chiem khmer " We Should purify our bloodline, by detroying these roots"


I WANT to have mercy in my heart, BUT trhe crimes are to much.

Anonymous said...

Oh,come on now...falks..
All these killing are behind by Cpp thugs HunSen and his cronies...wanna caught crime commits by HunSen go look at HunSen house.

Anonymous said...

I like to say hello to Porn Bopha the journalism,she has a courages to visited the jungle with Chut Vuthy,and lucky to returned with the whole pieces (alive)...my darling,you got the guts to do this job,I am very proud of you,keep up the good work,god loved you and I loved you...

May god be with you and becareful next time,when you do this type of work....thank you.
I am very proud of these journalalisms,please keep on expose this type of corrupted Cpp clans.

Y.k pro.

Anonymous said...

Look at your brave khmer-lady folks!...she is beautiful as well,how many more out there like her[ Bopha&Odessa] these young lady is very brave indeed...congratulation you both earn my respect...