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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Vietnamese mob violence on Khmers on increase


Anonymous said...

ឃើញទេ អាគុក វាត្រឹមត្រូវណាស់ឬ? ហ៊ានហាមាត់ទេ? មើលទៅបែបចាញ់ទាំងសម្តី អាខ្លាហើយ អាខ្លាវាមិនហ៊ានធ្វើអីយួនមែន តែវាហ៊ាននិយាយណា តែពួកអាគុកសូម្បីតែនិយាយមិនហ៊ានផង ដល់គេថា តិរិច្ឆាន បែរជាខឹងគេ ឪ្យគេសុំទោស ណែ អាគុក គួរតែ សុំទោស អាខ្លាទៅបានសម។

Anonymous said...

You don't beg thugs not to hurt you,
you MAKE them not to.

Anonymous said...

It is time for Khmer Pouch Neak Chambang to wake up and stand for what is right.

This is just the beginning. You wait and see what Ah evil Yuon will do to Khmer people when they fully control over Cambodia.

Ah Kouk Hun Sen is strong only against his own people.

Bun Thoeun

Anonymous said...

Yes it's time Bun Thoeun but you has to be a commander . If not YUON will be full control soon.

Anonymous said...

The beast CPP becomes the bull shit CPP when facing Ah Yuon Kantob.

Anonymous said...

Is it new English grammar?

you has
he have

Anonymous said...


First off, I am not Bunthoeun, nor am I defending him.

If YOU are a true Khmer, you should at least support
ideas of patriotism.