A Change of Guard

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Friday, 31 October 2014

Sam Rainsy attends Kathen at Phnom Kposs Pagoda in Banon district, Battambang

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Anonymous said...

Any crook who works for youn and siam thug are khmer enemies my mission is to stop boths evils country from dividing khmer. ...The unstable and civil war for centuries in srok khmer was created by boths evils nation khmerization you must stay clear out of touch to both evils puppet. ..Mike

and Drgunzet his right about winter season involved in mentality flexible and we'll prepared for human to save stock during those struggle winter time. That conditions make whites guy more intelligent that absolutely true . Rigth?
I say animal with eye on the side like buffalo cow. ....deer. .. are stupid and a prey but animal like tiger lion dog human having eye in front are more intelligent
than those eye on the side because they look to the front and some look the side. ..All ki lover kem cnrp looking to the side like cow too...and khmerization most of the time you did it as well. .Mike