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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Sacked Sam Rainsy lawmaker fights back

Tok Vanchan speaking at the press conference.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011
Meas Sokchea
Phnom Penh Post

OPPOSITION Sam Rainsy Party lawmaker Tok Vanchan yesterday denounced his recent expulsion from the party and encouraged leaders to reconsider their decision during a press conference.

The National Assembly member representing Takeo province was expelled by party leaders on Friday for alleged inactivity in his district and disloyalty.

At the press conference, Tok Vanchan claimed that the decision did not reflect his years of service to the party. “This decision was made without a clear reason. I have not betrayed the Sam Rainsy Party. I have not defected to another political party,” he said.

“I am demanding justice from the SRP to reconsider their decision because I haven’t done anything wrong,” he said, threatening to file a complaint to a court if the SRP did not reconsider its decision.

However, SRP spokesman Yim Sovann said that Tok Vanchan’s case would not be reversed. “Most of the party leaders felt that he was hurting the party and causing us to lose votes,” he said.

Yim Sovann also dismissed Tok Vanchan’s threat to file a complaint, saying that the courts do not have the authority to “interfere with the internal affairs of political parties”.

PS: Tok Vanchan had filed a complaint with Phnom Penh Court and on Monday 10th October, the court had ordered an injunction to stop all the SRP from implementing the decision of its Permanent Committee.


Anonymous said...

"Yim Sovann also dismissed Tok Vanchan’s threat to file a complaint, saying that the courts do not have the authority to “interfere with the internal affairs of political parties” (sic).
Well, he is a law maker, but he says that his party (SRP) is above the law!

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for what had happened to him but it was the decision he had made to joint the party. I don't know what was his intension.

If he realy want to help Cambodian as what he has claimed, he doesn't have to be an SRP member to do good thing in Cambodia !!!

He cans just use his money to build school or road in the country side.

Unless he has some thing else in mind, like to become a Cambodian PM one day, maybe !!!

If he dreams to be the SRP president one day, you know, he is out of luck !!!!

What is his goal ?????

Anonymous said...

If a seamstress has been sacked without reason, she has the right to sue the company and the CEO of the company, right? No one should have the crazy idea of asking her if she wants to replace the CEO? Actually what she can hope for is just some justice and some respect since we live in a free country.
It is question of human being here. Not the position of the leadership of the party or the position of PM. If the president of the party cannot have respect for MP of his party, how he can have respect for the party members? The case of Tok Vanchan is not the first and it will not be the last either. It is a bad tendency observed the last several years and probably a trend that will follow unabashed in the future. IT IS A SAD STORY FOR A PARTY THAT IS SUPPOSED TO CARRY HOPE FOR THE FUTURE OF OUR COUNTRY. It is probably a dead hope now!

Anonymous said...

Corruption will destroy cambodian moving forward...History told us that Khmer Empier Lost Its territory to neighbors, because of crooks/corrupted officials inside Govts...We must cleaning up all of these crooks and burn them DOWN!!!!

Anonymous said...

12 October 2011 3:18 AM.

It is probably a dead hope now!

Hun Sen has killed thousands of Khmer, evicted thousands of families and death threats to everyone from inocents khmer to oppositions and even in his own party.

Yet, SRP sacked one member, therefore SRP is just another bloodied CPP party?

Give the Dog back the Bones!

Anonymous said...

Did Tok Vanchan vote for Sam Rainsy to be the president again ??

If he did not, that answer the question every body are looking for !!!!!

Does he understand the party code of conduct ???? if there is any in the book.

Where are the SRP supporters ??? maybe they can explain the situation !!!!

What has happened in Takeo province ????

I bet all the SRP supporters keep their mouth shut now because they don't want thing like this happen to them.

In the US, if thing is not going right, normaly they fire the top leader, but I guess Sam Rainsy is from France so they might do thing differently over there.

Don't forget SRP stand for " Sam Rainsy Party ", get it ??????

Anonymous said...

12 October 2011 10:26 AM

What is your argument? Can you share us your insights, your statements are unclear and is confusing. Perhaps you can explain the situation.

You lost me when, you compared the US democratic election to the Khmer "democratic" election.

SRP stands for Sam Rainsy Party? You are a keeper!! CPP stands for? Another 30 years of murders crimes violents and force eviction for the public interest?