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Sunday 30 December 2012

Vox Populi: Why American investors did not invest in Cambodia?

The answer, according to the U.S Ambassador to Cambodia, is because of the lack of respect for human rights and the rule of law in Cambodia.

Re: U.S Ambassador: The reasons American investors did not invest in Cambodia is because of human rights and lawlessness issues in Cambodia

Economic sanction is the effective way to teach Cambodian ruler a lesson  

Anonymous said...

As long as the US markets are still open for Cambodia made products , China is very happy to monopolize the investments and Hun Sen doesn't really care about US investments either for he knows for sure that the US is indirectly helping the PPenh government with MFN ( Most Favored Nations ) status . All products , whether legal or not legal , are ended up in the US consumers' hands, eg. rosewood were illegally sold to Vietnam or China then it is used to make furnitures which are then sold for American living rooms ... Economic sanction is the effective way to teach Cambodian ruler a lesson.
27 December 2012 6:08 PM

 Tough actions, and not words, is the only and best way to deal with Hun Sen
Anonymous said...
6:08 PM, I agree with you 100%. Many Cambodians, and especially Hun Sen and his supporters, forgot that America is Cambodia's biggest trading partner, importing about $3 billion of Cambodian-made garment, made possible by MFN (most favored nation) status. This status exempts or charges very little import tariff on goods imported from Cambodia. As a result, MFN status has drawn investors to Cambodia, especially Chinese companies, because America has imposed quota on imports from China.

So, indirectly, America's MFN has drawn investors to Cambodia anyway, so in Hun Sen's eyes, Cambodia doesn't need to do direct business with America or doesn't need direct American investments because the MFN has drawn investors from other part of the world already, notably China.

The only way to soften Hun Sen's dictatorial rule is to imposed travel sanctions on all Hun Sen's family and his cronies like what America did with members of the Burmese junta. That travel sanctions imposed on Burmese officials really worked. What America can do with Hun Sen's and his cronies is to not issue any visas to Hun Sen and his family and cronies found to have been the human rights abusers. America can also freeze their assets deposited in American banks around the world. If America failed to get tough with Hun Sen, he will never understand the diplomatic language and will still continue to practice human rights abuses and corruption in Cambodia. Tough actions, and not words, is the only and best way to deal with Hun Sen.
27 December 2012 10:07 PM
Put sanctions first against Vietnam, Hun Sen's master

Anonymous said...

27 December 2012 10:07 PM,

Agree with you, but we have to be careful with the second Killing Fields coming from the secret Vietnamese agents. We are concerned.

We ask for the UN, EU, America or International Community to put sanctions first against Vietnam which is the one that has caused the major problems to Cambodia as well as Laos. Therefore, Hun Sen will be stuck without having his Vietnamese bosses in Hanoi to assist and protect him. So, Khmer people and Khmer armies will kill him and his secret Vietnamese crooks who works for him to collect wealth and destroy Cambodia's natural resources. America, EU, UN and International Community need to know this fact about the Vietnamese leaders who are behind all these problems and use Hun Sen as a hub serves Vietnamese bastards' interests by cheating, stealing, breaking the laws, creating lawless systems and human rights violations and beyond.

Communist Vietnam and Hun Sen should be punished and sanctioned, not putting sanctions against Cambodia. Cambodian people and armies did not cause the problem. Period!!!
27 December 2012 10:25 PM
Cambodia can directly benefit from the advanced American expertise and technology

Anonymous said...
It would be better for Cambodia and Cambodians to have American businesses doing direct business in Cambodia.
This way we can directly benefit from the advanced American expertise and technology.
The question is : Did Ambassador Todd discuss his facts findings and America concerns with Hun Sen directly ?
After all, Hun Sen had two of children to study in the United States, not China.
27 December 2012 10:47 PM
The reason that American corporations could not penetrate and infuse into Cambodia is because the Hun Sen Government does not play by American rules [by American rules or by international rules?]
Anonymous said...
American Middle Class is shrinking fast. American society is no longer considered to be the capitalist society which is based on competition, but rather a Social Corporatism. Social Corporation is based on price gouging and profits for the few. The practice is inconsistent with competitiveness of the free market. Even its government is working for the so-call super-citizens. Because of this unfair practice, which allowed and implemented by the policy makers, the terminology “leave-it-to-the markets” has become useless. While Mom and Pop shops (small businesses) got blown up by corporations’ greed, the government bails out corporations and banks. By using Wall Street as an instrument to measure economic growths, the American government is purely incompetent and very much bringing up water to the nose for the middle class. Perhaps one day, the notion of “give me the liberty or give me death” can once again rise to the surface of the water.

The idea for the people, of the people, and by the people is dead. The American Middle Class is being ignored for so long to the point that they are unable to pursue happiness. Their votes mean nothing. The left and the right are no different. Their democracy is being hijacked by corporations. From shoes they wear for comfort to pills they take to cure illnesses and everything else in between are dictated and manipulated by corporations. The battle has yet to come for the Middle Class, America has already lost. Now it is not a matter of classes struggle any more but it is a matter of survival. Thus, the U. S. needs to ramify and to separate Corporations and Government just as they did with Religions and Government before they can dictate others what to do or what to believe. My view on Social Corporatism is as evil as Social Communism which should be used as the point to lookout for Cambodians and as  the eye-openers for Americans.

The reason that American corporations could not penetrate and infuse into Cambodia is because the Hun Sen Government does not play by their rules. It has nothing to do with human right issues in the country. Don’t do what I do, but do what I said does not work in Cambodia.
28 December 2012 11:08 AM
Anonymous said...
To 11:08 am,
Your writing ability is superb, but your thought and analysis are way off course.
Not because Hun Sen does not play by the
" American " rules, it is because Dictator and Traitor Hun Sen has been selling his country and himself to Yuon and the Chinese.
28 December 2012 10:31 PM


Anonymous said...

