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Monday, 28 January 2013

Thailand can easily win a full scale war with Cambodia, but they are cowards

Re: Thai Army chief Prayuth says force 'last resort' regarding Cambodia-Thai dispute on Preah Vihear

War with Thailand is a piece of cake

By A Khmer Patriot
Dear Khmers,

War with Thailand is a piece of cake.
First of all, there will be no full scale wars, only skirmishes at the borders areas.

Nonetheless, we must prepare should a war do break out.
1. Set up robust air defense systems to protect major, cities, infrastructures, military installations, cultural sites, especially Angkor Wat.
2. Make a formal request to the UN to convene an emergency session to impose an immediate ceasefire.
3. Later, Cambodia can even prosecute key Thai leaders at the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Past and present Thai leaders are aware of these issues and their consequences.

Au contraire, Vietnam's puppet Hun Sen will not take similar actions in regard to border issue with Vietnam.

27 January 2013 9:35 am

The Thais are too coward to launch a full scale invasion of Cambodia
Anonymous said...
The Thais are too coward to launch a full scale invasion of Cambodia. They will try every tricks in the book to fool us and international communities. If this didn't work, they will try to mass their mighty lady troops at our border areas to intimidate us. They will do a series of military exercises near our forces- kind of a show of force. Many border clashes with our battle experienced Khmer forces could occur, but they will ask for a negotiation in areas where we are winning. They will keep on attacking us in areas where they think they have the upper hand. These are Thai tactics, they will never go away from it entirely, probably change or twist it a little. These are American trained military doctrines. Thailand will try to open up another front to spread out our forces where they will have superiority in troop numbers and weapons. All we have to do is to prepare and wait for them at the border. THEY ARE TOO COWARD TO LAUNCH A FULL INVASION. They are not as brave and battle hardened like the Vietnamese. The Thai army can't even beat Laotian forces in the 80's. These Thai soldiers only good at kissing asses of the white men. They are very good at twisting the truths. Their ancestors are cowards, so are their offsprings. They took our land because of our infighting and some Khmer Surin traitors. Not all Khmer Surin are traitors anyway.
27 January 2013 11:17 am
Thailand can easily win a full scale war with Cambodia

Anonymous said...

Thailand can easily win a full scale war with Cambodia. I don't see that  they are coward to wage a full scale invasion of Cambodia. Khmer army is outnumbered 10-1, including military hardware. It will be suicidal for Hun Sen if he chooses war with Thailand. But I salute those Khmer soldiers for not afraid of going to war with Thailand.

28 January 2013 4:13 am
The Thais are greedy, liars and mean-spirited
Anonymous said...

They had look down and beat down on Khmers for centuries after the fall of Angkor era. They don't consider us brothers and sisters. They considered us only as neighbor, that's not honest. They considered us less superior than them. They had better opinion of the Laotians and the Viets than us and yet many Thais are Khmer Surin, our blood related brothers and sisters. They copied our cultures and alphabet and yet there no appreciation. They took our land and yet claimed that we stole their ancestors's land. The Siamese are the best in twisting history to their advantages just like the Vietnamese. Now a lot of Thais look down on us because they are mean-spirited, selfish, greedy, they feared of us and because of their low self-esteem, but some of our problems are of our own doing. This time Thailand will not gain an inch of Khmer's land any more because they are greedy, liars and mean-spirited.
28 January 2013 7:16 am
The Thai army will pay a heavy price of trying to invade Cambodia

Anonymous said...

