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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Japanese experts see irregularities in last year general election: Official

Give our kids a better deal 

PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Herald) -- After months of survey, Japanese experts have found irregularities related to last year general election, an official of opposition party said. 
The irregularities were presented during a meeting between the Japanese experts and members of CPP, CNRP's joint working groups at the National Assembly.
"Japan found structure that led to disputes in elections such as issue of law, lack of officials, distrust of National Election Committee, and election dispute solving," Kuoy Bunroeun, senior CNRP official, said after the separate meeting between Kem Sokha, first vice president of the National Assembly, and the Japanese experts. 
Bunroeun said Cambodia National Rescue Party strongly supported the finding.

CNRP youth: we’ll fight ISIS

Cambodia National Rescue Party youth member Soung Sophorn talks to the media last year
Cambodia National Rescue Party youth member Soung Sophorn talks to the media last year. Soung Sophorn is one of more than 50 CNRP youth who is offering to fight Islamic Militants. The Phnom Penh Post
At least 50 opposition party youth members and supporters are asking for permission to join the US-led fight against Islamic State militants, a leading activist said yesterday.
In return, they hope the US will help them fight Vietnamese encroachment in Cambodia and take back the island of Koh Tral (or Phu Quoc) from Vietnam, said Soung Sophorn, 27, who was the Cambodia National Rescue Party’s sole candidate in Pailin province during last July’s national election.
“The youths who want to join [the fight against ISIS] have already prepared ourselves and this is our own choice,” he said yesterday, adding that the young nationalists want to represent Cambodia as part of the US-led international coalition.
“After eliminating ISIS rebels, I will ask the United States of America to eliminate Vietnamese rebels on Koh Tral too,” Sophorn said.
“We are already prepared to die together in fighting ISIS.”
Two other youth activists backed up Sophorn’s claims.
“When Khmer children finish [our] mission in helping the world, we will ask the world to help Cambodia back. We want the world to know our Khmer children’s heart,” said Neang Sokhun, 26, the CNRP youth treasurer in Chbar Ampov district.

CNRP Activist [Soung Sophorn] Offers to Fight Against Islamic State

Soung Sophorn speaks to the media.
BY  | OCTOBER 22, 2014
A former lawmaker candidate from the opposition CNRP announced Tuesday that he is now leading a platoon of amateur soldiers and will next week ask the U.S. Embassy in Phnom Penh to deploy the group in the war against the Islamic State group.
The U.S. has for four months been waging an aerial campaign against the terrorist group, which is also known as ISIS and has taken control of large swaths of territory in Syria and Iraq.
Soung Sophorn, 28, a longtime opposition youth leader who stood as the CNRP’s lawmaker candidate in Pailin province in last year’s national election, said he is now at the head of a group of 50 youth who wish to join the war in the Middle East.
“We are Cambodian youth and we want to show our will and concern on international issues,” he said.
“The reason we want to join with the U.S. to fight against the jihadist ISIS is because the extremist jihad group will start World War III and destroy people’s health by creating an Ebola biological weapon.”
The amateur soldiers will deliver a petition to the U.S. Embassy on Tuesday asking to join the fight, Mr. Sophorn said. The next day they will deliver a letter to the U.N. in support of global action against I.S.

Cambodians are the nicest people on earth - bar the VC-CPP hordes!

NB: All that West Point education paid for by US taxpayers has gone to complete waste ...

[American] Ex-Immigration Officer Get 51 Months for Taking Bribes from Cambodian Immigrants

Facebook/Billy Nelms
Billy Louis Nelms Sr.'s Veterans Administration badge.
A former Santa Ana-based immigration officer was sentenced to more than four years in federal prison for helping Cambodian immigrants legally remain in the U.S. in exchange for bribes. Billy Louis Nelms Sr., 54, of Los Angeles, had steadfastly maintained his innocence and accused the government of persecution and prejudice before his conviction this summer.
Nelms worked in the Santa Ana federal building as an immigration officer in the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services' Fraud Detection and National Security unit from 2005 through August 2008. Cambodian immigrants who were in the U.S. without legal status paid Nelms as much as $5,000 in cash to receive his stamps on immigration documents. Some believed Nelms was granting them permanent legal status but they only received temporary status, according to federal investigators.
Court records also indicated Nelms tried to mask his crimes by using stamps that belonged to other government officials or altered stamp numbers and, after learning of a possible criminal probe, removed at least 12 files from the immigration office. After being indicted in June of 2013, Nelms and his wife tampered with two of the witnesses in the bribery case, according to prosecutors.
As my colleague R. Scott Moxley previously reported, Nelms published a website in which he identified himself as "a proud military veteran" and Christian seeking $100,000 in public donations for "emergency" legal fees because the government filed "a lawsuit" against him after he spent 2001 to 2009 "fighting racial profiling" by other immigration officials. Here's a YouTube video from October 2013 where Nelms seeks the employment of more veterans by the immigration service:
Following a seven-day trial, Nelms on Aug. 1 was convicted of conspiracy to commit bribery and defraud the United States, bribery, conspiracy to tamper with a witness, and witness tampering. U.S. District Court Judge Andrew J. Guilford late Monday sentenced Nelms to 51 months in federal prison.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Police detains13 illegal Vietnamese immigrants living inTuol Tumpuong I ឃាត់ខ្លួន​ជនជាតិវៀតណាមឆ្លង​ដែនខុសច្បាប់​១៣នាក់​នៅទួលទំពូងទី១

ដោយ ៖ វ៉ា វឌ្ឍនៈ
ថ្ងៃចន្ទ ទី២០ ខែតុលា ឆ្នាំ២០១៤
រាជធានីភ្នំពេញ​ ៖ ក្រុមសមត្ថកិច្ច​ចម្រុះដឹកនំា​ដោយអគ្គនាយកដ្ឋាន​អន្តោប្រវេសន៍ក្រសួងមហាផ្ទៃ បានឃាត់ខ្លួនជនជាតិ​វៀតណាម១៣នាក់​ (ស្រី០៥នាក់) ពីបទឆ្លងដែន​ខុសច្បាប់ នៅ​ក្នុងក្រុមហ៊ុន​​ ហ័ង អាន់​​ លេខ៦៨៦​ ​អេចផត-អ៊ីមផត​​ចំកាត់​ស្ថិតនៅផ្ទះលេខ​ ៥២ ផ្លូវលេខ ​១០៥ ​​សង្កាត់ទួលទំពូងទី១ ខណ្ឌចំការមន ។
ប្រតិបត្តិការឆែកឆេរ​រកជនជាតិ​វៀតណាមឆ្លងដែនខុសច្បាប់នេះ​បានបិទបញ្ចប់ហើយ​នៅម៉ោងជិត៥ល្ងាចថ្ងៃទី២០ ​តុលា ២០១៤ ។ សេចក្តីរាយការណ៍​បានបញ្ជាក់ឲ្យដឹងទៀតថា នៅពេលនេះ​ជនជាតិវៀតណាមទំាង១៣នាក់ ​សមត្ថកិច្ចបញ្ជូន​ទៅ​សាកសួរ​នៅអគ្គនាយកដ្ឋានអន្តោប្រវេសន៍ ។
ព័ត៌មានលម្អិត​នឹងមានផ្សាយជូន​នៅលើសារព័ត៌មាន​កោះសន្តិភាព ៕

