A Change of Guard

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Saturday, 13 August 2016



Anonymous said...

We will protect you! Thank you for sharing the proof and evidence about the evil Yuobn/Vietnamese secret agents in current Khmer/Cambodian military soldiers because of Ah Yong Yuon Hun Sen. Khmer people please watch out on evil Yuon/Vietnamese agents hiding in CPP government led by a blind (Kwack) Vietnamese puppet Hun Sen.

Anonymous said...

Again and again, some of Khmer folks who voted for CPP and Ah Yong Yuon Hun Sen need to wake up.

Let's me say again and again that there were many hidden and secret Yuon/Vietnamese agents during the Killing Fields (1975-1979) who killed or murdered millions of innocent and highly-educated Khmer people including children. There are some Khmer folks who are still blind and gullible, and voting for CPP led by Yuon/Vietnamese puppet Hun Sen. They (CPP supporters) who are Khmer need to wake up now and join force with CNRP.