The Thai Army DOES NOT know how to use air power as effective as Americans or NATO forces. We will not be just sitting around for their F-16A, L-39, Gripen, F-5 to find us and blow us up. Cambodian military is not like the southern Thai Muslim or drug cartels at Burma's border. We had hidden air defense SAM, MANPAD, 33MM AAA, 23MM AAA, 12.7MM AAA, 100MM AAA and they are hidden in caves along the entire border areas. Don't forget we do have a small fleets of upgrade MIG-21 BIS. The world will be watching us and them very closely. Ask U.S with the best air power in the world and still couldn't defeat Viet Cong and Khmer Rouge. American pilots are way better trained and better aviators than the Siamese could ever be. Thailand never tasted a real war yet and they will not like it when thousands of their soldiers are coming back to Bangkok in body bags for trying to swallow Cambodia. Instead of swallowing Cambodia, they got a big bone stuck in their throat and couldn't get it out. Yes, Khmer will not be able to hold off a full invasion, but the Siamese army will pay a very high price for it and get the wrath of the world.
28 January 2013 7:33 am
Thai Army has air superiority, but Khmer Army is more experienced and battle-hardened
Anonymous said...
4:13 am,

First, learn to spell correctly before you post. Also get the facts correctly. Learn more on military doctrine. It is incorrect for you to claim that the ratio of the Siamese military are 10-1 against the Khmer army. Thailand had 325,000 regular army and 245,000 reservists.Cambodia  had 125,000 regular army and 195,000 reservists. Now, that's a ratio of 2.6 to 1 not, 10-1 active forces, and the ratio of reservists is 1.3 to 1. Please don't just start yapping unless you get educated first. Their land based weapons are not that much superior to us. They just had more budgets to sustain ammunition supplies. They used similar weapons to us, with a combination of Western weapons and Communist weapons, except longer
range modern 155mm Caeser French artillery systems.

They do have a far superior air force than us, with numerical superiority. We had a small outdated air force but improving daily (12 modern Zhi-9 helicopters coming in two weeks). They also had a superior naval force, BUT WAR STILL HAVE TO FIGHT ON GROUND WITH BOOTS. With this ground war, our Khmer forces are much more experienced, battle hardened and can have many advantages. Remember, Thailand had four out of five neighbors who had border problems with it, so Thailand still have to divide up their military strengths to guard other borders,not just at the Cambodian border.
28 January 2013 7:56 am


Anonymous said...

25/01/2013 I've just go back from srok khmer. and yes despite the corruption within the higher class military, ordinary soldiers and Bodyguards troops will fight for our country.

(most bodyguard troops would rather fight thais then enjoying evicting our own people, some guy told me)

Anonymous said...

Historically speaking , Vietnam & Thailand always used
strategy of Khmers fighting against Khmers to invade
Cambodia . Recently, between 1975 and 1975 Pol Pot 's
brutality and ruthlessness created the opportunity for
Vietnam to set up the Khmer Liberation Force to mask the
invasion. When time is ripe , Thailand will use a political
turmoil in Cambodia as a pretext to set up another Khmer
exiled government for invasion .
Pol Pot had Khmers to choose between Khmere Rouge's
execution and Vietnam invasion .
Now, Hun Sen is putting Khmers in another dead end which
Khmers have to choose between " Cambodia is being swallowed by Vietnam " AND " Cambodia is losing 4.6 sqkm
to Thailand " . Cambodia has to choose which degree of
losing she has to take . Siam or Thailand will use Khmers
to fight Kmers for actual invasion .

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with the idea that Thailand can easily win a full scale war with Cambodia. 10 to 1 is a little exaggerating. 3 to 1 is much better guess. Through history biger army not always win. For example, the US lost in Vietcong, Japanese army occupied China and South East Asia. Germany army occupies Franch.Mongolian occupies most of the world. This statistic show that they used smaller forces.

Anonymous said...

Hen Sen has already brought in a lot new supplies. Very powerful. The next fight will be too hot for Thailand to handle.

Anonymous said...

Cambodia should never/will never surrender any lands to neither Vietcong or Thailady. To those who think that we should give it away the 4.6 square kilometer to Thailady; you are fucking coward and should never make your comments in this blog...

Anonymous said...

The Siam ladyboys only join the force to look good in boots. They are no match for us Khmer. They have already lost many fights during the border clashes trying to capture our temples. Now they think they can capture our Preah Vihear?

