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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Capitalism versus Communism: Free Market Economy versus Command Economy

By Anonymous
22nd April, 2012

We all should focus more and more about capitalism, corporate social responsibility and the motives of profit seeking, and compared it to communism, that had the country gone back to year zero by the Khmer Rouge. This is very fascinating.

There are ills of both concepts. Capitalism does not care who you are as long as you can generate profits for the firm or corporation. Whereas communism dictates who can serve the principles of the state or state-run modes of production.

What is capitalism? It is a system which believes in a free market economy and is the mode of producing mass quantities with the use of machinery and division of labour for everybody on an assembly line. This is efficiency driven mode of production. It is also hierarchy division of people. One boss and the mass in every department of production. The goal is purely profit driven competition with other companies in the same industry. There is little criss-crossed competition. The wealthy live with wealthy lifestyles: vacation, convenience of life, emotions are distinguished in various places, intellectuals live in an intellectual environment such as in library, home offices and home research laboratory, and time is very divided for various activities. The poor live in servitude and insubordination for the hierarchy.

Side effects of capitalism would include prostitution, drugs and crime, hidden poverty and hidden emotions, convenience and luxury of life with the loss of family values and bonds (nice cars, homes, parks, roads, green grass, nice library, nice arenas for sports, nice stores, nice restaurants, nice beer and liquor stores, nice TVs, nice kids, independent lifestyles, family is not of much value as long as money comes first), and economy of mass production with huge profits from cheap sources of production from poor countries facing mass unrests and social inequalities(steel, iron, wood, etc).

What are communism? It is a system which believes in a command (planned) economy and the ideology of living together, communal life, no class, state-owned production to be shared equally among the people, family-oriented, and village life where everybody helps everybody.

Whereas side effects of communism would include: discrimination against different modes of production (different odds can not fit in with the mass), exposed hunger and poverty on first-hand real scale and in public, emotions driven, inefficient modes of production with losses of profits.

To summarize, one who is intellectual or educated must not fall into trap in these two ideologies, in which every society lives in both of them but to different percentages of each.

I hope I could contribute back to society a little bit to make it a more just and desirable place to live and to be apart of. Also, I hope people of various backgrounds never underestimate the strength of knowledge and experience of others and look down on your peers whose sole purpose in life is to live peacefully without repression, economic and social discrimination. Everybody deserves freedom and liberty of all kinds and in all stages of life

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to say he gets confused between Capitalism and Corporatism. The Corporatism is as bad as Communism if not worst. Corporatism means the few percent at the very top control the entire plain field include the government. They (the 1%) have the power of money which they able use to manipulate law makers to make laws in their favor. I would like everyone to read Power, Inc.: The Epic Rivalry between Big Business (corporation) and Government and the Reckoning That Lies Ahead.