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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

160 Cambodian kids recreate Psy's "Gangnam Style"

July 1, 2013  By
Will Goodman

(CBS News) For every successful media moment, there is almost always bound to be a loving or playful tribute in the aftermath. (We've seen The Gregory Brothers turn this concept into a thriving career you can view here.) And while this is far from the first time we've seen the legendary music video for Psy's megahit song recreated, referenced or satirized before, it's almost surely the youngest one. Click play to watch 160 Cambodian children recreate "Gangnam Style" above.
The endearing musical parody piece was posted on YouTube by Jean-Luc Nguyen who writes:
What happens when 160 kids from a slum of Phnom Penh decide to do a parody of Gangnam Style? This amazingly funny video. These impoverished kids live in extremely basic conditions but are full of talent and potential. We wanted to give them an opportunity to express themselves through an artistic and fun project. They didn't disappoint us.
Awwww... so it's not only a sweet tribute to K-pop superstar Psy and "Gangnam Style," but also has a great deal of heart and hope to boot! A round of applause goes out to all of the kids involved! And for more work by Jean-Luc Nguyen, be sure to visit his YouTube page by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Jean-Luc. You are a good human being.

Anonymous said...

There are many Youn in Khmer promoting these so called, "Entertainment", yet, many of these Youn never seems to want to talk about the Vietnamese Invasion, or the Vietnamese role in the genocide of Khmer and Laos.

Jean-Luc Nguyen family is in France, but they sure have never connection in Cambodia.