Interview with Border oCmmitte chairman Var Kimhong and opposition MP Mao Monivann about border encroachments by Vietnam បទសម្ភាសន៍៖ មន្រ្តីជំនាញកិច្ចការព្រំដែន និងតំណាងរាស្ត្រគណបក្សសង្គ្រោះជាតិ ពន្យល់ពីតំបន់ដាក់ដំា ដែលវៀតណាមរំលោភយក

ដោយ៖​ ណាត សុភាព និង អ៊ឹង ប៊ុនថន​ | ថ្ងៃអង្គារ ទី21 តុលា 2014,


មន្ត្រីជំនាញកិច្ចការព្រំដែន លោក វ៉ា គឹមហុង និងតំណាងរាស្រ្តគណបក្សសង្គ្រោះជាតិ លោក ម៉ៅ មុនីវណ្ណ
មន្រ្តី​ជំនាញ​កិច្ចការព្រំដែននៃរដ្ឋាភិបាលកម្ពុជា បានហៅសកម្មភាពរបស់វៀតណាម ដែលធ្វើផ្លូវចាក់កៅស៊ូចូលមកចំណុចស្ទឹងច្រក​​ដាក់ដំា ខេត្ត​មណ្ឌល​គិរី នោះថាភាគីវៀតណាមមិន​គោរព​សន្ធិ​សញ្ញា​បំពេញ​បន្ថែម​ឆ្នាំ​​២០០៥ រវាង​ប្រទេស​​​​ទំាង​ពីរ​។
រីឯតំណាងរាស្រ្តគណបក្សប្រឆាំងថាភាគីវៀតណាម ​ធ្វើ​ផ្លូវ​ក្រាល​កៅ​ស៊ូចូល​មកទឹក​ដី​​កម្ពុជា ប្រមាណ​៤០គីឡូ​ម៉ែត្រនៅតំបន់​នោះ​ ខណៈ​ភាគី​ទាំង​ពីរ​​មិន​ទាន់កំណត់​ព្រំដែន​ច្បាស់លាស់នៅឡើយ​​។​
 លោក ណាត សុភាព​  នៃ​វិទ្យុVOD បានធ្វើបទសំភាសន៍ជាមួយ​​ប្រធានគណៈ​កម្មការ​ព្រំដែន​កម្ពុជា​ ​លោក វ៉ា គឹមហុង អំពីបញ្ហានេះ​។
VOD៖ ក្មួយសុំ​សួរ​ទាក់ទង​នឹង ​ច្រក​ដាក់​ដំា​នៅព្រំដែន​កម្ពុជា​វៀតណាម​ ឥឡូវ​ហ្នឹង​ខ្ញុំ​ឃើញ​លិខិតដែលរបស់​តំណាង​រាស្ត្រ របស់គណបក្ស​សង្គ្រោះជាតិ​បាន​ដាក់ស្នើទៅឲ្យ​លោក​នាយក​ រដ្ឋមន្ត្រីបំភ្លឺទាក់ទង​ជាមួយ​ព្រំដែន​ តើខាង​លោក​ពូយល់​ឃើញ​យ៉ាង​ដូចម្តេច​ដែ​រ ចំពោះ​ករណី​ការ​ស្នើ​សុំ​ឲ្យ​បំភ្លឺជា​សាធារណៈ​?
វ៉ា គឹមហុង​​៖ អ្វី​ដែល​ប្អូន​ឯង​ចង់​​និយាយ​សួរ​ថា លោក​តំណាង​រាស្ត្រ គាត់​ឃើញ​នៅពេល​គាត់​ចុះ​ទៅប៉ុស្តិ៍​ដាក់ដំា បាន​ថា​នៅ​ប៉ុស្តិ៍​ នៅ​ខាង​កម្ពុជា​យើង​ នៅ​ខាងព្រែក​ដាក់​ដាង​ ឃើញ​គេ​ធ្វើ​ផ្លូវ​ ចំពោះ​ការ​ធ្វើ​ផ្លូវ​ហ្នឹង​ យើង​គណៈកម្ម​ការ​ព្រំដែន​យើង​មិន​មែន​យើង​មិន​ចាប់អារម្មណ៍​ទេ យើង​ចាប់​អារម្មណ៍​យូរ​ហើយ​ យើ​ង​ដឹង​យូរ​ហើយ យើង​បានធ្វើ​ការ​​តវ៉ាជា​​ច្រើន​លើក​ ជា​ច្រើន​សារ​ជាមួយ​ភាគី​វៀតណាម​ ដើម្បី​សុំ​ឲ្យ​គេ​បញ្ឈប់​ ព្រោះ​ថា​អ្វី​ដែល​គេ​ធ្វើ​ហ្នឹង​ ព្រោះ​វាមិន​ត្រឹម​ត្រូវ​ទេ មិន​ត្រូវ​ដោយ​សារ​ក្នុង​សន្ធិ​សញ្ញា​បំពេញ​បន្ថែម​ ដែល​សម្តេច​តេយជោលោក​បាន​ចុះ​ហត្ថលេខា​នៅ​ឆ្នាំ​២០០៥​ ចំណុច​នេះ​ជា​ចំណុច​ដែល​ភាគី​ទំាង​ពីរ​ ត្រូវ​បន្ត​ចចារ​គ្នា​ទៅ​ទៀត​រក​ដំណោះ​ស្រាយ​ យើង​ដាក់​ច្បាប់​នៅក្នុង​សន្ធិ​សញ្ញា​បំពេញ​បន្ថែម​ឆ្នាំ​២០០៥​ យើង​​បាន​ចចារ​ហើយ ប៉ុន្តែ​យើង​មិន​ទាន់​បាន​រក​ចម្លើយនៅឡើយ ឯកភាព​គ្នា​លើ​ចម្លើយនៅ​ឡើយ​ ហើយ​អញ្ចឹង​ហើយ​យើ​ងនៅ​តែ​បន្ត​ការ​ចចារ​រក​ដំណោះ​ស្រាយ​ទៀត ប៉ុន្តែ​នៅ​ពេល​យើង​​ចចារ សន្ធិសញ្ញា​២០០៥ លោក​បាន​បញ្ជាក់​ច្បាស់​ថា នៅពេល​យើង​មិន​ទាន់​បាន​ឯកភាព​គ្នា​ទេ ​ខ្សែព្រំ​ដែន​នៅតំបន់​នោះ​នៅ​តែ​រក្សា​ ស្ថាន​ភាព​ដដែល​ ដដែល​មាន​ន័យ​ថា យើង​មិន​ត្រូវ​ធ្វើ​អ្វី​ឲ្យ​ខុស​ខ័ណ្ឌលេខា​របស់​វា​ទេ គឺ​ត្រូវ​រក្សា​ស្ថាន​ភាព​ ដដែល​ នេះ​យើ​ង​បាន​បញ្ជាក់​នៅ​ក្នុង​សន្ធិសញ្ញា​បំពេញ​បន្ថែម​ ហើយ​មួយ​ទៀត​យើង​មាន​សេចក្តី​ប្រកាស​ ព័ត៌មាន​រួម​នាយក​រដ្ឋមន្ត្រី​ទំាង​ពីរ​នៅ​ឆ្នាំ​១៩៩៧  ខ្ញុំ​មិន​ច្រឡំទេ​ គឺយើង​ហាម​ឃាត់​មិន​ឲ្យ​ធ្វើ​អ្វី​ទំាង​អស់​ ដែល​ធ្វើ​ឲ្យ​ប្រែប្រួល​បរិស្ថាន​ដោ​យ​សារ​នៅ​តាម​បណ្តោយ​ព្រំ​ដែន​ នៅក្នុង​ករណី​ដែល​វា​មិន​ទាន់បាន​ឯកភាព​គ្នា​។ នេះ​យើង​មាននិយាយ​ច្បាស់​ហើយ ដូច្នេះអ្វី​ដែល​​ខ្ញុំ​ថា​ឲ្យ​ខ្លី​ទៅ គឺ​ថាធ្វើ​ហ្នឹង​វា​មិន​ត្រឹម​ត្រូវ​តាម​ឯកភាព នៃការ​ឯកភាព​គ្នា​រវាង​ប្រទេស​ទំាង​ពីរ​ទេ​ យើង​គួរ​សុំ​ឲ្យ​គាត់​បញ្ឈប់​ ប៉ុន្តែគាត់​ ខ្ញុំ​បាន​សុំ​គាត់​ច្រើន​ដង​ ហើយ​ ប៉ុន្តែគាត់​មិន​បាន​បញ្ឈប់ទេ ចេះ​តែបន្ត​ធ្វើ​ទៅ​ទៀត​។
VOD៖ លោកពូ ទាក់​ទង​ជា​មួយ​នឹង​ករណី​នេះ​ តើ​លោក​ពូ នឹង​មាន​វិធាន​ការ​អ្វី​ផ្សេង​ទៀត​ទេ បើសិន​គេ​នៅ​តែ​បន្ត​ធ្វើ​បែបអញ្ចឹង​​?

