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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Cambodia reportedly pulls out troops from disputed area

A Cambodian newspaper publishing photos of Cambodian troop withdrawal.

Bangkok, July 30 (Bernama) - Cambodia has reportedly withdrawn some 2,500 troops from an unsettled area bordering Thailand, a move expected to ease tension between the two neigbouring countries, Thai News Agency (TNA) reported.

Updated reports on Saturday said that Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen had ordered troop withdrawal from the contentious area surrounding the Preah Vihear Temple. Newspapers show Cambodian troops and tanks leaving the area.

The withdrawal of the Cambodian troops came almost two weeks after The Hague-based International Court of Justice (ICJ) ordered both Thailand and Cambodia to pull out their troops from the unsettled area pending the World Court's concluded decision on a case earlier filed by Phnom Penh, requesting the UN's highest court to provide clarification of its 1962 ruling on the Preah Vihear Temple.

However, according to TNA Phnom Penh reportedly acknowledged later that its troop pull-out from the border area was not aimed to comply with the World Court's order, but to lessen military confrontation in the area, where fatal clashes between Thai and Cambodian troops had erupted over the past few years.

The Cambodian government said that Cambodian troops have remained inside the Preah Vihear Temple.



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Cambodia shown clear leadership role in resolving border dispute. ASEAN should be proud of Cambodia for taking such bold action against further violence and potentially lost of lives of Cambodian and Thai civillians. I am very proud to have the blood line of Cambodian desendence. ICJ decision for both countries to withdraw troop is the corrected choice and Cambodia taking the leadership be the bigger person is a peaceful/forward thinker decision. Cambodia have shown time and time again of its incredible leadership and wanted peace/stability relationship with Thailand. Cambodia never looks at Thailand as the permanent enemy. ASEAN is so lucky to have Cambodia leadership to save it face in the world community. The last event erupted, ASEAN leader canceled his trip due to intensive situation without further follow up to stop the fighting. In July 2011, ICJ decision punted the issue back to ASEAN enforce the ruling yet ASEAN has no plan in place how to implement the ruling and Cambodia asked observer to step in but there was no concrete response and Thailand continues to drag its feet with the childish Prime Minister Abhisit. Cambodia again took the step to end the dispute and pave the way for ASEAN to do it work more easily. How much more flexibility do you want Cambodia to take? Perhab Cambodia probably could resolve this issue with the new Thai's government alone if there is trust and required ASEAN as witness to the negotiation. If ASEAN can play the witness role, it would great. Realistically, ASEAN can take the credit for Cambodia hard work in this conflict. The recent ceased fire were the work of both Thailand and Cambodia decided to stop shooting. Military from both side decided not to kill each other and allow the ICJ to make its ruling. I can almost feel victory for both Thailand and Cambodia with the open mind government from both side that wanted peace for its people. despite the dispute, both countries share similar culture, tradition, language, literature, religion etc. Both countries worship the temple. Although the temple belongs to Cambodia but Thailand can play a role in helping Cambodia protecting the heritage that Thailand worship like Cambodian. ASEAN should continue it leadership role because Cambodia had made so much head way for ASEAN to resolve the conflict. Thailand also has the duties to help resolve the dispute by withdraw its troop as ordered by ICJ. Cambodia never has any bad intention or trick toward Thailand as you can witness Cambodia withdraw its troop whether Thailand do it or not. We obey the court order and live by the rule of law

Anonymous said...

Thai side has not move an inch out from DMZ yet..? Cambodia move out Thai staying...

Anonymous said...

Next week, Thailand will move because new government will take office. ICJ will hear Cambodian report from Cambodia side. Cambodia will be way ahead of Thailand. If Thailand doesnt move. UN will have to step in. I don't know what role the ASEAN is playing if UN step in. ASEAN seem so quite and draging in its feet. How many observer are they sending? It's a joke to cover the DMZ with 20-30 observers. Once the troop from both side withdraw, ASEAN observer will be there to do bird watching job. Dr. Marty should be safe to land his foot in DMZ.