A Change of Guard

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Friday, 12 August 2016


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Anonymous said...


The culture of impunity has killed many Khmer heroes.

To stop the killing of Khmer heroes, we must fight to stop this impunity.

A peaceful demonstration is needed to denounce the brutal killing of Dr. Kem Ley and force Ah Kouk Hun Sen to find the killers and the mastermind behind the killing.

As we all have known, inactions produced nothing.

Actions to support the just cause - to stop impunity - will help Khmer people in their struggle to free Cambodia from the evil Yuon Vietnam.

The evil Yuon Vietnam and its puppet CPP have killed many Khmer heroes FOR FREE thanks to this culture of impunity.

It is time for "Khmer Pouch Neak Chambang" to wake up and fight to win this one battle (impunity) first. Win one battle at a time. Next battle should be stopping the mass influx of the illegal Vietnamese migrants or illegal loggings.

It is highly likely that the killing of Dr. Kem Ley was committed by Yuon because Dr. Kem Ley's 100 night mission had explicitly exposed the Vietnamization of Cambodia.

But Yuon is smart at committing bad deeds or crime. Yuon has waited patiently for the right moment to smash Dr. Kem Ley and indirectly let the blame fall onto Ah Kouk Hun Sen.

In effect, Yuon saw Dr. Kem Ley made comments about Global witness's report on Hun Sen's family. Two days later Kem Ley was dead. Most of Khmer people pointed their fingers to Hun Sen.

That's how Yuon killed Khmer and then blaming the killings on Khmer, especially during the Pol Pot era.

Finally, Ah Kouk Hun Sen must exert his efforts to find the real killers to fulfill his duty, to clarify his name, and also to prove to Khmer people that he is no longer a Yuon's puppet.

Bun Thoeun