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Monday 29 December 2014

Opposition supporters call on anti-graft unit to investigate corruption scandal [This looks like a CPP set up to destroy the CNRP]

Lak Sopheap.

PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Herald) -- Supporters of Cambodia National Rescue Party in Phnom Penh and provinces presented a petition Sunday to Anti-Corruption Unit, asking it to launch investigation after CNRP member accused leaders of party of committing corruption associated with up to USD 40 millions contributed by supporters in the country and abroad. 
The representatives of CNRP's supporters want the unit to probe into the corruption alleged by Lak Sopheap, a member of CNRP's committee, to seek cleanliness for the leadership of CNRP. 
The CNRP's supporters ask the Anti-Corruption Unit to take measure if the investigation finds there is corruption as accused by Lak Sopheap.
For this issue, Om Yingtieng, chief of Anti-Corruption Unit, told CEN, an affiliate of The Cambodia Herald, on Sunday that the unit couldn't accept the petition as it is not political institution. 
"Anti-Corruption Unit was not political institution. It could accept complaints, but could not accept petition," Yingtieng said. 
CNRP's spokesman Yem Ponharith said on Sunday that what Lak Sopheap said was not 'true', and asked her to provide documents and evidence. 
He said the party would invite her to answer over what she said. 


Anonymous said...

how can cnrp punish her even she run a bad mouth about cnrp leader and I think cnrp can't touch her because cpp was so happy to defend her her even she didn't work for cpp. if cnrp bring her to court. I think cpp court will do nothing. wait and see how it play.

Kim Ea said...

Sorry ! Hun Sen sam kok start to play now . The cpp start deploy the divide strategy ,to demolish the CNPR in surprise . Khmer people hope to get away from Viet invasion now met with big obstacle ( Khmer said enemy use your own flesh to create a worm to eat your own flesh now ) . Please Khmer , you must tackle with this problem as fast as possible , do something to clear out your reputation , don't let this opportunist traitors kill your organization by spread the rumor like this . Khmer patriot need to think double , and use your vision and judgement with clear conscience to find out who is wrong and who is right ? Blindness believe the accusation is not a solution , you are felt to the trap of these traitors hand .

Anonymous said...

Something to laugh for today:

After seeing the picture of Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha swimming in France, some people such as a person named Samanak in Canada ridiculed them by considering their action like a crime for swimming.

Khmer Euy Chos Kor stupid Maless Keunh Ter Knear Eung Khoss Ter Rohaut !!

I suggest to Samanak and Nem Dav Roeung in Canada to check their Airheads before it is too late.

These 2 are so stupid dumb but they did not know it.

Ah Pronh

Anonymous said...

she is poor may be she just work for money not for khmer,because she is a top member cnrp but she owed 300 dollars from larry sister so may be she stir political for cpp.

Anonymous said...

She is not poor but she wants money over honor.