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Thursday, 13 December 2012

UN-sponsored TV program postponed pending editorial shakeup [Khieu Kanharith is bossing the UN around and orders the UN to sack its staff]

Published: 13-Dec-12

PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Herald) - Information Minister Khieu Kanharith (pictured) has asked UNDP to postpone its Equity Weekly program pending the removal of editor in chief Federico Ed Rodriguez.

In a letter to United Nations Development Program  country director Elena Tischenko, he said Program No 254 broadcast on September 30 was "seriously wrong."

The letter, disclosed to reporters Wednesday, referred to a five-page letter from the Ministry of Environment about the broadcast, which focused on agriculture in Virachey National Park and Rattanakiri province.

The minister said the program used pictures and maps of other areas and also contained false commentary.

"After discussing and questioning officials who  cooperated to produce such a false program, we found out that the mistake was because of the personal views and lack of cooperation of Federico Ed Rodriguez," he said.

"The Ministry of Information is postponing the Equity Weekly program until UNDP sends a professional with a sense of cooperation to replace Federico Ed Rodriguez."

Khieu Kanharith also expressed his appreciation to UNDP for its fruitful cooperation Television Kampuchea (TVK), the national broadcaster.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

This kind of interference in the affair of the UN will make Hun Sen's regime look bad. Kanharith and Hun Sen always talk about Cambodia's sovereignty. What about the UN's sovereignty? They can't demand the UN sack its own staff just like that.

Anonymous said...

They know nothing about human rights situation in Cambodia,they all gooks from the jungle still acts like wild animals that no one can't tame'em!...Not even UN can tame these animals Cpp's yuon slave,only Hanoi can tame these animals[gooks] because Hanoi is their muster....