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Monday, 31 December 2012

Hun Sen Encourages Cambodians to Emulate Chinese-Style Wealth [Yes, robbing from the poor to give to the rich to make the rich richer and the poor poorer]

Prime Minister Hun Sen encouraged Cambodians to strive for Chinese-style millionaire status as he inaugurated a sugar refinery located inside two controversial plantations belonging to CPP Senator Ly Yong Phat and his wife in Kompong Speu province.
“I have one clear policy in strengthening the capacity of local investors, and that is making Cambodians become rich,” Mr. Hun Sen said in a speech at the inauguration on Thursday.
“Let’s invest in small and big firms. Let’s make Cambodians become millionaires. Only in Cambodia are there no millionaires. In China there are many millionaires, so don’t think that a communist country has no millionaires,” the prime minister continued, adding that foreign investors should feel they have equal access to entering the market when competing with local enterprises.
Mr. Hun Sen said that promoting a wealthy class was the best way to help the poor.
“Make the bosses rich in Cambodia,” he said. “Because when there are problems-for example when people need help with flooding—our local investors contribute a huge amount of money.”
“If a country has no millionaires, where can the poor get their money from?” he asked, adding that he would like to see 500 millionaires doing business in the country.
One such businessman already doing work in Cambodia is Mr. Yong Phat, who the prime minister praised for employing more than 8,000 people at his new sugar refinery.

While Mr. Hun Sen said locals would stand to earn up 20,000 riel ($5) a day working at the factory, human rights groups have accused the surrounding plantations of encroaching on 2,000 hectares of farmland belonging to 1,000 families in Thpong district. Mr. Yong Phat has always maintained that the families have all been fairly compensated for their land.
The senator also owned a sugar refinery and adjacent plantations in Koh Kong province—likewise embroiled by a land dispute with local farmers—until reportedly selling his interests last year.
Those plantations export sugar to the U.K. duty free under a free trade scheme arranged by the European Union.
The European Commission is currently assessing whether or not to investigate the role of the plantations in abusing people’s land rights.
Mr. Hun Sen’s support for Chinese-style wealth comes as Beijing is in the midst of dealing with a number of high profile scandals that have shown voracious officials using their positions to stockpile huge amounts of wealth for their own benefit.


Anonymous said...

very stupid of him,it really show why cambodia so mess up because of his dumb ideology.A smart leader would make the poor get richer not the already rich get richer.

Anonymous said...

Hun Sen doesn't care about Cambodia and the poor people. He only cares about his power, his family and his cronies.

Anonymous said...

yes if you truely care about srok khmer. we need to create more millionaires.

Anonymous said...

Yeah right! By stealing from the poor giving to the thieves[rich| Hun sen said; help the make the boss rich and when natural disaster come like "floods" the thieves (rich) will help donate money to help the flood victims that sound so absurd from the mouth of thieves PM of srok Khmer Hun sen.

Oh by the way,happy new year my darling brave woman of phenom penh post;Phorn Bopha the beautiful and brave.May the lord your god bless you and your love ones,may you have good health with prosperity in 2013.
Thanks for your article,from the land of the braves and home of the free.


Anonymous said...

So you suggesting to spread yourself thin and have no millionaire and everybody riding a bicycle to work or play? Small mind small body you. Still stuck in that ideology. The strong have food while the poor get the leftover. The stupid beg while the smart give. As for Hun sen he might exceed his bad karma for rebuilding srok Khmer from year zero. Regroup regroup and keep moving is better than bickering and bickering. You people need to get up than get slap in the cheek. Not by me but your enemy.

Anonymous said...

8:36 AM, no one is against millionaires. But the way Hun Sen does things, by stealing from the poor to give to the rich, will make the poor poorer and the rich richer. In this way Hun Sen is making "The strong have food while the poor get the leftover" like what you've said.

Now, Hun Sen had stolen a lot of poor farmers' land to give to the millionaire Ly Yong Phat to make himself richer. This means that Ly Yong Phat's victims will become poorer because their land were stolen by Hun Sen to give to Ly Yong Phat. The way Hun Sen does things is to make a few millionaires, but his actions created millions of poor people. Is this good for Cambodia?

Anonymous said...

Yes create millionaires spread wealth not steals wealth those poor khmers and close the door of opportunity for those poor khmers by robbed their land and make them pooer and suffering landless homeless while Ly long phat getting more richer by stealing more land from the poor khmers in the name of greeds.This is not how it suppose to work in modern society Hun sen get his shares from his thieves thatwise he is blinded.I am not against millionaires but i am against the thieves millionaires that stolen from poor khmers people like Ly yong Phat or sokhimex or phankhimex that stole people properties in the name of economic development with the help of Cpp dumb prime minister Hun zen all these economic development is not benefit all poor khmers that they stole from but it benefit Hun zen's cronies and its shareholders just a few hundred Cpp thieves/thugs.


Anonymous said...

I understand and feel your concern but we start from year zero and lag human resources and educations. I think its a start to force individual to think and work hard right now for our future generations. For me I think. Its better that we prepare our young one to face the unforeseeable. Then to blame the old generation that try to get up and move. As to suggest your question. I think their is no right or wrong good or bad for Srok Khmer. generations just have to take baby steps and hoping no war. And I think hun Sen take farmers lands because to move Srok Khmer to the future we need to find ways to create jobs(work ethics,responsibility, mobility,logistically) and collect taxes( support human resources and educations and build Srok Khmer and better medical for the poor and etc...) and most farmers can not support Srok Khmer bugdets and mobility. Give that farmers a job should be your bickering.

Anonymous said...

This is what I call Social Corporation. Take away competetion and makes a few rich.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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