A Change of Guard

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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Ear Kimsreng's comment


Anonymous said...

this old guy - ear kim seng, got no job & homeless- under DUI..

needs medical help..

Anonymous said...

Every thing that Hun Sen said protect it at the end it was gone.
1= 1mm land will not lost but look how many Kilometer lost to YUON and Thai.
2= Forest will cut his head off is he can't protect it but look it the forest is gone.
3= He protect Bung Ton Le Sab by kick all khmer fisher out but look right now how many YUON now. It belong to YUON already.
4=Cambodia oil Hun sen said he will get it December 2012 but look right now Cambodia have nothing because Cambodian have no oil field,It mean Cambodia have no Sea area Because all the area belong to YUON Since YUON own Most of the Cambodian Island and most khmer didn't know at all.The Khmer hope to get oil it will be better for khmer but this dream just dream .It will not Happen if the oil is pump out by HUn sen.Cambodia will not get a dime from that.You see what khmer have and you think Khmer can get benifit from that now belong to YUON. Can any body tell me which one YUON didn't take control it???

Anonymous said...

this old guy was under DUI ,,
it appeared he was over doses drug.

crazy n stupid spoken...

Anonymous said...

He is Mr. A<->Z.