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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Three police chiefs arrested for drug trafficking and land corruption

Top: Hun Hean (L) and Chheang Son. Bottom: Samith Virak and his wife (right in white) being arrested.

By Khmerization
Source: DAP and CEN

Cambodian authority has increased their efforts clean up official corruption and crimes in a phenomenal pace by sacking and arresting three police chiefs suspecting of involving in drug trafficking and land corruption in a space of less than a week.

Gen. Hun Hean, Banteay Meanchey provincial police commissioner, and Col. Chheang Son who is Hun Hean's deputy, were sacked by Interior Minister Sar Kheng on 7th January on suspicion of drug trafficking and corruption. Hun Hean denied all the charges, saying his sacking and arrest was engineered by his rivals. However, he was arrested on the morning of 9th January after he was summoned to appear before the Interior Ministry officials yesterday.

Gen. Hun Hean and Col. Chheang Son were arrested on charges of their involvements in the irregularities in the release of drug traffickers in June 2010 in Siem Reap. In June 2010, police busted a drug lab and drug operation in Siem Reap where Lim Mab, chief of Banteay Meanchey Anti-Drug Department, was arrested and later released by the order of Hun Hean.

On another development, Brig-Gen. Samith Virak, deputy chief of Logistics at the Ministry of Defence, and his wife, who is an army major, were arrested on Monday morning , the 10th of January, on charges of inloving in land corruption by forging documents to procure state lands.

Gen. Sear Sambath, chief of Military Police Intelligence, and Gen. Hong Vinol, chief of military police in charge of investigation, in cooperation with Phnom Penh Police, raided Gen. Samith Virak's house in Phnom Penh's Meanchey district, where they found 5 AK-47 automatic riffles, 4 pistols and 4 vehicles, plus a number of forged documents and title deeds showing he owned thousands of hectares land throughout the country. He and his wife and 3 bodyguards were apprehended on the spot.

Gen. Samith Virak, who is a brigadier general, could also be charged with impersonation because during the raid, authority found a photo of him impersonating a lieutenant general by donning 3 stars on his military uniform. But during his arrest he boasted that he donned himself with 3 star uniforms now because he know that he will get promoted in the future anyway.


Anonymous said...

Is Ah Hun Hean related to Ah Hun Sen in any shape or form?

Anonymous said...

Major Gen. (two-star Gen.)and
lieutenant Gen. (three-star Gen.

Khmerization said...

6:13 PM, thanks for your correction. It was an unintentional mistake. I have just corrected it.

Anonymous said...

i hope they keep cleaning up the desease in the sociaty.It not hard if they they want to.