Son Chhay called the appointments of relatives in the National Assembly could involve corruption ​លោក សុន ឆ័យ ហៅ​ការតែងតាំង​សាច់ញាតិ​ឲ្យធ្វើ​ការ​នៅ​រដ្ឋសភា​អាចមា​ន​អំពើពុរលួយ​​

ដោយ៖​ ឡាយ សាមាន​ | ថ្ងៃពុធ ទី22 តុលា 2014 | 

​អនុប្រធាន​គណៈកម្មកា​រ​ទី​២​នៃ​រដ្ឋសភាលោក សុន ឆ័យ (រូបពី៖ ហ្វេសប៉ុកលោក សុន ឆ័យ)
​អនុប្រធាន​គណៈកម្មកា​រ​ទី​២​នៃ​រដ្ឋសភា មកពី​គណបក្ស​សង្គ្រោះ​ជាតិ ស្នើ​អគ្គលេខាធិការ​រដ្ឋសភា បង្ហាញ​បញ្ជី​បុគ្គលិក​នៃ​អង្គភាព​និង​ពន្យល់​ពី​របៀប​គ្រប់គ្រង និង​ការចំណាយ​ថវិកា បន្ទាប់ពី​លោក​ទទួល​ដំណឹង​ថា មាន​ការប្រព្រឹត្ត​អំពើពុករលួយ​។​
​លិខិត​ចុះ​ហត្ថលេខា​ដោយ​លោក សុន ឆ័យ ផ្ញើជូន​អគ្គលេខាធិការ​រដ្ឋសភា លោក ឡេង ប៉េងឡុង នៅ​ថ្ងៃ​ទី ២១ ខែ តុលា​នេះ បាន​លើកឡើង​ថា លោក​បាន​ទទួល​ព័ត៌មាន​ពី​ការចំណាយ​មិន​ត្រឹមត្រូវ​របស់​រដ្ឋសភា​លើ​បុគ្គលិក និង​ការតែងតាំង​ក្រុមគ្រួសារ​មន្ត្រី​ម្នាក់​ឲ្យ​ក្តោ​បក្តាប់​ការគ្រប់គ្រង និង​លួច​បំបាត់​ថវិកា​រដ្ឋ​សភា ដែល​បណ្តាលឲ្យ​ខូច​ឈ្មោះដ​ល់​ស្ថាប័ន​នីតិបញ្ញត្តិ​។​
​លិខិត​បន្តថា លោក មិត្ត កា​រ៉េ​ន ដែល​សព្វថ្ងៃ​ជា​អគ្គលេខាធិការរង​នៃ​រដ្ឋសភា ដែល​ធ្លាប់​មាន​តួនាទី​ជា​អគ្គនាយក​រដ្ឋបាល និង​ហិរញ្ញវត្ថុ បាន​យក​ឥទ្ធិពល​ខ្លួន​តែងតាំង​ក្រុម​គ្រួសារ​ខ្លួន​ជាច្រើន​នាក់​ឲ្យ​បម្រើ​ ការងារ​ក្នុង​សភា​។ មន្ត្រី​ដែល​មាន​តួនាទី​សំខាន់ៗ​ទាំងនោះ​រួមមាន លោក ហង្ស វិចិត្រ អគ្គនាយកដ្ឋាន​ហិរញ្ញវត្ថុ អតីត​ប្រធាន​នាយកដ្ឋាន ហិរញ្ញវត្ថុ ជា​កូនប្រសា​រលោក មិត្ត កា​រ៉េ​ន​។ លោកស្រី រ៉េ​ន សុ​វឌ្ឍា​នា អនុប្រធាននាយកដ្ឋាន​ហិរញ្ញវត្ថុ ជា​កូនបង្កើត​លោក មិត្ត កា​រ៉េ​ន និង​លោក មិត្ត ទី​មាន ប្រធាន​នាយកដ្ឋាន​សវនកម្ម​ផ្ទៃក្នុង ជា​ប្អូនប្រុស​បង្កើត​លោក មិត្ត កា​រ៉េ​ន​។ ចំណែក កញ្ញា មិត្ត ច័ន្ទ​លីន​ដា ប្រធានការិយាល័យ​សវ​ន​កម្ម​ទី​២ ជា​ក្មួយ​លោក មិត្ត កា​រ៉េ​ន និង​លោក ហាយ សឺ​មី អនុប្រធាន​នាយកដ្ឋាន​គ្រប់គ្រង​សារពើភ័ណ្ឌ ជា​ប្អូនថ្លៃ​លោក មិត្ត កា​រ៉េ​ន ផងដែរ​។ លិខិត​ដដែល​ឲ្យដឹង​បន្ត​ថា លោក អៀ ថា​រ៉ា​ឌី ប្រធាន​នាកដ្ឋាន​បុគ្គលិក អតីត​ប្អូនថ្លៃ និង​លោកស្រី ថា លី​មី អនុប្រធាន​ការិយាល័យ កាន់​ប្រាក់បៀវត្ស​តំណាងរាស្ត្រ ជា​កូនប្រសា​រលោក មិត្ត កា​រ៉េ​ន​។​
VOD មិនអាច​សុំ​ការឆ្លើយតប​ពី​អគ្គលេខាធិការ​រដ្ឋសភា លោក ឡេង ប៉េងឡុង បាន​នៅឡើយ​ទេ​នៅ​រសៀល​ថ្ងៃ​ពុធ​នេះ។
តែ​លោក បាន​ប្រាប់​អ្នកកាសែត​ក្នុង​ស្រុក​ថា លោក​មិន​ទាន់​អាច​ឆ្លើយតប​បាន​ទេ ដោយរង់ចាំ​ការសម្រេច​របស់​ថ្នាក់ដឹកនាំ និង​គណៈកម្មកា​រ​អិចន្ត្រៃយ៍​រដ្ឋសភា​ជាមុនសិន​។​