It is more easily if stop issuing a MFN to Cambodia. That's all everything will be done.
Cambodians are poor already. Most of Cambodians need to go abroad like Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia to seek a better paid rather than work for Cambodia factories which are required to give their shares to the official elites in the government.
This government officers do business on their own people.

Anonymous said...

i think USA and European country should stop all kind of Cambodia product import to USA. that should be a lesson to Hun sen. any country in European and USA should not let all Chinese products and Vietnamese products enter into USA or European if those country want to help Cambodia.

Anonymous said...

The thieves and the buyers of stolen goods are accomplices , they should have same
level of responsibility . US investors don't have to come to Cambodia while Khmers
officials and Chinese Companies do all the dirty works and send ready made products to US or EU . Mr. Todd should say that US investors are doing business
in Cambodia from USA .

Anonymous said...

This is a classic American foreign policy. They see that if they can lift the middle class it would turn the country around. In fact, if you look at all the other poor countries that the U.S try to invest blindly like Afghan. So much corruption in that country. U.S policies are just arrogant and blinded policy. One size fits all.

Anonymous said...

Dear All,

Hun Sen and cronies perpetuate the abuses of human rights and lawlessness, because in large part they must pay back their political debts to their Yuon Masters.
Moreover, their Masters always try to implement Ho Chin Minh's Grand Plan, which is to colonize Cambodia.
Therefore, in the process Hun Sen and cronies must keep the abuses and lawlessness going until forced to stop.
Since The US, one of the signatories of the 1993 Peace Agreement took its stance, we Khmers must bring on these issues to other signatory countries to raise the problems of Vietnamese colonization to the forefront.

Khmer Who Loves Khmers

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that human rights and lawlessness in Cambodia is a major factor in stopping American businesses from investing in Cambodia- it is not because Hun Sen did not play by American rules, but because Hun sen did not play by international rules.

As long as Chinese companies keep investing in Cambodia and the Chinese government keep recklessly lending the money to Hun Sen to keep him in power, Hun Sen doesn't give a damn about America, the EU or the UN. Only tough actions, like sanctions against the Cambodian leaders, like freezing their assets and imposing travel restrictions, would yield some results, I think.

Anonymous said...

To 10:59 AM,

The sanctions may work, but even before you get to them, you must appeal to those signatory countries and the international community at large WHY you request those sanctions at the first place.
For that purpose, the United States would be the leader.

Anonymous said...

Yes right. Sanction is worst than hun Sen policy. No one can help you but yourself. Any way they already brainstorm about Srok Khmer I am sure. They just want a bigger fish to put in a tank cus they try to cook it once alreay that is why.

Anonymous said...

To 1:44 AM
Why did you say the sanctions are worse than Hun Sen policies ?

Anonymous said...

one it will take away work ethics two it will make people poorer three educations might shrink etc.'and with sanction you have to restart from the zero almost everything. to win hun Sen you have to have soft power(no Khmer killing Khmer again) and have future backup when he is gone. as for Khmer love I think we need to have future backbone just In case invasion, population fertilization, or repeated history from outsiders. srok Khmer not deserve no more sorrow Eventho now we need to retreat and regroup cus we can not divide and conquer.

Anonymous said...

Really!!! US investors don't seem to have any interest in Cambodia's market!!! due to Human rigths and loosening investment laws.
The fact the matter is not these two issues. US companies always looking to catch the big fishes regardless these two matters. Nigeria, R of Congo,VN,and China, to name the few but Middle East where US construction and oil companuies sprung up whereas HR and women rights are much worse than Cambodia.
Cambodia is much less attractive markets in term of any thing can offer to the US investors. Let say if Cambodia would have had 50 or up of billion barrels of crude oil, then there would be quite a jump start for EXXON/Mobile. If there has been high tech savage capacity, the Apple/Microsoft would jump in or if there has been a high demand of Mutual Fund appetite among the Cambodian people then US fund managers/hedge fun companies will cave in right away and more... but there is minimal activities here, so US comp are not interested and along with HR and murky investment laws, then make them less enthusiastic.

Anonymous said...

To 2:52 am,

You are only partially right.
The US and the US investors smell the political and social instability in Dictator Hun Sen' s Jungle.

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as implying to international rules. Each country has it own rules when it come to trade and to invest. When Cambodia is doing bussiness with China, Cambodia will apply different ways when it does with other countries. It is depend on each individual agreement. When the US is doing investment in North America (NAFTA) the US is using different set of rules and regulations, which is not necessry the same as if they are doing bussiness in North Africa or any other countries and MFN is just a fram work that says okay we can make money.
The reason American coporations do not want to infuse into cambodia is because the Hun Sen Government does not want them to dominate or having alot to say. When it comes to make profits, big or smell, each party tries to dominate the procedure-more for me or less for you. It has nothing to do with the human right issues in the county. However, the US often uses the human right issues as the way of saying that your noes is just too brown for China. It is more political term and economic term.
Politically speaking, If the Hun Sen Government is leaning more toward the US such as buying war supplies from the US as well as supporting and agreeing with the US on international stage like Thailand, the Hun Sen government could kill and wound hundred of people in the blink of an eyes like Abhisit's government, the US would not give a damn. You would not hear a word fron the US and you would not see some one like Surya P.Subed came to Cambodia to lecture Hun Sen about hunman rights. In another word, what the US tries to say is my ass has not being kissed hard enough.