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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Nauru regufees vow to protest against resettlement in Cambodia: Report

Give our kids a better deal 
Asylum seekers on Nauru demonstrate against the Australian Government's immigration policies. Photo/ABC

PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Herald) -- Refugees living on Naura island vowed to protest against the Australian Government's USD 40 million resettlement deal with the Cambodian government, Australian-based ABC news reported Tuesday. 

A group of refugees who have already been resettled on Naura on Monday held a protest march, describing the Cambodia deal as cruel and unfair, the website said. 

The young refugees held banners which read "only our corpse might go to Cambodia."

A young girl held another sign which said "Suicide is sweeter than Australia's dirty policy." 

The group from the Monday protest presented a letter to the Australian High Commission on Nauru, urging Australia to reconsider the Cambodian deal, which was signed between Cambodia's Interior Minister Sar Kheng and Australia's Immigration Minister Scott Morrison in Phnom Penh on Friday last week.

"Australian Government has driven this [sic] people to the point that they feel like they have reached the end," the ABC reported, citing the letter signed by the refugees. 

Iranian man Rahman, who was involved in the protest and only wanted his first name published, said people were scared at the prospect of being settled in Cambodia.

"People here are so angry and upset at the deal signed with Cambodia, we don't want to go to Cambodia”, he said.

"I think Cambodia is not a safe place, it's a very poor country. I don't understand their language, there is lots of crimes in Cambodia. I don't feel safe in Cambodia, I have no future in Cambodia." the website quoted a refugee as saying. 

Prime Minister Hun Sen on Monday defended the refugee resettlement deal with Australia, saying that the acceptance of refugees to live in Cambodia was based on voluntary principle. 

At the graduation ceremony, the premier said that we would accept some refugees from Australia based on the voluntary principle, no one can force them to come to Cambodia. 

According to Foreign Affairs secretary of state Long Visalo on Monday, Cambodia will take in less than 10 refugees from Australia to live in Cambodia for the first trial. 

The refugees will be settled temporarily in the capital before they will be sent to live permanently in provinces.

- See more at: http://thecambodiaherald.com/cambodia/nauru-regufees-vow-to-protest-against-resettlement-in-cambodia:-report-7405#sthash.FGNva1F3.dpuf

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