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Saturday 31 July 2010

Hun Sen's office denies granting any casino licence in Siem Reap

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By Khmerization

The office of Prime Minister Hun Sen has issued a statement denying media reports that he had granted casino licences to foreign investors to build casino the site of the Angkor Wat temple.

On 29th July, Bloomberg reported that the Cambodian government had granted a licence to South Korean Developer Courts Harrah to build a casino and resort near the temple complex and on 30th, the English-language The Cambodia Daily had follow suit.

Mr. Hun Sen's office immediately written a letter to the editor of The Cambodia Daily denying that the Cambodian government had authorised the construction of any local or foreign-owned casino in Siem Reap. "The office of the prime minister denies totally the information published in your newspaper", the letter said, which was signed by Mr. Hun Sen's chief of cabinet, Mr. Ho Sithy.

"I am informing you that, in the past, the Cambodian government had never authorised any foreign or local companies to open a casino within the territories of Siem Reap province, and in the meeting with the Intercity Group on 29 July 2010, the prime minister did not authorise Intercity Group to open a casino as reported in your newspaper. Therefore, the report is totally false", added the letter.

In a visit to the Bellus Angkor website and Intercity Group, this reporter has found evidences that an "entertainment gaming center", or casino, had been included in the master plan of a resort centre near the Angkor Wat complex.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

if Mr.Hun Sen didn't authorize to build this casino, who doe it?also, why don't mr. Hun Sen sued this new paper if they published a false statement. or defamation sued as it to Mrs. Sokha? who sold this land and allowed this company to build casino would be executed right?. all I can say is this: this goverment( Hun Sen) is incompetant lack of every espects of improve Cambodia. Khmer people can't build huts to live in but foreiner can build casino?