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Saturday, 23 April 2011

New fighting erupted again on Saturday morning (live report from the battlefield)

Cambodian soldiers, monks and villagers collected shrapnels from Thai artillery shells.

Mr. Soy Sopheap (L) chatted with a Cambodian commander near the frontline.

Villagers were evacuated in the middle of the night from the villages.

By Khmerization
Source: DAP News

Mr. Soy Sopheap, publisher of DAP News and Bayon TV anchorman, has reported from a location near Ta Moan Thom temple that fresh fighting between Cambodian and Thai troops has erupted again at 6:05 a.m early on Saturday morning at Ta Moan Thom and Choup Koki village and spread to other border areas in the vicinity. More than 5 hours of fighting erupted at 6 a.m early on Friday morning, when a group of 300 Thai soldiers moved in to occupy a Cambodian cashew plantation near Ta Krabey temple. Major fighting stopped in the afternoon, but sporadic fighting still continue in some locations.

-Cambodian military sources said that last night, Friday night 22nd April, the Thai military had reinforced 50 truckloads of troops to the area.

-After 30 minutes of small arms fighting this morning, the Thai side started to use heavy artillery and the fighting has now spread to Ta Krabey temple.

-At 6:55 a.m this morning, Mr. Soy Sopheap reported from an area near Ta Moan Thom temple that the fighting still continue.

-Cambodian sources said that the fresh fighting was triggered by Thai troops' attempt to encroach into Cambodian territory.

Kampuchea Thmey reported that the fighting this morning is more fierce than the fighting on Friday. It reports that 8 Thai tanks attempted to push into Cambodian territory, but were stopped by heavy pounding from Cambodian troops.

-At 7:15 a.m Kampuchea Thmey reported that the Thai side started using heavy artillery and started heavy bombardments of Cambodian ancient temples and Cambodian positions.

-Soy Sopheap reported that about 1,000 villagers or 250 families, including the families of frontline soldiers, were evacuated from Kork Morn village in Banteay Ampil of Oddar Meanchey province and were housed in Samrong pagoda and Dharmayudh pagoda.

-Minister of Health Marm Bunheng will visit the evacuees in Oddar Meanchey province to assess their medical needs.

-Soy Sopheap reported that at 7:30 a.m, fighting still continue. Evacuees from Kork Morn village, 20km from the border, said many Thai shells had landed near their village.

-CEN reported that a group of Thai troops had been surrounded by Cambodian troops at Choup Angkounh village when they attempted to fight their way in to retrieve three bodies of their dead comrades killed during the fighting on Friday at Ta Krabey temple.

-Residents of Samrong town, located 30km from the border said they can hear the sounds of guns and artillery very clearly.

-At 8:21 a.m, the fighting still continue and getting fiercer and fiercer.

-At 8:24 a.m, Thai shells landed near Kork Morn village, 20km from the border. Border situations getting more tense by the minutes.

-DAP News reporters travelled closer to the border area and seeing many villagers fleeing their villages by moving deeper into the interior of the country.

-At 8:47 a.m, Thai troops have intensified artillery shelling of Kork Morn village in Banteay Ampil.

-At 9 a.m, a Cambodian military officer told DAP News that Thai troops had fired 20 rounds of 155mm artillery shells into Kork Morn village, 20km deep inside Cambodian territory.

-At 9:11 a.m, one Thai fighter jet flew along the border inside Thai territory, but Kampuchea Thmey reported that the plane flew deep into Cambodian airspace over Ta Moan Thom and Ta Krabey temple.

-At 9:19 a.m Thai troops fired 6 rounds of 100mm containing poisonous gas into Ta Krabey temple compound.

-At 9:24 a.m Thai troops fired many rounds of 100mm shells and DK-75 rockets containing poisonous into Cambodian positions.

-The Cambodian government announced that Cambodian soldiers killed in the battlefields will receive $20,000 from the government and $10,000 from Bayon Foundation.

-At 9:34 a.m Thai troops intensified their shelling of Thmor Daun village, Ta Krabey and Kna temples.

-At 9:49 a.m Thai troops fired many round of 155mm shells into Kork Morn village, clearlt heard by DAP News reporters.

-A senior Cambodian officer told DAP News that since 9 a.m this morning, the Thai side had reinforced 5 truckloads of troops and 4 tanks to Ta Moan and Ta Krabey temples.

-At 10 a.m, a senior Cambodian officer told DAP News that Cambodian troops at Ta Krabey, temple, Thmor Daun village and Kna temple still in control of their positions and have fiercely fought back against Thai troops.

-At 10:15 am, the fighting had subsided a bit, but a Thai fighter jet is flying in reconnaissance over Thmor Daun village.

-A senior Cambodian commander said during the fighting from 6-10 a.m, Thai troops had fired 700-800 rounds of rockets into Cambodian territory, including 12 rounds of 155mm artillery rockets into Kork Morn village, 500 rounds of 130mm rockets into Post Thom village, 3 rockets had landed at Banteay Ampil district town hall, 2 villages houses were destroyed, but no one was hurt as they have all fled the village. No casualty has been reported from the Cambodian side, but a Cambodian officer said Cambodian troops had fired many rounds of rockets that hit many Thai positions that could have killed and wounded many Thai soldiers.

-A Cambodian commander said that at 9 a.m, Thai troops had fired 6 rounds of cluster bombs into Ku village in Kork Morn commune in Banteay Ampil. The commander said that during 2 days of fighting, Thai troops had fired many rounds of cluster bombs into Cambodian territory.

-At 10:40 a.m, sounds of heavy artillery shelling had subsided, but rounds of small gun fires can still be overheard.

-Indonesia, the Asean chair has appealed for both sides to stop fighting immediately.

-At 11:07 a.m, the fighting had subsided, but Thai troops had told Cambodian troops that fighting would resume again at 3 pm.

-At 11:20 a.m Thai troops resumed firing cluster bombs into Kork Morn village in Banteay Ampil district.

-Kampuchea Thmey reported that 3 more houses in Ku village, Kork Morn commune, Banteay Ampil district were destroyed by Thai 155mm shells. 2 had been destroyed earlier.

-Kampuchea Thmey reported that fighting had spread along Oddar Meanchey's 40km long border with Thailand. It reported that Thai troops had fired many round of shells containing poisonous gas into Ta Krabey temple compound to force their way into the temple to retrieve 6 bodies of dead Thai soldiers killed during fighting on Friday, but Cambodian troops had fiercely fought back, preventing Thai troops from entering the temple. It also reported that 9 rounds of Thai 155mm shells had landed in Banteay Ampil district town centre, 20km deep inside Cambodian territory. No one was hurt as thousands of villagers and town residents had been evacuated already.

-At 11:50 a.m all fighting, both small arms and heavy artillery fighting, between Cambodian and Thai troops near ta Krabey, ta Moan Thom and other area nearby have stopped.


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