Japanese experts request for the reform of voters' registration list [video inside អ្នក​ជំនាញ​ជប៉ុន​ស្នើ​ឲ្យ​មាន​កំណែ​ទម្រង់​បញ្ជី​ឈ្មោះ​បោះឆ្នោត​

ដោយ៖​ ណាត សុភាព និងស៊ុន ណារិន​ | ថ្ងៃពុធ ទី22 តុលា 2014, 

ឯកអគ្គរាជទូតជប៉ុន​ប្រចាំ​ប្រទេស​កម្ពុជា លោកKumamaru Yuji ថ្លែង​ទៅ​កាន់​អ្នក​សារព័ត៌មាន
មន្រ្តី​ជំនាញការ​បោះឆ្នោត​​របស់​ជប៉ុន នៅថ្ងៃ​ពុធនេះ​ ស្នើ​ឲ្យ​មាន​ការ​​ធ្វើ​កំណែ​ទម្រង់​បញ្ជី​ឈ្មោះ​បោះ​ឆ្នោត​​ថ្មី​ ដើម្បី​ធានា​ថា​ការ​បោះឆ្នោតនៅ​អាណត្តិក្រោយ​ៗ​ មិន​មាន​វិបត្តិ​ជាប់​គាំង​ដូច​អាណត្តិ​មុនៗ ។​
ការ​ប្រកាស​បែប​នេះ​ធ្វើ​ឡើង​ក្រោយ​ពី​ជំនួប​រវាង​​ក្រុម​ការ​ងារ​កំណែ​ទម្រង់​ការបោះ​ឆ្នោត​របស់​គណ​បក្សប្រ​ជា​ជន​កម្ពុជា និងគណបក្សសង្រ្គោះជាតិ ​ជាមួយ​អ្នក​ជំនាញ​ការ​បោះឆ្នោតរបស់​គណៈប្រតិភូ​ជប៉ុន​ដែល​​​ដឹកនាំ​ដោយ​លោកAzuma KOSHIISHI អនុប្រធាន​ព្រឹទ្ធ​សភា។ នេះ​ជា​ជំនួប​ថ្មី​មួយ​ទៀត​ក្រោយ​ពី​ជំនួប​​កាល​ពី​ខែ​ឧសភា និង​ខែ​សីហា ឆ្នាំ២០១៤។
ក្រោយ​ពី​ជំនួបជិត៣ម៉ោង ឯកអគ្គរាជទូតជប៉ុន​ប្រចាំ​ប្រទេស​កម្ពុជា លោកKumamaru Yuji តំណាង​ឲ្យ​ក្រុម​ជំនាញ​ការ​ជប៉ុន​មានប្រសាសន៍​ថា​ប្រទេស​ជប៉ុន​ចង់​ឲ្យ​មាន​ការ​បោះឆ្នោត​មួយ​ទទួល​ស្គាល់​ដោយ​គ្រប់​​ភាគី និង​ប្រជាជនកម្ពុជា។លោកបន្តថា​បញ្ហា​មួយ​ចំនួន​ដែល​ត្រូវ​ធ្វើ​កំណែ​ទម្រង់ ​គឺសមត្ថភាព​របស់​អង្គ​បោះ​ឆ្នោត​​ក្នុង​​ការរៀប​ចំ​ការបោះឆ្នោត​ ការយល់​ដឹង​របស់​ប្រជាពល​រដ្ឋ​ក្នុង​ការ​​បោះឆ្នោត និង​ការ​ចុះ​បញ្ជី​ឈ្មោះ​​បោះ​ឆ្នោត។​លោកបន្តប្រទេស​​ជប៉ុន​មាន​ឆន្ទៈ​ក្នុង​កំណែទម្រង់​កិច្ច​ការ​នេះ ដើម្បី​ឲ្យ​ការ​បោះឆ្នោត​លើក​​ក្រោ​យ​ប្រ​ព្រឹត្ត​ទៅ​ដោយ​រលូន​ ទទួល​បាន​ជោគជ័យ និងមាន​​ទុក​ចិត្តពី​ប្រជាពលរដ្ឋ។​លោកស្នើឲ្យ​ក្រុម​ការងារបច្ចេកទេស​​របស់គណបក្ស​ទាំង​ពីរបន្ត​ពិភាក្សា​ និង​ធ្វើ​កិច្ច​​ការ​រៀប​ចំ​អង្គ​បោះឆ្នោត​ និង​ច្បាប់​នានា​ ​​ដោយ​រលូន និង​ឆាប់​រហ័ស​តាម​ដែល​អា​ច​ធ្វើ​ទៅ​បាន។​

e to commemorate the Paris Accords on 23rd October at party headquarter in Phnom Penh គណបក្សសង្រ្គោះជាតិនឹងប្រារពខួបទី២៣នៃកិច្ចព្រព្រៀងទីក្រុងប៉ារីស

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Japanese Election Reform Team To Meet With Opposition

Cambodia's opposition leader Sam Rainsy, center, of the Cambodia National Rescue Party waves along with his party Vice President Kem Sokha, third from left, during a march in Phnom Penh, file photo.
Cambodia's opposition leader Sam Rainsy, center, of the Cambodia National Rescue Party waves along with his party Vice President Kem Sokha, third from left, during a march in Phnom Penh, file photo.
Heng Reaksmey, VOA Khmer 21 October 2014 

PHNOM PENH—A Japanese delegation investigating election reform will meet with the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party Wednesday to report on earlier visits to Cambodia.
The opposition has demanded election reform, including a new National Election Committee, as part of a political deal, which ended their boycott of government in July.
The delegation will meet with Rescue Party Vice President Kem Sokha, as well as lawmakers from the opposition and ruling Cambodian Peoples Party at the National Assembly.

