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Monday, 23 February 2009

Artist Reahu caused a stir in Thailand with his sexy Apsara drawing of actress Suwanan Kongying

The bare-breasted drawing of actress Suwanan Kongying that caused a stir in Thailand recently.

Reaksmei Kampuchea newspaper
23rd Feb, 2009
Reported in English by Khmerization

After causing a stir in Cambodia with his erotic and sensual Apsara drawings, artist Reahu has now caused a stir in Thailand with his bare-breasted drawing of Thai actress Suwanan Kongying.

Actress Suwanan Kongying, better known in Cambodia as Neang Pkay Preuk (Miss Morning Star) had caused riots in Phnom Penh in 2003 when she allegedly claimed that Angkor Wat belongs to Thailand. She denied making the remarks.

When shown the bare-breasted drawing featuring her face by Thai reporters on 20th February, Ms Suwanan said “they have cut the picture of my face and pasted it on the drawing.”

Thai newspaper Khav Soot published in its 24th? February 2009 edition that this particular drawing by a Khmer-American artist, posted in Reahu.net, has been very popular with Thai internet users because it featured the face of actress Suwanan Kongying.

Ms Suwanan said that she won’t pay attention to this sort of drawing because she considered it as a satire. She also said that she won’t take any actions against the artist in question. She added that she does not want to do anything that will cause troubles again and she thanked the artist for showing interests in her.

In late 2008, artist Reahu has caused a stir in Cambodia with his many erotic and sensual bare-breasted Apsara drawings. Currently, his website Reahu.net has been blocked in Cambodia under the order of the Ministry of Culture.


Anonymous said...

Nice face and breast. Great work Reahu.

Anonymous said...

Great work Reahu, but shame on you to involve Siam Actress with Khmer Apsara.

Anonymous said...

I think he involved this actress because he can get the maximum publicity. I see nothing wrong, though. The drawing is nice and sexy.

Anonymous said...

I love all of your works and your innovation except the one with Suwanan Kungying face.

It seems to me that I had seen the real and colorfull Apsara as it was in ancient Khmer society. You have realized the past to the present.

Arts can not be standstilled but need innovation and cobination of all senses including sexy and atractive.

Anonymous said...

Reahu is very creative. His arts are very controversial but popular. The drawing of Thai actress Suwana Kongying bare-breasted is his deliberate attempt to stir up controversy in Thailand. Smart move.

Anonymous said...

No speculation but want hear from the artist himself on his own words, whats the reason behind the Thai Actress? Why picked her to project her image in Khmer's Apsara?