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Saturday, 15 October 2011

The 6th Anniversary of the 2005 Illegal Supplemental Treaty signed by Hun Xen

Dear Beloved Countrymen,

Today is the sixth anniversary of the extension for legal control of Vietnam over Cambodia legalized by a group of traitorous leaders installed by the Vietnam in the 1980s, i.e. the Supplemental Treaty signed by Hun Sen on October 15, 2005 which in its spirit to validate the 1985 illegal treaty back to life.

It is the day that we must remember and witness as long as we live from generation to generation that our territorial integrity and sovereign are sold to another country by those leaders.

In fact, we should not legitimately recognize the present day leader, Hun Sen, as the real leader of Cambodia. Patriotically, he is just an unconstitutional leader, a traitor and an untruthful person who has risen to power constitutionally wrong started from the 1980s by Vietnam’s installation-puppet, indirectly killed hundreds of thousand Cambodians by K5 policy, in 1993 by threatening war after the lost of the national election, in 1997 gained power by coup, in 1998 by fraud and unfair election with hundreds of our beloved students, monks, and peasants killed and disappeared, and in 2003 by amending the national constitution for his greedy power by means of the packet vote after national election in 2003. With his unconstitutional Prime Ministership, he irresponsibly and authoritatively signed the illegal Supplemental Treaty on 15 October 2005 with Vietnam in order to validate the 1985 illegal treaty which violates the spirit of our national constitution and the 1991 Paris Peace Accord and with this he does undermine our national independency.

In order to get the public trust, Hun Sen keeps saying that all the treaties signed in the 1980s with Vietnam do not make Cambodia loses her lands, yet Cambodia will gain land from Vietnam through them because Vietnam is pity on us.
However, the reality is contradictory for many Cambodian people who live along the borders have claimed that they have lost their lands to Vietnam every year where the border post installations are carried out. For instance, one of the hottest cases with clear evidence is the case of MP Sam Rainsy’s involvement in the uprooting six demarcation poles  on the Cambodia-Vietnam border  on Sunday  25 October 2009 after leading the Kathen festival procession to the Ang Rumdenh pagoda in Svay Rieng province’s Sam Raung commune, Chantrea district. (Please check  it here).
We, Cambodians who value the spirit of Paris Peace Accord 1991 and the constitution of Cambodia, strongly object the validity and existence of the 2005 treaty signed by Hun Sen as the negotiate instrument for border demarcation of the two countries. We also preserve our rights for re-verification of the border post installations with Vietnam by using all the illegal treaties signed in 1980s and the 2005 supplemental treaty  during Hun Sen’s administration in the future.
Let’s mourn together and condemn this act of Hun Sen!

Pang Sokheoun

15 October 2011

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Anonymous said...

The word "to sell" is not appropriate diplomatically.