The sacked abbot of Phnom Kposs Pagoda and villagers protest against the abbot's sacking in front of the residence of the provincial head monk in Battambang អតីត​ព្រះចៅ​អធិការ​វត្ត​ភ្នំខ្ពស់​និង​ពុទ្ធបរិស័ទ​ទៅ​តវ៉ា​មុខ​វត្ត​ព្រះ​មេគណ​ខេត្ត​បាត់ដំបង

ព្រះសង្ឃ​តវ៉ា​នៅ​បាត់ដំបង ៦២០
បណ្ដាញ​ព្រះសង្ឃ​ឯករាជ្យ​ដើម្បី​យុត្តិធម៌​សង្គម និង​អតីត​ព្រះចៅ​អធិការ​វត្ត​ភ្នំខ្ពស់ បាន​ដឹក​នាំ ព្រះសង្ឃ និង​ពុទ្ធបរិស័ទ​ប្រមាណ ១០០​នាក់ ក្នុង​វត្ត​ពោធិ៍វាល ក្រុង​បាត់ដំបង នៅ​ថ្ងៃ​ទី​២២ តុលា ២០១៤។
RFA/Hum Chamroeun
បណ្ដាញ​ព្រះសង្ឃ​ឯករាជ្យ​ដើម្បី​យុត្តិធម៌​សង្គម និង​អតីត​ព្រះចៅ​អធិការ​វត្ត​ភ្នំខ្ពស់ បាន​ដឹក​នាំ ព្រះសង្ឃ និង​ពុទ្ធបរិស័ទ​ប្រមាណ ១០០​នាក់ នៅ​ថ្ងៃ​ទី​២២ តុលា ទៅ​តវ៉ា​ចំពោះ​មេគណ​ខេត្ត​បាត់ដំបង ស្ថិត​ក្នុង​ក្រុង​បាត់ដំបង ដើម្បី​ឲ្យ​លេខា​ព្រះ​មេគណ ឆ្លើយ​បំភ្លឺ​ការ​ផ្លាស់​ប្ដូរ​តួនាទី​ព្រះ​ចៅអធិការ​វត្ត។
ព្រះតេជព្រះគុណ ឃឹម សំអឿន អតីត​ព្រះចៅ​អធិការ​វត្ត​ភ្នំខ្ពស់ និង​ព្រះតេជព្រះគុណ​មួយ​អង្គ ទៀត ត្រូវ​បាន​អាជ្ញាធរ និង​គណៈ​សង្ឃ​ស្រុក​បាណន់ បាន​ដក​តំណែង​ពី​ព្រះចៅ​អធិការ​វត្ត កាល​ពី​ថ្ងៃ​ទី​១៩ តុលា។ ការ​ដក​តំណែង​នេះ ដោយសារ​កន្លង​មក ព្រះអង្គ​មាន​និន្នាការ​ប្រកាន់​ប្រជាធិបតេយ្យ​លេចធ្លោ និង​ធ្លាប់​រិះគន់​គណបក្ស​កាន់​អំណាច​មូលដ្ឋាន។
សូម​រង់​ចាំ​អាន និង​ស្ដាប់​ព័ត៌មាន​ពិស្ដារ​ក្នុង​កម្មវិធី​​ផ្សាយ​នៅ​រាត្រី​នេះ...

The Wotld Bank continues to suspend development loans to Cambodia due to land disputes ធនាគារ​ពិភពលោក​បន្ត​ផ្អាក​ផ្តល់​សម្បទាន​ហិរញ្ញវត្ថុ​ដល់​កម្ពុជា​ដោយសារ​បញ្ហា​ជម្លោះ​ដីធ្លី

ធនាគារ​ពិភពលោក បឹងកក់ ៦១០
ក្រុម​អ្នក​មាន​បញ្ហា​ដីធ្លី ពិសេស​អ្នក​បឹងកក់ តវ៉ា​នៅ​ខាង​មុខ​ការិយាល័យ​ធនាគារ​ពិភពលោក កាល​ពី​ថ្ងៃ​ទី​១៦ មិថុនា ២០១៤។
RFA/Leng Maly
ធនាគារ​ពិភពលោក (World Bank) អះអាង​ថា ធនាគារ​នេះ​បន្ត​ផ្អាក​ផ្តល់​ប្រាក់​កម្ចី​អភិវឌ្ឍន៍​ដល់​កម្ពុជា ដោយសារ​តែ​បញ្ហា​ជម្លោះ​ដីធ្លី​នៅ​កម្ពុជា។ ធនាគារ​ក៏​សន្យា​នឹង​តាម​ដាន​ស្ថានភាព​ជម្លោះ​ដីធ្លី​នៅ​តំបន់​បឹងកក់ និង​បន្ត​ពិភាក្សា​បញ្ហា​ដីធ្លី​ជាមួយ​កម្ពុជា និង​ជាមួយ​បណ្ដា​អង្គការ​ក្រៅ​រដ្ឋាភិបាល​ផ្សេងៗ​ទៀត។
ការ​ប្រកាស​គោល​ជំហរ​របស់​ធនាគារ​នេះ ធ្វើ​ឡើង​ក្រោយ​ពេល​មេធាវី​អន្តរជាតិ ដែល​មាន​មូលដ្ឋាន​នៅ​សហរដ្ឋ​អាមេរិក បាន​ដាក់​ញត្តិ​ទៅ​ធនាគារ ទទូច​អោយ​បន្ត​ផ្អាក​ប្រាក់​កម្ចី​ទៅ​រដ្ឋាភិបាល​កម្ពុជា រហូត​ដល់​មាន​ដំណោះស្រាយ​ជម្លោះ​ដីធ្លី​ទូទាំង​ប្រទេស​សមស្រប​មួយ។
នាយក​ធនាគារ​ពិភពលោក ប្រចាំ​តំបន់​អាស៊ី​អាគ្នេយ៍ លោក យូរ៉ិច ហ្សាចៅ (ULRICH ZACHAU) បាន​ស្នើ​លិខិត​មួយ​ច្បាប់​ទៅ​មេធាវី​អាមេរិកាំង លោក មូរតុន ក្លា (Morton Sklar) ដោយ​បញ្ជាក់​ថា ធនាគារ​ពិភពលោក បន្ត​ផ្អាក​ផ្តល់​ប្រាក់​កម្ចី​ដល់​កម្ពុជា។ លិខិត​ផ្ញើ​ទៅ​កាន់ លោក មូរតុន ក្លា ចុះ​ថ្ងៃ​ទី​១៧ តុលា បញ្ជាក់​ថា សមាគម​ផ្តល់​ជំនួយ​អន្តរជាតិ​របស់​ធនាគារ​មិន​ទាន់​បាន​ពិចារណា​សម្រេច​ផ្តល់​ប្រាក់​កម្ចី​ទៅ​ដល់​កម្ពុជា នៅ​ឡើយ​ទេ។
លោក យូរ៉ិច ហ្សាចៅ បន្ត​ទៀត​ថា ការ​សន្យា​ផ្តល់​ប្រាក់​កម្ចី​ណា​មួយ​នោះ តម្រូវ​ឲ្យ​មាន​កិច្ច​ពិភាក្សា​ច្រើន​ជាមួយ​នឹង​ភាគី​ដៃគូ​អភិវឌ្ឍន៍​ទាំង​ឡាយ។ ធនាគារ​នេះ​នឹង​បន្ត​ទទួល​យក​អនុសាសន៍ និង​ការ​ចូលរួម​ដោះស្រាយ​ទាំង​ឡាយ​ពី​សំណាក់​សង្គម​ស៊ីវិល។ លោក​ថា ធនាគារ​ពិភពលោក នឹង​បន្ត​តាម​ដាន​ស្ថានភាព​នៅ​តំបន់​បឹងកក់ ហើយ​នឹង​សន្យា​បន្ត​ជួយ​កម្ពុជា ដើម្បី​ដោះស្រាយ​បញ្ហា​ប្រឈម​ក្នុង​កិច្ចការ​អភិវឌ្ឍន៍។

