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Thursday 28 June 2012

Missing songstress is said to be in Singapore [Singer Sok Pisey 'missing in action'?]

Thursday, 28 June 2012
By Seth Kimsoeurn 
Phnom Penh Post

Nobody knows the where-abouts of pop singer Sok Pisey (pictured), who has been MIA for more than a month.

Some say she has gone to the US, others say she’s in hospital with a skin disease.

Lay Sokchamroeun, the director of Sunday Entertainment Production, has claimed the singer is in Singapore with family:

“Sok Pisey asked for a three-month break to study aesthetics in Singapore. It is not true that she is hiding because of any kind of severe skin disease.”

But this claim was contradicted by Sok’s close friend, singer Sim Soramaphoum, who said: “Sok Pisey is in Cambodia, but I haven’t seen her lately.” Another source said she had been spotted driving a white Range Rover in Phnom Penh.

Sok is no stranger to controversy.

She was accused of reckless driving after a 2009 car accident killed her mother, her aunt and another relative. Then a woman announced the songstress was sold into adoption as a child for US$200.

Most recently, an alleged sex video of her was leaked [it is fake!].

To contact the reporter on this story: Seth Kimsoeurn at kimsoeurn.seth@phnompenhpost.com


Anonymous said...

Cambodian media must stop defame these actress or discredit them using untrue rumors about SEX-TAPE or other method that is not trueto shame them or dehumanize them. I know Khmer women not into this porno thing,they have morality,unlike western women using Sex to get attention.

These actress should sue these media whom defame them, ladies you know the truth about yourself,if someone defame you that not true,you didn't do it,smack them with a lawsuit put big amount of $$$$$ to teach those violators a lesson.

Anonymous said...

This songbird looking good no wonder she was badluck, don't worry lady songbird, if you voice sweet your luck will be back.Sorry to hear that your accident caused your families lives.My heart go out to you,your pain is mind too....Good luck song bird,come home.....