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Sunday, 9 October 2011

A message from MP Tok Vanchan, who was just expelled from the SRP

Tok Vanchan (right) being interviewed by Soy Sopheap after he was expelled.

Dear Friends and Colleagues of SRP party,

On Oct. 7 2011, Lok Pratean Sam Rainsy with the permanent committee (ajintray) informed me of deleting my name off the list of members from the SRP Party. I'm deeply sadden and regret the decision that was made because i strongly felt that it was unfair and unjust and many significant matters were not taken into considerations. A majority number of members from Takeo Province had showed their supports and trusted my leadership and capabilities and together we wanted to propose new changes that will increase the party's potential to reach victory for the upcoming elections and with our ongoing activities.

Instead of paying attention to our requests, my actions were viewed as being a rebel, deliberately disrespecting higher authorities, incapable of performing duties and were also accused of bribing other members to support my position. I believe that the final decision to remove me from SRP party was based on poor judgment, lack of legit [legitimate] reasoning, and resulted from many different unreliable sources.

I began my support for the party for many years while living in America and my commitment continued to being a very active and dedicated member of the party in Cambodia served my duty as a MP. Now I can only remember all my sacrifices and devotions that I once had with the SRP party. I gave up my valuable time and my responsibilities as a father and husband with my family. My wife supports for my work with the SRP Party was also very overwhelming. She had to endure raising a family with two young children on her own. She also did her best to maintain our business, supported our family without my presence, and endlessly helped funded my activities for the SRP Party. There were never once any complaint or hesitation because we had hopes that one day the SRP Party will take part in helping the people of Cambodia to better their lives.

As a member of the party, I felt that I had an obligation to react and propose changes when I sense that leaderships are not going in the right direction. But at the end, instead of considering and weighting necessary measures to solve my concerned, I was portrayed as a worthless rebel who wanted to consolidate power indefinitely. I have always respected and believed that SRP Party is the only voice for democracy for the people of Cambodia. I am just one Cambodian among thousands of other supporters worldwide who have viewed SRP Party as having true ideals, fighting for democracy for our beloved motherland, protecting our country's interest and improving the lives of Cambodian people. Unfortunately all these hopes have come to an end when I was officially removed from the party based on irrational decision making. I want to declare my standing ground at this point that I have NO intentions of joining any other political party and am not trying to cause attention to myself, but if justice is not prevailed then innocent supporters like me will no longer have any hope that Cambodia will ever be steered away from any dictatorial leadership. To all SRP party supporters out there please be the judge for yourself about this situation and I hope that you can help me find justice so that we can set a good example for innocent supporters and to regain the credibility needed to fight for true democracy. For as long as I have the opportunity to help my beloved motherland, I will continue to find justice and hopefully be able to serve my country honestly and diligently again!

Vanchan Tok
Elected Member of Parliament
Read interview with Tok Vanchan.


Anonymous said...

I am not sure why he was fired from his position. It got to be a big reason for SRP to fire his polical members. More need to be determined and learnt from SRP position and stand on this issue. So far SRP has not shown any clear indication about the firing of the members.

Anonymous said...

The SRP has got itself into too many controversies in the way it expelled its members who dare to question the leadership of the party. From what we can see and hear from Tok Vanchan, he does not want to leave the SRP, even though he has been expelled. If he had not done anything wrong as stated by the party statute, then certainly the expulsion is very suspicious indeed. This is a case of power struggle between Tok Vanchan and Mrs. Tioulong Samaura in Takeo. I advise the SRP to look back and ponder on the way and how many members it has expelled. Even the CPP, which we usually accused of as being a communist party, expelled less members than the SRP.

Anonymous said...

Can we get more detials from Sam Rainsy or Sochua Mu for the reason, SRP members was expelled?

Working toward democracy means working together. This kind of actions needs reason and public announace, so we SRP supporters understand and can agree with our differences.


Anonymous said...

The SRP permanent committee needs to explain very well and show in public reasons and proofs why these people have been expelled; otherwise, the SRP reputation as a democratically responsible party is at stake.

Tok Vanchan has come out in public so the SRP should come out to explain its reason for its action.

If you don't do it, Cambodians might as well keep voting for the CPP since there is no difference to be expected between the 2 parties if expulsion is done at the whim of those in power.

Pissed off

Anonymous said...

Many cambodians are already brainwashed into believing the SRP are loosers and stupid and cannot run the country better then Pol Pot comrades.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing new about SRP wife and how the leader serve his own self interests. If they are in charge of the country tomorrow; more corruption than the current regime. We don't need more people to glown around Cambododia. Vote CPP forever. There is nothing else out there. I will vote differently when there is a real democratic party that looking for the best interest of Cambodia. For now, CPP is my vote.

Anonymous said...

9:28 PM, even if I don't vote for SRP, I will certainly not vote for the CPP. I'd rather vote for other parties.

I also agree that the SRP must come out in public and explain its reason for the expulsions to the public. Voters will be tired of hearing about non-stop expulsions from the SRP, the so-called democratic party. Autocracy has no place in democratic parties and to expel members for just being inactive is certainly absurd. If inactivity is a valid reason for expulsion, then I would think most of members of many political parties in the world fit the criteria for expulsions. In the West, parties don't care if you are active or not, as long as you pay the membership dues, you are a member.

Anonymous said...

I would vote for HRP but I dont really know where they stand on issue or who behind them. no SRP vote; if no choice, I vote CPP.

Anonymous said...

SRP is just the label for the party, for most people, beleive that they stand for Democracy, but if you realy want to know the real standing or beleiving on democracy or not, you need to look at the structure of the party. The structure was not base on democratic principle.

Do you know that Sam Rainsy just got elected to be the party preisident lately ????
This case I called a wich hunt. Whoever didn't vote for him will get the axe !!!!!

CPP was labeled as a Communist Party, but the way they practice are different. They are an inclusive party. They are not predjedus against any one back ground. Every body are welcome. They have many kind of Cambodian work of life in the party and that is the reason why they are so successful !!!

CPP party have former Lon Nol Gov., former KR, former Sihanouk, Funcinpeck, SRP and other .....
It looks like they are the united party for Cambodia !!!!

But for SRP, the party member background is importance. They runs the party just like the KR.