Japanese experts meet CPP, CNRP to discuss election reform

PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Herald) -- Japanese diplomats and experts met Wednesday with joint working groups of Cambodian People's Party (CPP) and Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) to discuss election reform.

Journalists are not allowed to have an access to the meeting held at the National Assembly building.

Muth Chantha, head of the office of Kem Sokha, first vice president of the National Assembly, said he will brief the journalists after the meeting.

The Japanese experts arrived in Cambodia Tuesday for a two-day visit as a follow-up team regarding the needs survey implemented last May for electoral reform assistance to Cambodia.

The experts met with Kem Sokha, first vice president of the National Assembly and acting president of CNRP, Wednesday, and also CPP's officials

Heng Pov Appeal Dismissed; Convictions of 3 Others Stand

BY  | OCTOBER 22, 2014
Without bothering to wait for the defendants to arrive, the Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld the guilty verdicts against three men convicted alongside disgraced former Phnom Penh police chief Heng Pov of conspiring to murder municipal court Judge Sok Sethamony in 2003, but did not consider Mr. Pov’s own appeal.
On September 30 and October 1, the court re-examined two cases involving Mr. Pov, who was convicted by the Phnom Penh Municipal Court of a slew of crimes for which he is currently serving a 98-year prison term. A third case was postponed due to the sudden illness of Judge Nil Nonn.
Disgraced former Phnom Penh police chief Heng Pov talks to a police officer outside the Supreme Court on Tuesday. (Siv Channa/The Cambodia Daily)
Disgraced former Phnom Penh police chief Heng Pov talks to a police officer outside the Supreme Court on Tuesday. (Siv Channa/The Cambodia Daily)
On Tuesday, within minutes of convening the court, presiding Judge Kong Srim announced that it had upheld the verdicts handed down by the municipal court against three of Mr. Pov’s co-defendants. But he said Mr. Pov had failed to file his appeal to the Supreme Court within the requisite 30 days following the Appeal Court’s verdict in 2010.
“Heng Pov’s appeal complaint was filed after the deadline, so the Supreme Court did not consider his case,” Judge Srim said while the four men were still making their way to the courtroom.
“For the other three defendants, Ly Rasy, Prum Sophearith and Hang Vutha, the Supreme Court upholds the Appeal Court’s decision from December 2, 2010.”

Travel: What Should I Do In Cambodia? (VIDEO)

I have never been to Cambodia. So I'll defer to people who have, and recommend them to you.
In the video above, a Top 10 compilation by the seemingly always-travelling crew at Vancouver-based SundayFundayz, you'll find a few suggestions that will appeal to a wide variety of travellers.
History lovers will clamour for the temples of Angkor Wat of a somber tour through the Killing Fields, while high-adrenaline backpackers are no doubt already jonesing to fire a rocket launcher in the Cambodian jungle, or to spend a few nights at Wish You Were Here hostel in Sihanookville.
Below is the group's full video tour of Cambodia, filmed in 2012. Enjoy.
VIDEO: A Holiday in Cambodia (via SundayFundayz on YouTube)
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Notes from Cambodia - The lost kingdom


The seatbelt sign flashes on as I look out my window excitedly—we just flew over the South China Sea and should be very close to our final destination, Cambodia. I gaze out my window waiting for something to tell me I’m there, but I see nothing except darkness. I glance back at the live map; I should be flying right over Cambodia—where are the lights, the cars, anything? Pitch black. I did my research before leaving—I’m going to be in Siem Reap, the second most popular province for tourists in Cambodia and also the place where I’ll be landing. Why is such a popular tourist town so dark? Coming from New York City, I’m used to being greeted by thousands of lights, but so far Cambodia remains hidden from sight.
Over the next weeks, Cambodia slowly opened up to me. It’s a country with a complex past which led to an even more complicated present. Before arriving, all my knowledge of Cambodia came from little tidbits I learned about the Khmer Rouge and the Vietnam War in high school history class. I realized, however, Cambodia is much more than the Khmer Rouge and its history goes beyond the war. Cambodia is very open about its past with the Khmer Rouge and resulting genocide, a horror that is on par with those in Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Russia yet generally unknown. The horror of civil war and genocide did not end until the late 1990s. Today, the country is still in a state of recovery and starting on its path to development.

Heart and sole for Cambodia

Katie Boom
SHOELESS KATIE: Katie Boom, founder of Shoeless, has encouraged hundreds of Kiwis to get on board the first Shoeless Day and donate to children in Cambodia.

Hundreds get behind Shoeless Day

Hundreds of Kiwis will step out with bare feet on Friday for the first ever Shoeless Day.
Hamilton woman Katie Boom, founder of charity Shoeless, has organised the day to raise money for children in Cambodia who can't afford a pair of shoes.
Boom said Kiwis have been signing up from all over the country for a chance to bare their feet to save the soles of others. 
''I'm so excited to see so many people getting behind this homegrown event, and hope that my fellow Hamiltonians will join me in going barefoot for a day,'' she said.
Locally, Fairfield Intermediate School and Hamilton Christian School are doing Shoeless Day,  as well as an early childhood education centre, and a couple of small businesses, she said.
Further north, Kamo Primary School in Whangarei with its 400 pupils and nearby 300-strong Maungatapere School  will go barefoot, with all proceeds collected going to Shoeless.
''It's changing the lives of our Shoeless kids in Cambodia and it is a perfect excuse to celebrate the onset of summer by getting your feet out into the sunshine.''

Two Cambodian Reporters Charged With Extorting Villagers [The reporters were certainly framed by corrupt officials involving in illegal logging]

Trucks loaded with timber wait to cross the border into Vietnam from Cambodia's Svay Rieng province in a file photo.
Authorities in northeastern Cambodia’s Kratie province have arrested two local journalists for allegedly attempting to extort money from villagers in exchange for not reporting suspected illegal logging activities, a district police chief said Tuesday.

But publishers of the National and Khmer Influence newspapers where reporters Nget Chandary and Nhek Peisei work, respectively, claim they were framed by police who they said cooperated with the villagers to harvest illegal wood.

