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Saturday 28 February 2009

Yim Sovann criticised the lifting of Mr. Sam Rainsy's parliamentary immunity

Yim Sovann (L) shakes hand with members of the EU delegation.

27th Feb, 2009
Translated from Khmer by Khmerization

Mr. Yim Sovann, MP and spokesman for the Sam Rainsy Party (SRP), called the lifting of the parliamentary immunity of the SRP president, Mr. Sam Rainsy, a political threat.

The Parliamentary Permanent Committee has decided to lift Mr. Sam Rainsy's parliamentary immunity during the parliament recess on 26th Feb, 2009 on charges of failing to pay the fines imposed by the National Election Committee for insulting the leaders of the Cambodian People's Party during the election campaigns in July, 2008.

Mr. Yim Sovann told the media that the lifting of Mr. Sam Rainsy's parliamentary immunity is a diversion and a distraction from other important issues and a waste of time. He said that the parliament should use this time to address other important issues, such as the global economic crisis, unemployment, poverty, inflation and the loss of incomes by Cambodian farmers due the price drops in agricultural commodities.

Mr. Yim Sovann added that Mr. Sam Rainsy did not refuse to pay the fine, but rather he wants to exhaust all legal avenues first by appealing to the High Court. He said that if the High Court upholds the original lower court decision he will request the king for a royal pardon.

Mr. Sam Rainsy said the past that, after all avenues have been exhausted, he will pay the fines.

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