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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Fighting broke out again Saturday morning despite two ceasefires

By Khmerization
Sources: DAP News and Kampuchea Thmey

DAP News and Kampuchea Thmey have reported that fighting between Cambodian and Thai troops had broken out at Ta Krabey (pictured) and Ta Moan Thom temples again despite two ceasefire agreements reached between Cambodian and Thai commanders.

The first ceasefire was reached on Thursday, but fighting broke out a few hours later and lasted till Friday morning. On Friday, the two sides talked again and reached another ceasefire agreement, but fighting broke out again at 8:05 p.m last night when Cambodian troops accused Thai troops of attacking them with rockets.

Kampuchea Thmey reported that at 5:15 a.m this morning, Thai troops began shelling Ta Moan Thom temple heavily. It also reported that Thai people in Surin province plan to hold a demonstration against the Thai military, whom they accused of instigating a border fighting with Cambodia. According to the report, many Thai people do not believe that Cambodia, as a small and weak country, dare to instigate an armed conflict with the bigger and stronger Thailand.

Cambodian commanders told DAP News that as at 5:45 a.m this morning, Saturday 30th April, the Thai side had suspended their shelling of Ta Krabey and Ta Moan Thom temples.


Anonymous said...

Khmer should improvise the new strategy with the killing plan otherwise Thai never stop bullying hit where it hurt most may be those BM 21 not much effective anymore Khmer should step up to the next gear find something new like really big one that can do damage 100 square Km in one go the next best thing on the menu is PHL03 4th (BM30) , Khmer military should go shopping the best market is Russia&China buy the biggest one market can offer those country selling will give alternative repayment .

Depend on the ICJ it take too long before that maybe a lots of our innocents people may dies double our men underarms If the ICJ verdict in our side is not guarantee that Thai will respect it not likely who ever in-charge in Thailand territory issue with us never change Thai have the ambitious to take ownership of the temple all the temples a long the borders .

Fake map what ever Thai called it (1:50000 map) it go no legitimately it is a secret map for invading her neighbor Thai country today is the country of invading it neighbor in short robbed from her neighbors in order cover up of it bad deed Thai teaching it children vice versa history .

Messages to Thai people learn the trues history and stop dreaming of invading your neighbor this is the 21 century Thai have F16 We've F16 dropper Thai have tanks we have tanks killers before Thai know Thai just embarrass herself in the world arena.

Anonymous said...

I'm interested to see the demonstration begin in Surin province. Surin is full of Khmer origin that are sick and tired of the Thai bullshit...Let's do it for our brother & sisters.

Anonymous said...

Thai very smart because they act like children to make Dek cho crazy
everyday.Thai try to break down
Dek cho mine and make Dek cho heart
attack soon

Anonymous said...

A ceasefire for Thai troops means to buy time to resupply and reinforce more troops. Cambodian troops should never trust thai troops. We should do the same, when the thais said they agreed to a ceasefire, they always resupply and reinforce troops. we must resupply and reinforce troops during a ceasefire as well. Thai troops are very tricky, when they know they are at a disadvantage they ask to negotiate and pretend to agree to a ceasefire, but it is a ploy to resupply and reinforce in preparation to attack cambodian troops as has been seen many times now.

Anonymous said...

Thai government is not interest in peace and negotiation with Cambodia. It is crying out for war with Cambodia. For what reason? Territory expansion purposes? Or hope to give Cambodia a good beating for winning to reclaim Preah Vihear, or just simply redirecting attention away from its own internal political chaos? Thailand still have that centuries old mentality where invading neigbor like Cambodia to expand its territory is in effect. I say this idealogy is way outdated. Nowadays, it's economy and development that really count. Countries in the world are striving to expand their economy through trade by making peace with neighbors and abroad. What Thailand doing is not making peace amongst its neighbors for the purpose of regional stability.

Anonymous said...

siam's policy,is to flip flop, worldwide, stop negotiation with siam,
enough is enough patience, pls shot back, when they short at our soldiers,,
why? let siam shot whenever they wanted,,

Anonymous said...

The Khmer Rouge should have took over Thailand long ago.

Anonymous said...

We now know why the Indonesian Mr. Marty Natalegawa is such a useless man for Cambodia, because he married to Thai wife and also has three children.


Anonymous said...


Cambodia has secret agents for killing their own, but do not have secret agents for informing their government about the sort of foreigners they are doing with.

Cambodia wasted 3 years on Mr. Marty Natalegawa.