They wanted the reporters’ arresting officers to be brought to justice.

The case comes a week after a reporter was shot dead in Kratie while believed to be investigating illegal logging, although police had said he may have been trying to solicit bribes from local villagers he suspected of running the scheme.

Prek Prasob district police chief Men Bunthoeun told RFA’s Khmer Service Tuesday that Nget Chandary and Nhek Peisei were arrested the previous evening following complaints from local residents who said that the two had been taking pictures in their village, in Chroy Banteay commune.

Men Bunthoeun said the two reporters had demanded 400,000 riel (U.S. $98) from the villagers in exchange for not reporting that they were storing illegal timber, but he denied that the villagers were breaking any laws.

“The villagers were simply storing [legal] wood for construction on their homes,” he said.

Cambodian peacekeepers leave for war-torn Central African Republic

PHNOM PENH, Oct. 22 (Xinhua) -- Cambodia sent the first batch of 216 military personnel to join a United Nations peacekeeping operation in the Central African Republic (CAR) on Wednesday, officials said.

The peacekeepers will conduct their one-year mission in Bria town, about 600 km east of CAR's Bangui capital, doing work in demining, constructing roads, bridges and barracks, and digging wells, Defense Minister Gen. Tea Banh said at the departure ceremony held at the Military Airbase in Phnom Penh.
"Our mission is to join the other UN peacekeepers to stabilize the situation in the Central African Republic," he said.
He added that the Cambodian government has a strong commitment to contributing to the building of global peace through sending troops to join the UN peacekeeping mission in war-torn countries.
Meanwhile, the minister advised them to strictly abide by CAR' s laws and international laws so as to maintain the disciplines and dignity of the Cambodian Royal Armed Forces.
"Our peacekeepers must avoid any activity that can negatively affect the standards of living, tradition and customs, and dignity of the host country," he said.

Cash for refugees shames both Australia and Cambodia

Andrew Hamilton |  22 October 2014, Eureka Street

Cambodia's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sar Kheng and Australian Immigration Minister Scott Morrison
Cambodia's agreement with Australia to receive refugees from Nauru is moving to implementation, with Cambodian officials soon to visit Nauru. It has also been widely criticised, and refugees on Nauru have protested against it.
?The urgency with which the Australian Government has pursued the agreement is politically motivated. Many asylum seekers on Nauru have been found to be refugees. Nauru is in no position to accept them into the community, and is unwilling to hold indefinitely those found to be refugees. The PNG Government is likely to adopt the same stance. The difficulty for the Australian Government lies in its declaration that none will be resettled in Australia. Cambodia is the circuit breaker that will allow Australia to save face.
The agreement has attracted strong criticism, including from the United Nations High Commission for Refugees which refused to be a co-signatory. Critics have argued that it breaches Australia’s responsibility to provide protection for refugees. It is an exercise not of responsibility sharing for refugees but of burden shifting, from a wealthy to an impoverished nation. Australia’s commitment to the United Nations Convention, built on a universal respect for human dignity, has been betrayed. In its place has been placed a price setting mechanism for people whom nations want to dump elsewhere.
Many parallels have been adduced. It has been described as a return to the transportation policy by which Australia was first settled. It has been seen as the reverse of the common surrogacy agreement by which a poor Asian woman is paid to bear a child for a wealthier Australian woman. Here a poor Asian country agrees is paid to rear the abused children of wealthy Australia.
The agreement itself does provide some benefits for refugees. But they are limited, falling short of full protection. And experience suggests that the promises made in them will not be expeditiously delivered.

Cambodia to give Nauru refugees 'realistic' picture of resettlement

Phnom Penh media is reporting officials will travel to Australia and Nauru as soon as this week to present options to refugees

Cambodia protest against Australian refugee deal
Cambodians protest in Phnom Penh against the deal to take refugees from Nauru.Photograph: Lauren Crothers/The Guardian
Cambodian government officials will travel to Nauru as early as this week to give refugees there a “realistic” assessment of life in that country, the Phnom Penh Post has reported.
The unconfirmed reports suggest Cambodian officials will travel to Australia this week, before flying on to the tiny Pacific island to meet refugees to discuss their option to be resettled in south-east Asia.
Refugees on Nauru have been told they will never go to Australia. They will be allowed to resettle on Nauru on a five year visa, or can choose to be resettled in Cambodia.
Cambodian Interior Ministry spokesman Khieu Sopheak said the refugees would be given an honest assessment of the country.
“This is not a trip to advertise [and] to attract tourists to Cambodia, this trip is to tell them about Cambodia,” he told the Post. “About life, about culture, about the history of Cambodia and where we came from. For example, the three years, eight months and 20 days [of the Khmer Rouge regime in the 1970s], how we suffered. The reality of Cambodia, not the advertising.
“Cambodia is like a developing country, not a developed country like where [they] want to stay. They want to go to Australia.”

Hundreds of villagers protest against the removal of Ven. Khim Sam Oeun as an abbot of Phnom Kposs Pagoda in Battambang because he supports the opposition CNRP [video inside] អតីត​ព្រះចៅ​អធិការ​វត្ត​និង​ពលរដ្ឋ​នៅ​បាត់ដំបង​តវ៉ា​ជា​ថ្មី​ចំពោះ​ការ​ដក​តំណែង​ព្រះចៅ​អធិការ

