Leangkim Sua, 12, may finally be able to live the life she wants after finding help here in Denver.

KUSA- It's all new for 12-year-old Leangkim Sua, as she helps make dinner in a new kitchen, in a new country-- with new hope.
"I thought it would be easy to come to America, but when I rode in that plane, it was very hard," she said.
Leangkim lives in a remote village in Cambodia. It's a place she never ventured far from, until a medical condition forced her and her family to try to find help anywhere they could.
Enter Dr. Scott Truex, an American doctor working for Cooperative Services International, a non-profit in Cambodia. He met them through their neighbors.
"They knew we were part of a hospital and they asked, 'can you help with this?'" Dr. Truex said.
"This" is a massive growth on Leangkim's back. She was born with it, but it's painful and keeps growing. It also prevents her from doing things most kids do.
"I want to go to school, I want to play with my friends at home, but I can't," she said.
Dr. Truex said the medical community in Cambodia has limited capabilities.
"There's not the ability to treat this kind of thing in Cambodia," he said.
So, began Leangkim's journey, as Dr. Truex and her family sought help in nearby Vietnam, then South Korea and China.
However, a doctor from Denver happened to be visiting Cambodia and heard about Leangkim's case. He told Dr. Truex he knew someone in Denver.
"I called him and he said, 'Yeah, I think we can help," Dr. Truex said.