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Thursday 31 January 2013

Police Officer Shoots Man for Refusing to Pay Traffic Bribe

The Cambodia Daily
January 30, 2013 

Two police officers were reportedly arrested on Monday for shooting and seriously injuring a 29-year-old man who refused to pay them a bribe at an unofficial roadside check­point in Phnom Penh’s Russei Keo district late Sunday night, the victim and police officials said.
Dy Vichet, who was shot by a police officer in Phnom Penh's Russei Keo district on Sunday night, allegedly for not paying a bribe, recovers at Calmette Hospital on Monday. (Khy Sovuthy/The Cambodia Daily)
Dy Vichet, who was shot by a police officer in Phnom Penh’s Russei Keo district on Sunday night, allegedly for not paying a bribe, recovers at Calmette Hospital on Monday. (Khy Sovuthy/The Cambodia Daily)

Lying in a bed at Calmette Hos­pital—where doctors removed a bullet from the left side of his chest, just above his heart—Dy Vichet recounted the events that led up to him being shot by the angry police officers.
Mr. Vichet said he had been transporting a load of chilis from Phnom Penh to Kompong Chhnang prov­ince in his van with his wife and brother, when police stationed along Street 598 in Svay Pak commune stopped the vehicle at about 11:45 p.m. and de­manded a cash bribe to let him continue on his journey.
“The police insulted my mother, so I did not give the money to them, and two police officers chased my car and a police officer hit my car’s [wing] mirror with a stone,” Mr. Vichet said from his hospital bed.
“When I got out of the car to see [the damage], a police officer shot me once,” he said. “I am very hurt, so I cannot give more details, but I know the face of the police officer who shot me.”
Mr. Vichet’s wife, Vath Srey­leak, 20, witnessed one of two police officers shoot her husband and told how the two officers then fled on their motorcycles leaving her stricken husband in the road.
“The police offer shot my husband with a pistol from about 10 meters away, then the police drove away, and my brother-in-law and I brought my husband to Calmette Hospital,” she said.
“We arrested two suspects. They are police. Now we are questioning them,” Phnom Penh Police Chief Lieutenant General Chuon Sovann said Monday evening, declining to comment further.
Deputy National Police Chief Lieutenant General Sok Phal de­clined to comment on the callous shooting.
(Additional reporting by Ben Woods)


Anonymous said...

These innocent poor Khmer should arm them self for protection from these "Not protect and not Serve" corrupted Police Officer just list his father Ah Hun Hussein.

Anonymous said...

Life is sooooo cheap under Hun Sen's leadership, indifferent from the KR regime. It is up to the Khmer people, if you want to be continued to be treated like animals and life is worth a couple of dollars - then continue to vote for the CPP in the coming election.

Anonymous said...

We all are the prisoners and the victim of Hanoi's installed regime.

We all should stand up together to bring about the change.

Dy Vichet's shot by police is our wound and suffering too.If they don't respect him,they don't respect us too.

I urge communities leaders abroad to raise money to support victims like Di Vichet to show that we are opposing to the regime that don't respect human life and human right. It's also informing our people to be aware about cruelty that is happening in our country.

A society without democracy is like society living without the sun light.
Where there no democracy,there will be no justice and no oxygen;no progress;no hope.

Without freedom,we are all simply the prisoners in the big prison.

The fight for our freedom must go on,it's everyone's war.

True Khmer