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Friday 31 December 2010

Speech of former Prime Minister Pen Sovan attacking the Cambodian People's Party and Vietnam

Former Prime Minister Pen Sovan (pictured) from 1979-1981 made a very chilling speech attacking the ruling Cambodian People's Party and Vietnam. He attacked the Cambodian government's policy of granting land concessions to Vietnamese companies and Vietnamese war veterans by confiscating lands from poor Cambodians.

He also made reference to his arrest and jailing from 1981-1991, saying that he was jailed in a dark cell for the whole 10 years. Pen Sovan's speech is undated, but could be as recently as 2009 0r 2010. Please listen to Pen Sovan's speech.


Anonymous said...

Pen Sovan is a true Khmer blood hero.
His mind is set for justice and not corrupted by power or money.He is a man who come once every 2000 years.

I hope he come back to politics and joint other opposition parties to lead Khmer out of this Hanoi designed Cambodian government.

We all Khmer politicians should love and respect him.After all, leader is about being faithful and loyal to our people and our country.

True Khmer

Anonymous said...

Pen Sovan wanted to do what is best for Cambodia after his appointment as Prime Minister by Hanoi after the Vietnamese invasion. His political and military strategies upset Hanoi and threatened Hanoi's goal and ambition. Another word, Hanoi knows that Pen Sovan is becoming disloyal. Hanoi abuptly removed him from his position as prime minister and appointed Heng Samrin as a replacement. In addition, Pen Sovan faced imprisonment in Hanoi for 10 years. This is a concrete proof that Hanoi was and is all along shapes and mold Cambodia politics to fullfill it future agenda.

Anonymous said...

Pen Sovann was kidnapped by the Yuon back when he was a little in the 1950s or early 1960 to Srok Yuon to be brain-washed by the Yuon.

The Yuon was hoping one day they will occupy or invade Khmer and appoint Pen Sovann to be in charge in Cambodia for their interests, later on in life, Pen Sovann was also arranged to marry the beautiful daughter of the very top-elite government by the name of Pham Van Dong.

PEN SOVANN was the most trusted person by the Youn communist at all level of Yuon government.

During the Yuon's invasion in the 1979, Pen Sovann was immediately appointed by the Yuon to control the entire Cambodia country including the entire Cambodian Military backed by the Yuon after the communist Khmer Rouge faile.

And there were NO such names of Hun Sen, Heng Samrin, Chea Sim, these puppets were invented later by the Yuon.

Thereafter, there were many demands by the Yuon, including many different locations of Khmer's territories to be given away to Yuon, to have unlimited amount of inflow of the Yuon people into Cambodia, to run the economy under the system of the Yuon communist and many other demands THAT PEN SOVANN OPPOSED TO THE YUON, THAT CAUSED THE ARREST OF PEN SOVANN ORDERED BY THE YUON'S GOVERNMENT TO IMPRISON PEN SOVANN IN HANOI FOR 11 YEARS.

To this date, we real Cambodian people hope that Pen Sovann continues to be patriotic toward his beloved country of Cambodia, I and all Cambodian people continued to have trust of Pen Sovann.

Anonymous said...

From what I read, heard from Pen Sovan himself and what he said here, it seems he is a real Khmer patriot. He was jailed in 1981 because he dare to stand up to Vietnam. He opposed Vietnam's policy of trying to eradicate Khmer culture and swallow Khmer land. The one who arrested Pen Sovan in 1981 was no one other than Hun Sen. Back in 1997, I remember Pen Sovan said Hun Sen led a group of soldier to surround his house in 1981, arrested him and handed him over to Vietnamese authority when he was still the prime minister and Hun Sen was the foreign minister. That was Hun Sen's first coup, beside 1997 against Ranariddh and in 2003 against Chea Sim when he arrested Chea Sim and sent him to Thailand.

Anonymous said...

4:32 AM, I like to think you're correct on some of your facts, however; I don't think Pen Savan was kidnapped by Youn to be brainwashed to become Youn. I know Pen Sovan was a member of Khmer Isarrak during the French colonial time,and founder of UFSK( United Front for the Salvation of Kampuchea)in 1979. This oganization was the same group that were consisted of Khmer Rouge soldiers who went across the border to Vietnam to ask communist Vietnamese government for help. Of course, communist Vietnam welcomed this with open arms. Vietnam saw this as a new opportunity to assert itself as a new ruler of Cambodia after the colonial French. Some of the named in UFSK in oganization were Chea Sim, Heng Samrin, and Hun Sen. Hun Sen was among the top member in this organization.

Anonymous said...

Vietnam may have tried to wash his brain, but his heart is still pure Khmer. He was not easily influenced by the Communist nation that continue to steal Land from Cambodia by using it's installed Government Hun Sen.

Anonymous said...

I hope some day we will free ourselves from the communist Vietnamese's yoke. I would love to join an arm uprising to liberate Cambodia from the Foreigner. That is my goal and ambition.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Pen Sovan is currently working with Mr. Kem Sokha. The only way we Khmer can be free from Youn's grip is to stay united or else there is no hope for our children's future. Theirfore, please SRP (Sam Ransey) work together with Mr. Kem Sokha for the sake of our nation.