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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Australian politician slams gov’t spokesman

Khmer-Australian politician Hong Lim, who yesterday slammed government spokesman Phay Siphan’s “absurd, ridiculous and stupid” actions. Parliament of Victoria
Khmer-Australian politician Hong Lim, who yesterday slammed government spokesman Phay Siphan’s “absurd, ridiculous and stupid” actions. Parliament of Victoria

Australian politician slams gov’t spokesman
Tue, 9 August 2016 ppp
Shaun Turton

“In classic vintage Phay Siphan’s style... [he is] dragging the Monarchy and the good people of Cambodia into his twisted, sick and sinister game,” 


Khmer-Australian politician Hong Lim has responded with a stinging broadside against government spokesman Phay Siphan’s “absurd, ridiculous and stupid” antics, after the Cambodian official demanded he apologise for criticising the Kingdom’s regime in the wake of the murder of political analyst Kem Ley.

In an email yesterday, Lim, a state MP for the Labor Party in Victoria, took aim at Siphan for insulting his parents, who he said had died under the Khmer Rouge, characterising the spokesman’s remarks as “beneath contempt” and calling out the government’s “self-important patronizing, condescending and insulting attitude”.

“What kind of government would stoop this low?” Lim said.

The war of words erupted after Lim called Cambodia’s regime a “beast” in an interview about Ley’s killing, which many believe was politically motivated. Siphan, who plans to visit the Australian Embassy today to continue his push for an apology, said the remarks were an “insult” to the government, monarchy and Cambodian people.

But Lim, who was born in Cambodia and emigrated to Australia, said Siphan had distorted his remarks for the “government’s miserable political gain”, which he slammed as an act of cowardice, “disrespectful” to Ley and a sign the government had “crossed the line of human decency”.

“In classic vintage Phay Siphan’s style... [he is] dragging the Monarchy and the good people of Cambodia into his twisted, sick and sinister game,” said Lim.

But contacted yesterday, Siphan, who says pro-government supporters will also deliver a petition to the Australian Embassy calling for an apology, held firm, calling Lim a “coward” for not “taking responsibility”.

Reached yesterday, the Australian Embassy says it was aware a group wanted to deliver a petition today.

“The Australian Government will consider a response once the content of the petition has been reviewed,” a spokesperson said, via email.


Anonymous said...

“What kind of government would stoop this low?” Lim said.


It is the kind that makes up of human with animal mentality.

Anonymous said...

Anybody wants to take a shot in comparing the background and education of these 2 men, Khmer-Australian politician Hong Lim versus the ass-kisser Phay Siphan?

We know this much about Hong Lim in the link below:


Anonymous said...

CPP members are pissers, losers, uneducated, butt kisser, corrupted people who couldn't make better lives in the third country. They went to serve CPP is to act as if they are kings of dick heads. Four decades later, Cambodia still living in the hell. Ah Phay Siphan is shit head, trashy from the U.S.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell is Phay Siphan? What is his background?
Is it the end of CPP mad dog? Hun Sen gangs are really ill.

Anonymous said...

Phay Siphan is a failure in America. He was here to learn goods from all American peoples can offers but instead he chosen old ways of corruptions, kiss ass, wicked, traitor ways. I'm sick and tired of seeing Phay Siphan ugly face on news. He is not even worth one second of my life to discuss but I guess I can spare 2 minutes to write at this time.

Most of CPP cronies are ass kissers and low educated. The prime minister on many occasions had not been informed of failures government policies. These cronies just only showed the few good and hided the failures from Hun Sen. In my opinions Cambodia would had been worst if the CPP didn't had helps from many foreign advisers from American & Europeans who had knoweldges of governing. If left to these ass kissers Khmer advisers we would had been in far more worst situations. I had known some khmer in America and some of them dream of going back to Cambodia to get rich and powers " probably another blood sucking leach trying to prey on poor and weak Khmer people" Lol.

Through out Khmer history we had always had low educated leaders and many ill advisers, low educated, corrupted cronies in our government. The MP Khmer Australian hits a bull eye target. More credits to him.

Anonymous said...

10 August 2016 at 08:17,
Appreciate and thanks for your info. about Phay Siphan. I love your comment about post-war Cambodia. Pre-war Cambodians prefer a peaceful life and some of them have no desire to return to live under Ah dumbest Hun Sen. Our Khmer culture and tradition have changed for the worse since 79. In the past, Cambodia was a beautiful country with well educated people. Hun Sen's government rules with a KR mentality (Killing, accusing, lying...etc...). Cambodia now is a landfill of Vietnam & China

Anonymous said...

គេដៀលអ្នកដឹកនាំទេ ម៉េចចេះតែទាញរាស្ត្រឲ្យថោកជាមួយ? លោកផៃស៊ីផានអត់ដែលឃើញ ក្រុមសន្តិសុខសាលារាជនីភ្នំពេញវ៉ៃបាតុករយ៉ាងសាហាវព្រៃផ្សៃទេអី? តិរច្ឆាន ឬមិនតិរច្ឆាន រាស្ត្រចេះពិចារណាហើយ។

Anonymous said...

over 30 years no one can trash in public to Ah kok government like this and Mr Lim make all Khmer all over the world so happy .
Ah kok go crazy right now. If Mr Lim is living in Khmer Ah kok might kill him like Kem Ley because they are can't stand with the truth and always used dirty trick to cover up.