What the Siam ladyboys should be doing is stop hunting us Khmer like animals, killing innocent Khmer and giving back all our temples currently located across Thailand, even Bangcock was once a Khmer villager, even our Khmer King Jayavaraman, and other Khmer Kings were born in the Khmer city now belonging to Thailand.

The Siam thieves are dirty even the Mekong River cannot wash their sin.

Anonymous said...

This website below indicates all the Khmer temples across Thailand, and Laos. If the Siam thieves wishes to have a border joint, then it should be across all the Khmer temples. All the temples belonging to the rightful owners, us Khmer, but they keep the land.


Anonymous said...

The question is - how many die hard and able soldiers are willing to die for Hun Sen
power ? For those who are the victims of corruption , eviction , land grabbing , injustice
and the jobless are not happy to be at the front line while their families are starving ,
jailed , extorted and while their farm lands are grabbed by Vietnam . Vietnam took
more than 4.6 sqkm ( koh tral alone is over 540 sqkm ) , I haven't seen any heroes ?
got up & fight ? ( except Sam Ransi , of course he was punished by Viets lovers ) .
For over one hundred years ( 1795 - 1907 ) , when 3 of Khmers provinces were under
Siam control , only about six hundred Siam families had moved to live in those provinces ( about three thousand Chinese immigrants ) . Do anyone know roughly
how many Viets population immigrated & immigrating to Cambodia . If Khmer-Thai
war break out , Viets is going to send their armed guard to protect their citizens' interests . Then Khmers will be again pushed to the front lines ( k6?) for Viets' safety .
By the time the war's over , all grandchildren of Khmers soldiers speak Vietnamese
fluently . All Khmer leaders have always said that they want to lead Cambodia to be
independent , have dignity , integrity , but their policies have always put Cambodia in
dilemma .

Anonymous said...

You can say the US lost to the Vietcong since they pull back. But Vietcong lost more lives in the battle. If the US continue on the fight the Vietcong will be wipe out.

Hun Sen new supply is nothing but out of date hardware. But those thing can start an arm race with the neighboring country

Anonymous said...

When Cambodia was threatened simultaneously by Siam & Dai Viet , Preah Bat Ang
Duong , in 1859 & Preah Bat Norodom , in 1860 appealed to a third power for
country for Cambodia protection . The treaties were signed for mutual interests .
From 1863 to 1953 , France who was Cambodia protector had annexed Khmer land,
Kampuchea Krom province after province to be part of France Chochinchine . When
France left Indochina , insread of returning those provinces to Cambodia , France gave
them to Vietnam . France took Khmer's 3 provinces from Thailand and give them back to Cambodia but France sold 3 other Khmer provinces to Thailand for about 6 million
US dollars . Today, Cambodia is facing threat from East & West neighbors , which
world super power do we turn to ? China ? US or EU ? ASEAN ?
Cambodia that has no true friend will solve the problem alone .

Anonymous said...

Hey idiot get the facts right. These Khmer's outdated weapons ( AKA ET CHAI) killed dozen of your Siam lady boys at Preah Vihear areas, Ta Krabey areas, Ta Moan areas. You are an uneducate yapping Khmer traitor. Did you know after the battle at Preah Vihear , Ta Moan, Ta Krabey Siam went to China to try to acquire these outdated weapons that Khmer used so well on them. Now, I'm not suggesting we keep using these old but effective weapons.

We need to modernize plus integrated old and
new togethers. Hey even rusted bullet in the
hand off a soldier who know how to use it, he
can waste you. Just like our boys wasted dozen
of Thai lady boys and wounded hundreds. Hey
idiot after 3 years of clashed with using these old outdated weapons did you see them gain an inch of our land yet ! lol

Anonymous said...

Hey idiot get the facts right. It was Khmer who died the most in a one week long battle before Hun Sen run for help.

Hey idiot after years, years, years of clashed with using these old outdated weapons we see Thailand take Bangkok and other province which suppose to be Khmer land and that's not gain an inch of our land? Stupid!

Ed Valvonis said...

The war between Thailand and Cambodia will end up with Thais celebrating the victory. Thai soldiers are better equipped and they're bullet proof