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Monday, 10 October 2011

Court put injunction on the expulsion of Tok Vanchan from parliament

Tok Vanchan speaking to reporters during the press conference today.

By Khmerization
Source: CEN

The president of the Phnom Penh Court, Mr. Chiv Keng, and Judge Oeung Seang have today, 10th October, issued a provisional verdict and put an injunction on the expulsion of Mr. Tok Vanchan from parliament who was expelled from the opposition Sam Rainsy Party (SRP) on Friday, 7th October.

On Friday, the Permanent Committee of the SRP expelled Tok Vanchan and two other senior officials from the party, citing their inactivity and disloyalty to the party. Under the current electoral laws, any members of parliament expelled from their party will automatically lose their parliamentary seats.

Mr. Tok Vanchan has lodged a complaint with the Phnom Penh Court against his expulsion and the court today issued a three-point injunction against the expulsion, awaiting a permanent verdict by the court. the verdict ordered the SRP to suspend Tok Vanchan's expulsion, to temporarily keep Tok Vanchan as the SRP member and thirdly, to suspend the request for the replacement of Vanchan as an MP.


Anonymous said...

What is his expectation in life ??

Does he expect that he will be the MP for life ??

Does he expect to be SRP president one day ???

Does he expect to be a provincional gavenor one day, when SRP get elected ???

Does he expect to come back in the US and live a normal life, when SRP win the election ???

Does he expect to be a millionaire when SRP win the election ????

Does he expect to earn enough money to support his family as a politician ???

Does he have bussiness interest in Cambodia ???

If he is coming from the US, he should be able to understand that the US politician is a temporary position only !!!!

Most of the politician here use politic as a connection down the road for their own benefit (most of them became lobbiest) !!!

These are the question I have for him !!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, then he gets the SRP into another problem since he has got the injunction to prevent the SRP from expelling him.

I don't think he wants to be in SRP anymore, but with Charet Khmer (Khmer Character) he wants to seek revenge and cause the SRP problems.

Besides, to be fair to him he has a right to complain to the court since he said that he still did not know why he was kicked out.

Anonymous said...

6:36 AM, I am a former active member of the SRP and I still support its ideals, but I sort of become disillusioned with the SRP's dictatorial style in dealing with its members who don't agree or have given advice contrary to the views of the top leadership. Your questions above only makes it looks cynical for the SRP. While you questioned Tok Vanchan's tenure as an MP, you never questioned Rainsy's tenure as the party president. How long has he been president. And how long Yim Sovan, Eng Chhay Eang, Tioulong Samaura have been the MP? They have been the MP since the party was created. Why did not you question them?
I never heard of or known Tok Vanchan, but I sympathized with his unfair expulsion. Even he was expelled he still say he will never leave the SRP.

About his life and business, from what he said he had sacrificed everything, even leaving his young wife and kids, to serve the SRP. He had a business in America and had given generously to the SRP. The politicians in America is not a temporary position like you said. They become politicians for life so long as they still get elected. Ted Kennedy is an example. Tok Vanchan is still an MP, he did not lose the election, but was expelled by the party who doesn't like him to question its leadership style. If he wants to be a millionaire he would just join the CPP or stay in America where he had a business.

Anonymous said...

To 11 October 2011 6:36 AM

I would ask the same question to you and the leadership you are supporting. But I want to add this one. Is Rainsy and his wife are elected as MP for life and leaders for life? Did they get their mandates from dad? In the West after each national election, the leaders who failed to conquer enough seats to form the government are normally kicked out. In the US, Al Gore, John Kerry, John McCain etc didn't get a chance to stand twice as candidate for the presidency? Why your leader is hanging tough and expelling those who are questioning his dictatorial style of leadership? Sure there will be more money to be made with new candidates than with the incumbents! Tok Vanchan has the right to seek justice in this kind of abuse of power from dictator. He is solely the victim of an unjust purge and needs to be supported.

Anonymous said...

11 October 2011 10:58 AM,

You have raised several good points!

It looks like SRP has slowly become CPP even though it has not yet got power!

Is it too early yet to say "Ah Na Kaur Douch Ah Na Dae Auy Tae Khmer"?

Anonymous said...

While, I agree with your comments and while we are unsure of the reason why he was expelled, i am deeply saddned that SRP has taken this extreme step to disown its member.

However, I do not believe SRP will ever be the same as CPP. They are barely hanging on to the threats, gathering and believes in real democracy and term limits. In comparision to CPP, they believes in crimes, murders, threats and intimidations, prisonments and punishment to oppositions.

Are you sure you still want Cambodia to be ruled by Pol Pot comrades?

Anonymous said...

Actually SRP is the one who follows Pol Pot steps in purging members of his own party. Now Pol Pot is buried.