រសៀលថ្ងៃទី21/10/2014 ពុទ្ឋបរិស័ទរាប់រយនាក់មកថ្វាយបង្គំសុំនិមន្តព្រះសង្ឃថ្មីដែលធម្មការស្រុក-ខេត្ត តែងតាំងជាចៅអធិការវត្តព្រះកែវមរកតហៅវត្ត(ភ្នំខ្ពស់) និមន្តចេញពីវត្ត៕
អតីត​ព្រះចៅ​អធិការ​វត្ត​ភ្នំខ្ពស់ ព្រម​ទាំង​ប្រជាពលរដ្ឋ​គាំទ្រ​ប្រមាណ ៥០០​នាក់ នៅ​ថ្ងៃ​ទី​២១ តុលា បន្ត​ប្រមូល​ផ្ដុំ​គ្នា​ជា​ថ្មី​នា​បរិវេណ​វត្ត​ក្នុង​ឃុំ​តាគ្រាម ស្រុក​បាណន់ ខេត្ត​បាត់ដំបង តវ៉ា​ចំពោះ​ការ​ដក​តំណែង​ព្រះចៅ​អធិការ​វត្ត។
អាជ្ញាធរ និង​គណៈ​សង្ឃ​ស្រុក បាន​ដក​តំណែង​ព្រះចៅ​អធិការ​វត្ត​ពីរ​ព្រះអង្គ កាល​ពី​ថ្ងៃ​ទី​១៩ តុលា។ ការ​ដក​តំណែង​នេះ ដោយសារ​កន្លង​មក ព្រះអង្គ​មាន​និន្នាការ​ប្រជាធិបតេយ្យ​លេចធ្លោ ដែល​ប្រឆាំង​គណបក្ស​កាន់​អំណាច​មូលដ្ឋាន។
អតីត​ព្រះចៅ​អធិការ​វត្ត​ភ្នំខ្ពស់ ព្រះតេជព្រះគុណ ឃឹម សំអឿន មាន​ថេរ​ដីកា​នៅ​រសៀល​ថ្ងៃ​ទី​២១ តុលា ថា ក្រុម​ប្រជាពលរដ្ឋ​ដែល​មក​គាំទ្រ​ព្រះអង្គ គឺ​មក​ពី​ខេត្ត​សៀមរាប បាត់ដំបង ក្រុង​ប៉ោយប៉ែត និង​មួយ​ចំនួន​ទៀត​មក​ពី​ស្រុក​បាណន់ និង​ពុទ្ធបរិស័ទ​ចំណុះ​ជើង​វត្ត។ ពួក​គាត់​បាន​នាំ​គ្នា​តវ៉ា ដោយ​មក​ប្រជុំ​គ្នា​ក្នុង​បរិវេណ​វត្ត គឺ​មិន​មាន​ដើរ​ក្បួន​ទៅ​ខាង​ក្រៅ​នោះ​ទេ៖ «ថ្ងៃ​ស្អែក​ហ្នឹង​មាន​ការ​តវ៉ា​បន្ត​ទៅ​ទៀត ដរាប​ណា​រក​ដំណោះស្រាយ​អត់​ឃើញ ព្រោះ​ប្រជាពលរដ្ឋ​មួយ​ចំនួន​ដែល​លោក​អញ្ជើញ​មក​តាំង​ពី​ទី​ជិត​ទី​ឆ្ងាយ​ហ្នឹង គាត់​ហាក់​បី​ដូច​ជា​មាន​ការ​ក្ដុកក្ដួល​ក្នុង​ចិត្ត។ អ្នក​ខ្លះ​សម្រាន្ត​អត់​លក់ អ្នក​ទៀត​យំ​រហេមរហាម។ គាត់​នឹង​ឃើញ​ថា ដែល​យក​កង​កម្លាំង​ប្រដាប់​អាវុធ​មក​នេះ​គាត់​ឆ្ងល់ គាត់​រន្ធត់​ក្នុង​ចិត្ត​ជា​ខ្លាំង ដោយ​គាត់​មក​ឃើញ​ទិដ្ឋភាព​ថ្ងៃ​ដំបូង ហាក់​បី​ដូច​ជា​ធ្វើ​នេះ គឺ​ការ​ប្លន់​វត្ត​ក៏​ថា​បាន ហើយ​ជា​ធ្វើ​រដ្ឋ​ប្រហារ​ចំពោះ​អាត្មា​ក៏​ថា​បាន»

Noodle soup sickens hundreds at Cambodia engagement party

PHNOM PENH (AFP) - Nearly 300 Cambodians were taken ill after eating homemade noodle soup at an engagement ceremony, police said Tuesday.
The victims suffered diarrhoea and vomiting after the party in a remote village in central Kampong Thom province on Sunday, local police chief Soeung Phea told AFP.
Those affected were mainly children but also included a pregnant woman. She became so weak that doctors decided to induce labour to save her twins - who were born safely.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

CNRP Begins Registration for First Opposition TV Station មន្រ្តីបក្សប្រឆាំងថា​ទូរទស្សន៍ ​​CNRP នឹង​ផ្សាយ​ព័ត៌មាន​ខុស​ប្លែក​ពីទូរទស្សន៍ដទៃ​

Yim Sovann, The CNRP spokesman លោក យឹម សុវណ្ណ អ្នក​នាំពាក្យ​គណបក្ស​សង្រ្គោះជាតិ

BY  | OCTOBER 21, 2014
CNRP spokesman Yim Sovann said Monday that a group of people close to the opposition party has applied to register a firm with the government that will operate the television license promised to the CNRP by Prime Minister Hun Sen during the political deadlock.
Mr. Hun Sen on June 10 pledged that the CNRP, whose 55 lawmakers were boycotting the National Assembly at the time, would be allowed a TV station if CNRP President Sam Rainsy registered a private company and then applied for a license.
Each of the country’s nine terrestrial TV stations are presently either owned or aligned with the ruling CPP, and the CNRP’s demand for a station of its own was one of its key demands during the yearlong deadlock after the disputed July 2013 election.
Mr. Sovann said that the opposition party earlier this month began the process of registering the company with the government.
“We have gotten together some individuals that are loyal to the party to register a company. It will be called Cambodian Independent Media,” Mr. Sovann explained. The application to register the firm had been sent to the Ministry of Commerce, he said.
“After the private company is registered, the management of the company will send a letter to the prime minister directly to ask for the license to operate the television station.”

Parties yet to agree on part of NEC draft law

Khmerization: The "election experience" requirement is designed to block the CNRP's candidates who mostly don't have election experience, and the "dual citizenship" ban is designed to block the appointment of Dr. Pung Chiv Kek.
Hopes that the ruling and opposition parties would finally reach full accord on a new National Election Committee draft law were dashed yesterday as talks foundered on the qualifications the secretary-general of the new institution must possess.
After a meeting that lasted more than two hours, Cambodian People’s Party working group chief Bin Chhin and his Cambodia National Rescue Party counterpart Kuoy Bunroeun said the parties had reached “90 per cent” agreement.
“But regarding the secretary-general and deputy secretaries-general [of the NEC], we have disagreed on the qualifications [they should have],” Chhin said.
The CPP wants to disallow candidates who have no election management experience and possess any citizenship other than Khmer. It also wants candidates to be at least 30 years old and hold a university degree in a specific field, such as law, diplomacy or economics.
The CNRP, on the other hand, wants an age limit of 25, no subject requirement for the university degree, no requirement that the candidate have election experience and for dual citizens to be considered.
“I want to have stability after the next election and no crises like in previous elections, that’s why we need to talk further details,” Bunroeun said.
“But there is no real problem because we have many formulas to choose from.”

‘Khmer for Khmer’ Group Says No Party Plans [So Monovithya's allegations against Kem Ley and Miss Thy Sovantha are baseless]

BY  AND  | OCTOBER 21, 2014
Attendees at a conference of a new political reform association called “Khmer for Khmer,” which met for the first time Sunday, hit back Monday at claims made by a CNRP public affairs officer that the group plans to form a new party to divide the opposition.
Kem Monovithya, the CNRP’s deputy director of public affairs and the daughter of the party’s vice president, Kem Sokha, wrote in a post on her Facebook page on Friday that the group, headed by political analyst Kem Ley, would split the united opposition party.
The group held a conference in Sihanoukville to hammer out the objectives and internal rules of the new association, which they say is only intended to be a network to monitor the country’s two major parties and hold them to account.
Cambodian Food and Service Workers’ Federation president Sar Mora, who attended the conference, said that the creation of a new party had not been discussed, but the CNRP’s shortcomings had.
“We have seen that most of people are very unhappy and disappointed with the CNRP since they don’t see any much improvement after those lawmakers took office at the National Assembly,” he said.