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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Vietnamese structure on border draws ire

Manekseka Sangkum

Cambodia can and is entitled to defend her territorial sovereignty by means other than armed enforcement. The Cambodian authorities' refusal or lack of action on this border violations issue is nothing short of complicity and national betrayal. See the Philippines, Vietnam and other SCS disputants for suggestions and precedents. 

Even a Vietnamese farmer at the border in Svay Rieng seemed to know how to play mind game with the Hun Sen regime with the verbal threat: 'Leave us alone [over the land encroachments] or we [Vietnam] will withdraw our friendship and alliance with Kampuchia...'


People inspect a Vietnamese-made pond on the Ratanakkiri province border last year. Adhoc

People inspect a Vietnamese-made pond on the Ratanakkiri province border last year. Adhoc

Vietnamese structure on border draws ire
Wed, 10 August 2016 ppp
Phak Seangly

The construction of a police station in undemarcated border land between Cambodia and Vietnam has prompted Cambodia’s Border Affairs Committee to call a meeting with its counterpart across the border, a senior government official confirmed.

Vietnam secretly built the new police station last month on the disputed land in Ratanakkiri’s O’Yadav district, said Var Kimhong, senior minister for border affairs.

“I received a report last week about the new cement construction in the border area,” Kimhong said, adding that Cambodian officials immediately requested that the construction be halted and the Vietnamese acquiesced.

The border affairs committee plans to meet later this month in Phnom Penh with the Vietnamese side to discuss the issue further.

This is not the first time that Vietnamese officials began construction in the border zone. Nine ponds were also built in the same territory last year, and have not been filled in despite requests from Cambodia’s border authorities.

But Kimhong said Cambodia has no means to force Vietnam’s hand. “We cannot force them to follow our requests at gunpoint.”


Anonymous said...

i wonder what kind of secret deals they/youns have made with obama on his last visit there... the viets are getting brave ; according to reuters they are moving mobile rocket launchers from mainland to their islands ; these rocket launchers are said to be capable of striking China's runways and military installations across the vital trade route.... Soon cyclops will have a very hard choice to make == side with the old master or choosing the new mightier one ...

Anonymous said...

Ah swa kim hong clearly concedes that he and other cpp monkeys including ah kwak can't do a thing to youn when youn are encroaching on Khmer territory.
How can they call themselves the defenders of Khmer territory integrity, when in fact, they are outright traitors.

Anonymous said...

To live in peace with Vietnam,
Cambodia MUST be as strong
or stronger.
Yes, it can be done !!!

Anonymous said...

"We cambo force them to follow our repuests at gun point"
Tris is the worst response ever from a government official. Grow a pair.Even if you have bow and arrows you still go to war. It's about attitude not ability. Diplomacy only works at gunpoint. This traitor government always find excuses why they cant. They rarely take responsibility and own it.