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Friday, 7 October 2011

Appeal from Venerable Luon Sovath

Dear Dhamma Friends

We are the devotees of Buddhism and students of Preah Krou Luon Sovath would like to appeal to all Dhamma friends and friends help support the Engaged Buddhism and humanitarian activity in Cambodia as following:
1. Write letter or send petition to Supreme Patriarch Tep Vong and Noun Ngeth to plea for the cancellation of orders to defrock, to silence freedom of speech of the monks, to accuse of incitement and to ban Buddhist temples in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap in allowing Preah Krou Luon Sovath to stay.
2. Help support the project of “Dhamma bag or Sanghaha Dhamma” in the amount of $5 each bag to offer to the victims of forced eviction and land grabbing.
3. Help support Preah Krou Luon Sovath directly for his social Engaged Buddhism.

If you have willingness to help support, please contact Preah Krou Luon Sovath directly at cell phone: (855)12-838-822, Skype: sovathloun, or Email: sovath_loun@yahoo.com

Note that all donation names will be published in this website: http://www.luonsovath.blogspot.com bi-weekly

We wish you with all merits and success.

Thank you very much,


Anonymous said...

as a monk you need to ask, but not protest

Anonymous said...

The Buddha taught compassion and justice, so when there is no compassion and an injustice, we, including the monks, can't stand by and do nothing and let another human being suffer. What Ven. Luon Sovath did was right according to the Buddha's teaching. He did not commit any crimes or perpetrate any violence, he was just there to give moral supports to the victims of injustice due to forced evictions.

Anonymous said...

Is there a rule or rules in the monk-hood against "protest"?