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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The planting of border pillars along Khmer-Vietnamese borders delayed until 2012

The inauguration of one of the border pillars along the Cambodian-Vietnamese borders.

Reaksmei Kampuchea newspaper
29th December, 2008
Translated from Khmer by Khmerization

Mr. Nguyen Chien Thanh, Vietnamese ambassador to Cambodia, said that both Cambodia and Vietnam have agreed that the plantings of all border pillars along the Khmer-Vietnamese borders will be completed in 2012.

Initially, the Cambodian and Vietnamese governments agreed that the plantings of the border pillars along the Khmer-Vietnamese borders will be completed in 3 years, starting from 2006. The plantings of the border pillars have been agreed by PM Hun Sen and the Vietnamese prime minister , following the signing of the supplemental agreements in October, 2005, which were the additional agreements on the controversial 1985 Cambodian-Vietnamese demarcation border treaty.

The issues of the border demarcations were raised during a meeting between Mr. Chheang Vun, chairman of the parliamentary committee on foreign affairs and international co-operation (5th Committee) and Mr. Nguyen Chien Thanh, Vietnamese ambassador to Cambodia, on the afternoon of 25th December in the Cambodian parliament house.

In front of the 5th parliamentary committee chairman, Mr. Nguyen Chien Thanh said that the teams of the Cambodian-Vietnamese Border Committee had had excellent relations with each other during the demarcation works and during the plantings of the border pillars in the past. But the implementations of the border pillar-plantings met some obstacles which required further delay until 2012.

Cambodia and Vietnam need to plant 370 border pillars along their 1270 kilometre-long borders. The Cambodian-Vietnamese border pillars are made from granites that cost 15 million dollars which Vietnam undertook to incur all the costs.

On 27th September, 2006, the Bavet- Moc Bai International Checkpoint in Svay Rieng province has been officially inaugurated by the Cambodian and Vietnamese prime ministers. This inauguration was the starting point of the demarcation works in other areas. In 2007, 4 border pillars have been planted at 4 international checkpoints among the 7 international border checkpoints along the two country’s borders needed to be planted, with the plantings of 100 other border pillars in other areas.

In regard to the delay, Mr. Var Kim Hong, chairman of Cambodian Border Committee, said that this is so because the technical teams from both countries need to survey the situations on the grounds first before signing an agreement to accept the locations of the pillars. He said that, in order to plant any border pillars, the technical teams of both countries need to survey the areas by using proper equipments including GPS (global positioning system) to determine the exact locations of the border pillars before they can start planting them.

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